MGCH Chapter 40

Chairman Gege Love Me Once Again (38)

Li Qingqing coldly snorted, her face hideous, “Yes, I did it, but no one will know about it.”

Bai Weiwei silently knocked on the system, “Who is this dumb fool? How could anyone have such low intelligence? It makes me have no motivation at all.”

System: “Her IQ is low, but yours is lower, after all you pretended to be mentally handicapped.”

Bai Weiwei: The system is starting to resent me again.

Bai Weiwei looked at Li Qingqing, “Why do you want to kill us?”

She and Han’s mother somehow became an eyesore for Li Qingqing. She might have offended her in someway, but what did Han’s mother do to offend her?

Li Qingqing smiled a little crazily and violently said, “Because I love him, I love him, I desperately tried to please his mother, but do you know what his mother said to me? She said I don’t deserve him! I don’t deserve him, but you do? I loved him when I met him in college, but he had to be with you because of your threat. If I killed you all, then he would like me back.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were filled with pity, she seemed to have thought of something. She smiled sadly.

“I think… I loved him longer.” Her voice was so low, like she was talking to herself.

Li Qingqing heard it. She harshly pushed Bai Weiwei to the ground and stomped on her foot.

Bai Weiwei squirmed weakly, and she pretended to be in pain.

“Do you love him? How much could you love him? I love him, I love him enough to kill for him, what can you do?” Li Qingqing screamed.

Bai Weiwei really wanted to vomit in her face, was killing something to be proud of? Lying imbecile.

“Your love is cheap and useless. If you say that you don’t love Han Zhengyu, maybe I won’t torture you.”

Bai Weiwei sneered and spit in contempt, “Pooh!”

Li Qingqing was stimulated, this woman was going to die by her own hands, so why was she so high and mighty?

She reached over and grabbed Bai Weiwei’s neck, “Tell me! Tell me you don’t love Han Zhengyu, and I will let you die a easy death.”

Bai Weiwei couldn’t breathe. Sh*t, even if she wanted to ask for mercy, she couldn’t talk.

Li Qingqing seemed to have realized her mistake. It was difficult to talk to others when one was being choked.

She released her hand and suddenly pulled a whip from her belt.

When Bai Weiwei saw it, all the hairs on her body were erect. Although because of the Life Extending Pill, she couldn’t feel any pain.

However, if this thing was used a few times, even if it didn’t hurt, she could directly return to heaven.

Bai Weiwei immediately gave up trying to delay time with Li Qingqing. Her eyes soaked in rain, were beautiful and cold.

“Li Qingqing, you definitely were unable to do all this on your own.”

The steel whip in Li Qingqing’s hand shook, “What did you say?”

“I am normal, but you don’t seem surprised at all.” Bai Weiwei thought that with this woman’s intelligence, it was unlikely that she planned the car accident.

She was not pretending to be mentally ill, and the fact that she no longer had amnesia should have only been known to Han Zhengyu.

But Li Qingqing seemed to know this fact from the beginning.

If Han Zhengyu didn’t have any traitors around him, then she would reverse her name.

Li Qingqing was a little confused. She said with anger, “Shut up.”

After that, she pulled out the steel whip with her hand.

Because Bai Weiwei’s body was already weak, one hit caused her to bleed.

“Come on, say you don’t love Han Zhengyu.”

Bai Weiwei tasted a sweet taste coming from the back of her throat, and blood gushed out. This whip already injured her internal organs.

“I love him…” Bai Weiwei coughed up as she said with a smile.

This bloody smile on her face unexpectedly made her even more heart-wrenchingly beautiful.


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      1. I honestly think so too. The MC is so pure and talented.
        Oh my god. I cry.

        1. totally agree, I only read 2 arcs ahead, when she was translating mermaid arc. so I’ve already finished this current arc. GT-sama lost me on the arc after this so I couldn’t get any further ahead. 😫

          1. Ugh! What’s GT lol xD.
            And I’m honestly loving this arc. The world’s so interesting and the stories really good. I’m loving the coventor arc!

          2. GT is google translate, ya I was also completely confused when I first heard it.
            Totally agree, I do find it suspicious though that whenever he gets a new skill it instantly becomes useful in the next world, like racing… if he didn’t have that skill he would have died already. Also his choice of skills! Why hasn’t he learned lock-picking yet? that would be so convenient and cool!

          3. I think the systems doing something sneaky lol.
            Well, hmmm hmmm! It’s best to learn self defense skills first you know. He doesn’t want to die. And he’s died too much already Piper. You have to learn self defense and escape skills first.

          4. Yep, but first he learns cooking…. granted it came in handy, but… cooking… Life Skills People! Then again, the first skills weren’t worth much anyway…

  1. “Bai Weiwei couldn’t breathe. Sh*t, even if she wanted to ask for mercy, she couldn’t talk.

    Li Qingqing seemed to have realized her mistake. It was difficult to talk to others when one was being choked.”
    lmao, truly low IQ!! 😂😂

    thanks for the chapter ^^

    1. Well you know, when I choke people demanding info, sometimes I’m so into it I forget. Simple, honest mistake… Yes, I’ve been told I need help… Goodbye

      1. and here you make me ponder about my choking techniques… i don’t grab the neck but strangle using their collar… they never tried to talk so im not sure if this technique is better for extorting confessions??
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