MGCH Chapter 28

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (26)

However, seeing Bai Weiwei looking forward and waiting for him, Han Zhengyu still tried to create a story, “In the past there was a snake. It was lazy. It didn’t work hard to hoard food. Then when winter came, it had nothing to eat. Finally… ”

Bai Weiwei still thought this was a bedtime story? He was not going to say that the moral was to work hard in education so not to die, right?

Han Zhengyu continued, “In the end, it ate itself.”

Bai Weiwei: “?”

Han Zhengyu saw that she did not understand so he explained, “When a snake is hungry, it can bite it’s tail and eat it, then it’s upper half of its body, before eating itself.”

Bai Weiwei was stunned.

System: “Good scary story, is this supposed to be a horror story?”

Bai Weiwei listened to the system and couldn’t help trembling, she then carefully asked, “Gege, don’t snakes hibernate during winter?”

Hibernating snakes will also eat themselves?

Han Zhengyu seriously said in accordance to popular science, “In the winter, snakes generally don’t move, but when the weather is good, they sometimes come out to eat.”

Bai Weiwei: “…” F**k, such terrible popular science ideas shouldn’t be allowed!

Han Zhengyu thought she still didn’t understand. He said in great detail, “When the snake eats, the trachea is separated from the esophagus. It will open its mouth and expose it’s teeth, then where the chin connects can be dislocated so that…”

Bai Weiwei felt everything go into disarray, so bad, terrible, horrendous. She is most afraid of the soft types of women, but it was no wonder that Han Zhengyu had no women dare to approach him except for the unrelenting Li Qingqing.

Those who dared to approach were scared away by him.

Seeing that Han Zhengyu still wanted to say some more terrible facts, Bai Weiwei hardly continued to think, she raised her head and opened her mouth to tell him to stop. But as a result, Han Zhengyu who just bowed his head caused the lips of the two people brush across each other.

Soft, slightly moist, and filled with the sent of just getting out of the bath kiss.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes opened wide, this kiss… was her first kiss.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability 45, 50, 55… Ding, the favorability is 60. 】

Without waiting for the shock of her first kiss to finish, she was stunned again by the sudden rise in favorability.

It rose by 20 points, this feeling was like buying a lottery ticket and winning the grand prize.

Han Zhengyu did not expect to bow down and accidentally brush against her lips, it was unexpectedly soft and sweet. His nose filled with the fragrance that lingered on the other person, a simple and brief touch, making him feel awkward.

A storm-like feeling suddenly washed over his face, instantly shattering his chilly exterior shell. He could see Bai Weiwei’s slightly twitching eyelashes, her ignorant look revealed in her crystal clear eyes.

They had never kissed.

Never did it.

He didn’t have any thoughts about her in this sense until she was mentally ill, and they pounded one after another into his mind fiercely.


For the first time, Han Zhengyu felt he was going insane, moreover he was gladly embracing this insanity.

He left her lips, but his hands fell on the back of her head. His eyes were deep and his voice was low and musky, “Good, close your eyes.”

Bai Weiwei was stunned, she had no time to figure out whether she should obey. But Han Zhengyu couldn’t wait, he lowered his head and seized her lips, sucking and licking recklessly.

This kiss was not like the first soft kiss, but one with violent power, with a type of harsh love and lingering affection that intruded into her thoughts. Her brain was blank, she could only let Han Zhengyu hold her tightly, unable to bear this kiss, just being left with all different kind of complex feelings.

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    I did not expect such a scene happening.
    This ML IS WILD.
    Holy crap, I thought he was a bit more colder and needed more melting.
    But damn.
    IM DONE!!

      1. Oh my lord.
        I’m honestly surprised by how pent up he was.
        He got hard just because she payed on his chest.
        He got hard just seeing her hip area.
        If he got so flustered easily, I imagined him being like a stallion LOL.

          1. I can tell.
            +20 affection points just for a kiss.
            I can already see next chapter.
            100% congrats host!

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  3. Woaah this chapter was much more intense than i thought it would!
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  4. On one hand, she’s not actual mentally a child. On another, he doesn’t know that. It’s kind of gross he’s taking advantage (while she’s taking advantage of his sympathy).

    I guess it’s okay since they’re both taking advantage of the other! >_>

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