MGCH Chapter 22

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (20)

This man was really a workaholic.

Bai Weiwei found that the favorability rating had gone up. How did it rise? Why couldn’t she remember what she did after she fell asleep to let Han Zhengyu improve his feelings of her.

Bai Weiwei asked with vigilance, “004, Han Zhengyu did not take advantage of me when I fell asleep and made me do anything shameful, right?”

Otherwise, how could the favorability raise for no reason?

The system wickedly smiled, “What is this thing called shame?”

Bai Weiwei had doubts, “You don’t know?”

System replied very coldly, “Do I need to know?”

Bai Weiwei understood, “You’re not **1, right?”

System: “…”

Bai Weiwei’s expression suddenly changed, “Last night, when Han Zhengyu hid in the closet, it didn’t seem that was wearing clothes?”

The system corrected, “Wearing a bathrobe.”

Bai Weiwei recalled, separated by a thin piece of cloth. The bathrobe almost depicted the man’s six pack abs, the hard muscle lines, and when she sat on his lap, she could clearly feel that the other person was not wearing underwear.

Bai Weiwei’s face was red, “If I had known earlier I wouldn’t have hugged him like that, I’ve suffered too much for this.”

The system codly looked at her, then with a hehe laugh, “So afraid of losing face, you also have no **.”

Bai Weiwei: “… ”

D**m, such an obvious fact, can you not say it.

After going through her daily routine to taunt the system, Bai Weiwei called the servant.

Although she was pretending to be mentally ill, that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy life. If the porridge was cold, then don’t eat. If the clothes’ color is ugly, don’t wear it. If she can’t stand, then let people pull a wheelchair.

She’d suffered through everything that needed to be suffered through anyways.

The system had enough of her child-like attitude, and urged her to complete the task.

Bai Weiwei shook her head, “Now he is entangled with his mother’s business. I have to give him breather time. It is impossible for people to change their opinions instantly.”

The system reminded, “You only have one month, and now a few days passed.”

Bai Weiwei replied after a moment of silence, “Han Zhengyu is not an easy target. He is very smart and rational. If I am too anxious, I will reveal myself.”

Once she loses the trust of the man, she won’t be able to re-enter his heart.

The original Bai Weiwei was too anxious and missed the opportunity to enter Han Zhengyu’s heart, so she couldn’t enter it again no matter how much effort she put in.

– – – – – – – – – –

After Han Zhengyu got off work, he drove directly to the cemetery.

He placed a bouquet of daisy flowers in front of his mother’s tomb and looked at his mother’s black and white photo, staying silent for a long time.

“Mom, I am sorry.” He finally said.

Just like opening the defense barriers in his heart, Han Zhengyu had a painful look on his face.

“I know that I am not filial. She killed you, but I can’t retaliate.”

He wanted to get rid of her several times, but once he faces the naive and trusting face of Bai Weiwei, he couldn’t do it.

Every time he had a thought of hurting that woman, a pang of guilt would hit him.

Han Zhengyu said with a smile, “I never knew I could forgive this type of person.”

He clearly realized that his heart was moving.

It was not moving for the former Bai Weiwei, but the present Bai Weiwei who was like a five or six years old child.

Last night, he wanted to deny it. But he also was clearly aware that it was the first time he really felt peace of mind and warmth during a thunderstorm.

1. The asterisks were present in the raws, have no clue what word they are supposed to represent

I have decided to use quotation marks when MC and system are speaking and【】when it is a system announcement. That may have been how the others did it as well, but either way that’s how its going to be done from not on XD. On another matter, I have loved all the positive responses I got, so here’s another chapter! And I got stuck a bit, MC cusses… so how do you guys feel comfortable reading cussing? I created a poll to decide how I should write my no-no words. Thank you for participating!


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