MGCH Chapter 44

Back To Reality, Scum Abuser (2)

Bai Weiwei landed straight on Bai Yaoyao’s body, smashing into her so hard that her tongue stuck out of her mouth.

Bai Changyan immediately rang for the doctor and yelled, “Doctor, my daughter is sick!”

The nurse and the doctor who were on standby immediately rushed in to rescue what they could from the site.

Bai Weiwei heard one last system reminder before fainting.

【The host’s life is on the verge of collapse, please complete the next mission quickly to gain more life.】

Bai Weiwei almost wants to pinch the system as she said, “Am I going to die?”

The system laughed, “No way, the affection points were used to pay for life extending pill, there will be no more time for you in this world now, but I got you three days of coma time, free of charge, you won’t need to pay it back.”

Bai Weiwei really wanted to yell ‘Mother F**ker’.

The feeling of her novice spendings and now this free ‘gift’, oh how to find this broken the system’s virtue.

After Bai Weiwei passed out, the doctor carried her back to safety.

Even if he was in poor health, Bai Changyan would get up and go to the operating room with the doctor.

Bai Yaoyao was very worried. She didn’t think that her dying sister would still be able to wake up.

There was a glimpse of hostility in her eyes, and it seemed like she was no longer able to withstand Bai Weiwei being alive anymore.

She saw Bai Changyan’s sorrowful face and immediately hid her emotions. She told him pitifully: “Dad, Sister will be fine.”

Unfortunately, her face was covered in blood and was beaten till it resembled a pig. Her pitiful look was impossible to see, but her face was 10 out of 10 funny.

Bai Changyan thought about how his daughter had just woke up and came to yell at Bai Yaoyao in a way that made it seem like she hated her down to her bones.

Then he thought about how when his daughter’s suddenly fainted the first time, only Bai Yaoyao was at the scene.

Bai Changyan’s eyes turned cold.

Bai Yaoyao continued generally, “Sister’s just woke up, she wasn’t clear headed. So when she woke up she wasn’t like her normal self, and that’s why she swore at me and hit me. I am not afraid of the pain, as long as sister can wake up again, everything will be fine.”

Although Bai Changyan was suspicious of Bai Yaoyao it was all baseless doubt.

And Bai Weiwei has always liked this second daughter.

Although the heart had doubts, Bai Changyan wanted to make a decision after Bai Weiwei wakes up.

Bai Yaoyao suddenly said, “Dad, Sister had torn the contract, I will make a copy to sign again.”

Without Bai Weiwei’s signature, Bai Changyan’s signature can also do.

Bai Changyan didn’t immediately agree because of his heart’s doubts, “Let’s talk about this after your sister heals.”

Bai Yaoyao knew that Bai Changyan was skeptical. She maintained her composure except for a twitch of her lips and the sinister look in her eyes, but her words were still gentle as she whispered, “Okay, Sister is the most important.”

– – – – – – – – – –

“Uncle1 Qin, I think I felt emotions.”

This sentence surprised the hospital’s dean Qin Qiu, it even caused the coffee cup in his hand to slip from his grasp and fall to the ground.

He looked up and saw the man sitting in front of him.

This man is the pride of their Ye family.

Ye Yuxuan.

However, this man who could support the Ye family with one hand had a strange disease.

He could not feel the joys and sorrows of people.

Just like a machine, so cold and emotionless that it was chilling.

Others cry, he looks at others crying.

Others laugh, and he also looks at others laughing.

Just like a god without any feelings, he keeps aloof and overlooks everyone.

Such a Ye Yuxuan was their pride, but at the same time it was also a bomb, which made people both be afraid and feel respect.

1: Uncle is a polite way to call someone around the age of one’s father I don’t think they are related I also thought that keeping this in chinese might confuse people about his name because in chinese it would be ‘Qin Shu’, but with the inner dialog at the end of this chapter, they could be related. But I think this doctor is their family doctor, and/or was hired by their family, so not related by blood but that’s why he calls the Ye family, ‘their family’.

TN: Definitely not my best work, but I think it makes sense, I might go over it some other time to make minor edits, please tell me if any sentences don’t make sense and I will clarify them XD. Oh and there might not be a chapter thursday because I have a family event planned, so if I can’t make it thrusday, it will be posted friday.


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