MGCH Chapter 34

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (32)

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“Almost dying gets me to 90. You were right 004, self-mutilation is too slow, suicide gives better results. This favorability level is pretty good.” Bai Weiwei said optimistically up.

The system was not as optimistic, “You better use your remaining life well, if you’re dead, your b****rd sister will take everything away from you. And by the way, before the pill loses effect, you won’t feel any pain.”

This could shield a person from severe pain caused by major injuries, and sometimes pain could kill a person.

Bai Weiwei was moved, “You are so good to me, zero.”

System… You are zero, your whole family is zero.

Bai Weiwei saw that Han Zhengyu had come over and quickly retracted her spirit to look frail.

Han Zhengyu gave her water and nervously asked, “Are you better?”

Bai Weiwei smiled with her pale face, “I am fine, gege.”

Han Zhengyu was silent for a while before he jumped up in anger, “You are an idiot! I told you to leave with others, why did you start running, do you know that you almost died?”

Bai Weiwei did not dare speak, she just let him vent his anger.

Han Zhengyu was really freaked out, her heartbeat really did stop for second when she was passed out.

When the doctor said she was in critical condition, he almost lost his mind. He couldn’t stop himself from going crazy, threatening the doctor by yanking his collar, saying that if he didn’t save her, he would blow up the hospital.

Just like a madman.

Han Zhengyu felt that during his life he had never been in such a miserable state.

“Don’t do that again, you aren’t allowed to leave me.” he said viciously.

His tone was full of dominance.

Bai Weiwei replied with slight weakness, “But because gege wanted to leave me, I was…”

Her next words were blocked by a warm, dry kiss. He looked down at her lips and kissed her tenderly.

The kiss was so gentle, but gave a feeling of suffocation.

After a while, Han Zhengyu released her, and with his eyes full of affection, “I’m not going to want to leave you. In the future, we will be together forever.”

【Ding, favorability is at 91. The favorability rating of the male lead is currently where he can look at you without hate and both of you can look at each other fondly.】

The system was sour, but now it seems like its mood is a little better.

However, Bai Weiwei wondered, “Doesn’t the favorability always move by 5s or 10s? Why was it such a small amount this time?”

The system rolled its eyes, “It’s not small. The higher the favorability level, the more difficult it is to rise. Even mentally ill people should know this.”

Screw that, the system should choke so that I will feel better.

Bai Weiwei smiled happily at Han Zhengyu, “Gege said he would stay with Weiwei, pinky promise?”

She wanted to reach out but found that she had no strength.

Han Zhengyu saw that she was so weak and his nose felt sour. Then he remembered what the doctor said, even if she came back, her body was crippled.

This was already a good result, because even though she was really hurt, it was already a miracle that she didn’t lose her life.

In fear that Bai Weiwei would learn that her body was so bad that she could not move, he immediately reached out and carefully grasped her hand. Then he hooked her little weak finger with his little finger and smiled sadly: “OK, pinky promise ”

Bai Weiwei looked at him contentedly when suddenly her brow wrinkled.

Han Zhengyu immediately asked, “What’s wrong? Are you in pain?”

Bai Weiwei nodded, “Headache.”

“I will call the doctor immediately.” He said as he ran out.

The system was puzzled, “You shouldn’t feel any pain.”


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