MGCH Chapter 43

Back To Reality, Scum Abuser (1)

She’s going back after fainting for only three day, there should still be a chance to stop Bai Yaoyao from getting her father to sign the inheritance transfer.

【Ding, the Host’s wish has been realized.】

After Bai Weiwei heard these words, she was suddenly pulled into deep darkness.

She vaguely heard the voices of people coming and going. She opened her eyes and found herself lying in a hospital bed.

There seemed to be a nurse talking to the doctor next to her.

“The Bai family is really going through an eventful time. The Head is having problems one after another.”

“Yes, it seemed that there was only the second Miss in charge of main affairs. When I was in the intensive care unit, I heard that the Head of the Bai Household was going to sign a transfer for ownership of the business, to let the second Miss to be next head of the company.”

Bai Weiwei heard this and immediately sat up in shock.

A familiar chest pain hit her.

Although she had survived, her heart problem was still there.

She woke up! The doctor and nurse who were in the ward rejoiced, “Miss Bai, you’re awake! That’s grea… Miss Bai, where are you going?”

By the time Bai Weiwei could hear these words, the needle in her hand was already pulled out, and she was already out the door.

Bai family was in intensive care unit right now. She was aware that she was wearing a hospital gown, and her face was pale, her hair a chaotic mess like bird’s nest.

A few men tried to block her way. She didn’t even give them a glace as she ordered, “Let me out!”

The man standing in front of her had his eyes flash with a bit of astonishment, although it soon sank back into its stoic stillness, leaving no trace behind.

They then stepped out of the way.

They waited until Bai Weiwei disappeared around the corner of the corridor.

The man behind him said to the man who stood in front of him respectfully, “Ye Shao?”

Ye Yuxuan turned around and calmly said, “Let’s go.”

It was as if he didn’t just see his fiancee run past him disheveled.

Bai Weiwei saw the intensive care unit and immediately pushed in.

She heard Bai Yaoyao whispering softly and saying: “Dad, aren’t you tired? You should leave matters related to the company to me.”

Bai Changyan was lying on the hospital bed, his face weak, he handed a document to Bai Yaoyao, “I have already signed it. Since your older sister wanted to give you the this position, you can have it.”

Bai Yaoyao smiled, “Dad, I will do well in place of my sister.”

Bai Weiwei said coldly, “I’m not dead yet, I don’t need you to replace me.”

Bai Changyan was shocked along with Bai Yaoyao.

Bai Changyan was excited, “Weiwei, hello!”

Bai Yaoyao was panicked, “Sister.”

Bai Weiwei rushed over in a few steps, and slapped her face, “Who is your sister?”

After that, Bai Weiwei grabbed the documents out of her hand and shredded it to pieces. Then she throw all the scattered pieces over Bai Yaoyao’s head.

Bai Yaoyao covered her face and immediately said, “Sister, I…”

Bai Weiwei’s gave her a backhand slap, and Bai Yaoyao screamed pitifully as she fell to the ground.

Bai Weiwei crouched down to be at eye level, clutching Bai Yaoyao’s clothes, her face was cold and incomparable. Just when she was about to announce all her crimes, there was a familiar pain in her chest.

She double checked, wasn’t there supposed to be a month of life left?

Why does she feel like she’s going to die any second?

The system suddenly said, “Host, I forget to tell you, your love value was taken away by me, and that one month of life is gone.”

Bai Weiwei’s throat tasted sweet, and decided to say nothing to the system right now. She looked at Bai Yaoyao wickedly, ” You… Burgg!”

A projectile of blood was spurted on Bai Yaoyao’s face.

Bai Yaoyao was in pain and fear, her face was dripping in blood and she couldn’t help but scream, “Help!”

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  1. This system. Pisses me off.
    So let’s break it down.
    She had enough time to wake up, and the first thing she does is slap her family.

    Tell me her father and other family members are smart.

    1. Her father loves her, and indeed she slapped her sester, ripped the contract, and vomited blood in her face. I’m telling you, don’t worry too much. Sister is an annoying bitch but won’t be around too much. not worth the screentime.

      1. Gosh darn. Lol. I just wanted to prepare myself for bs in the future lol.
        I’ve read too many novels, where no one believes that the white lotus is black and disgusting

          1. I’ve also read way too many novels, that’s why I like these transmigration ones, they make fun of the book stereotypes as they travel from stereotype to stereotype worlds XD

  2. Sigh, MC was a bit dumb on this part, instead of slapping the sister and wasting time, she should’ve told her father right away that the b*tch schemed to kill her and then slap her after.

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