MGCH Chapter 33

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (31)

004, thank you for letting me live for so many days, although it was a bad experience, but I don’t hate you for it.

【Roll1, you have no confidence in me, I will give you the credits to buy a pill to you back to life, so for this Laozi2 to continue living, don’t you dare die without paying back your debts. I will chase you all the way down to hell. Wait, I’ll be right back.】

Bai Weiwei really wanted to say, I am waiting, but right now I’m puking blood.

Han Zhengyu felt his heart shred into pieces as he roared to the man who was catching up to him, “Call the ambulance, quick!”

When the ambulance came, she was probably cold due to blood loss.

Bai Weiwei reluctantly smiled as she opened her mouth, “Gege…”

Han Zhengyu’s nose turned sour, and his chest felt like a big hammer was smashing his bones. The pain made his voice weak, “I’m here, don’t talk, I’ll save you soon.”

There was blood all over Bai Weiwei’s face, but she was still smiling, “I… I don’t hurt, gege don’t… cry…”

Han Zhengyu’s face was already wet from the non-stop tears,

He clenched his jaw, “You hold on, I will send you to the hospital.”

Bai Weiwei had already lost her sight, everything in front of her was dark, she knew she was not able to hold on, she had already experienced the taste of death once before.

“If, if I die, bury… bury me in a place full of flowers… I am.. afraid of cold… I am afraid… of being alone… Lonely…”

So I don’t want to be alone in a secluded dark graveyard.

After acting for so long, Bai Weiwei finally said something true, right before she was about to die.

She really wanted her final resting place would be a place of her choice, a land full of flowers. When no one was there, at least the flowers could accompany her.

How beautiful.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 90. I am back, do you want to use the pill that will save your life? Yes. No. Choose, now!】

The system sounded so panicked for once.

Bai Weiwei exhausted the last of her strength to say in a silent voice, “Yes.”

Then she lost all consciousness and sank completely in the darkness.

– – – – – – – – – –

The effectiveness of the life saving pill was amazing, Bai Weiwei thought she would die without a doubt, but over time she woke up from the darkness, there wasn’t even much pain.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw white, she was dizzy leaving her in a bit of a trance.


Someone yelled at her, seemingly unable to believe as well.

Bai Weiwei barely opened her eyes when she saw a handsome face.

Han Zhengyu’s blue eyes and his face brightened. He had a beard stubble making people wonder when he last shaved.

Bai Weiwei thought she was still dreaming. How did Han Zhengyu, who had always been rational and clean, become like this?

She moved her lips as if she wanted to say something, but even though her body was not in pain, her voice was surprisingly hoarse, “Water…”

Han Zhengyu responded. His eyes flashed with excitement and he immediately got up to pour water but because he was too excited the chair was knocked over.

Bai Weiwei was free to talk to the system, “I’m not dead yet.”

The system coldly responded, “a disaster that lasts a thousand years. Even if everyone dies, you can’t die.”

Bai Weiwei thought for a moment and nodded in agreement, “Also, with such a nuisance around to protect me, I will definitely live a long life.”

The system was almost choked to death by her. Then it got serious, “I only bought you a life extending pill, because the credits were limited, so I could only give you ten more days to live.”

Bai Weiwei sighed, “Ten days, what is Han Zhengyu’s favorability?”

1: A way of saying ‘leave’

2: laozi – like saying ‘this young master,’ an arrogant way to address one’s self


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