MGCH Chapter 46

In my opinion this song I found a while ago goes really well with this arc. What are your guy’s thoughts?

Back To Reality, Scum Abuser (4)

What’s with this answer?

With Ye Yuxuan, there were no cut corners with his words.

Yes, no, no.

‘I don’t know’, what the hell was that?

Qin Qiu cautiously asked, “Was there a follow-up to that dream?”

Ye Yuxuan nodded, “The man in the dream took the urn away. He investigated the traitor who helped Li Qingqing commit murder, and found out it was his right hand man.”

Qin Qiu coughed, “A greatly detailed dream, the traitor should want to kill him, then take the opportunity to raise up.”

Ye Yuxuan shook his head and denied that guess, “The traitor said that he liked Li Qingqing, so he wanted to help Li Qingqing realize her wish to become Mrs. Han.”

Qin Qiu can’t believe it, “People can like this woman type of woman?”

Although Ye Yuxuan had no expression, he still nodded in agreement.

“Later he gave up everything, and found the world’s most beautiful flower field and with the urn he sprinkled her ashes into the sea of ​​flowers.”

Ye Yuxuan reached out and rubbed his temples, he was dreaming all night, and even more terrible was that he felt like that desperate man was him.

“When I woke up, I felt a tightness in my chest, and my tears couldn’t be controlled, so I came to the hospital for a checkup.”

Qin Qiu poured another cup of coffee, he had to drink something to suppress his shock, after all. Ye Yuxuan from birth to now, this was still the first time he had ever cried.

He couldn’t help but ask after hearing Ye Yuxuan’s words, “What are you doing at the hospital? You experienced feelings, this is a good thing.”

Ye Yuxuan touched his chest, “I have a chest tightness, moreover last night while I was going to bed the tears didn’t stop.”

Qin Qiu was confused, “So?”

What did this have to do with the hospital?

Ye Yuxuan frowned again, it was difficult to get an expression on his face.

“And I can no longer remember the name of the woman in the dream, or her face.”

Qin Qiu nodded. “With dreams, you can’t always remember everything.”

Ye Yuxuan gave him a light glance, “So I came to the hospital to get a physical exam, we must check my heart, eyes, and brain… I might be tired recently, so that would lead to chest tightness and shortness of breath, the eyes might have been strained from overuse which lead to the symptoms of shedding tears, and excessive fatigue can lead to amnesia.”


Qin Qiu spit out his sip of coffee. What the f**k was this?

He hasn’t ever experienced feelings before. But Ye Yuxuan, this guy still couldn’t understand what happened to him, and actually came over here check his body.

He quickly put down the cup in his hand, lest he should smash another one. Then got close to Ye Yuxuan and seriously said, “This has nothing to do with your body, but has to do with your heart.”

Ye Yuxuan looked at him indifferently, “So I have to carry out an examination regarding my heart?”

Qin Qiu felt that he was talking to an alien. He said anxiously, “No, I mean you felt heartache. This heartache was not physical, but caused by your feelings. There have been fluctuations, and you have experienced emotions.”

Ye Yuxuan seriously pondered, “So, I have no problems with my body.”

Qin Qiu felt that he finally understood, “It’s all nonsense, of course, you have no problems.”

Ye Yuxuan nodded, then immediately stood up, “Since there is no problems, I am going to work.”

After that, he did not hesitate to get up and leave.

Just leaving Qin Qiu standing in place, stunned.

So why did Ye Yuxuan come to the hospital?

To tell him that he had a dream?

Apology chap #1, apology chap #2 will come out with tomorrows update, I decided to do it that way because next arc will be starting next chapter XD. When I hear the sea of flowers, I picture this. :’)


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  1. It’s a pity he didn’t remember her name, but don’t worry Ye Yuxuan, our Mc will teach you more on emotions through these “dreams” 😙

  2. Hey, man I was feeling heartache for your dream self, but you dismissed it as physical dysfunction or something! Give me back my feelings!

      1. Or rather we have to deliberately expose him to all the worlds most tragic and heart wrenching experiences for our amusement so that he can learn to suff-, I mean, feel.

  3. Every time you reply to my comments. It’s a notice to me that a chapter has updated.

    But well, the ML sure got interesting. Arc 1 ML deserved his end, I didn’t even feel that much heartache when he was crying in this little epilogue. A fool he was.

      1. I’m rereading HDS. And I’m going to cry. I can’t handle the computer arc. It pisses me off every time I remember how he is working with the cops.

        1. I know, he had so many years in that world, he could have been more patient, in the original world, the troupe was already taken care of by ML by 22, so in this world, he could have waited long, it was his impatience that lead to his failure 🤷‍♀️

          1. Yeaaaa. I actually managed to get past it!
            I’m currently reading the ABO one, though I liked how action packed it was and how intense the whole novel was.
            ML was a little too “…eh”… lol.
            And MC was a little dummy about the mole.

          2. Though I can understand. I give the ML in HDS a lot of leeway on possessiveness and yandere tendency okay.
            His lover is always acting suicidal and trying to die and save people. I can understand how that feelings being slowly built up over the years lol.
            Like. I FEEL FOR HIM.
            He tries so hard to keep MC alive.

          3. I like the yandere and possessiveness. And I just realized something, my favorite arcade are ones where ML had a valid reason to fall for MC. Like first arc where he watched MC get tortured in order to protect the secret of the rebellion. Or computer arc, where MC got hurt to save MLs life. In the ABO and dark tree arc (3rd arc), ML is just like, ‘i like this guy, don’t know why, but he’s mine now’ and I dont like that, there has to be some decent reason for ML to fall in love with MC, or put in some effort for the love. Something other then the excuse that they have already liked eachother for multiple lifetimes so ML should fall for MC at first sight without knowing anything about MC. But that might just be me

          4. I understand your points, but in ABO and Dark Tree, I believe it was because the ML was starting to remember.
            We kept getting hints at his knowing more than he lets on, and it’s explained though that he has the feeling “I have to be with him and spend as much time with him as I can, because something bad will happen later.”
            It was stated he kept getting these feelings every time they met.
            And I can understand that. It’s true. The MC can’t help but die every time they meet. And it’s always because of ML.

    1. I don’t think he deserved it. If you were in his shoes and believed that the girl who had tortured you for years had killed your mom what would you do? He didn’t know the truth and it would have been foolish for him to believe her right off the bat. That’s what I think. *shrugs* He didn’t deserve it, plus he’ll never know that the mc was lying to him the entire time so…

      1. He Jgdjgdjdjgdjgdjgdjgdjgdjgg T-T-TH-THAT KIND OF MYSTERIOUS SENTENCE SHOULD BE BANNED !! My poor soul. ;-;

        1. I want to write books that make it controversial whether is was a HE of BE. Hehe, these are my favorite endings because they dont fall into the cliches!

  4. Reading this chap with the song you provided in the background and seeing the sea of flowers made me cry a second-time dangit. I want a refund on my tears so I can save up for future arcs!

    Thanks for the chapter!

      1. Well, we have more (heartbreaking) love arcs about to come so we can just enjoy and cry our hearts together once again with another song *pats u in the shoulder*

        1. Got it! *searches for hours on youtube to find songs that fit next arcs*
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          1. Technically its not Reddit, but a robotic voice relaying peoples answers to r/askreddit questions on YouTube. There are also prorevenge, and entitled parents stories on those YouTube channels. But they pop up on my home page with the songs, and well… I click them instead of the songs… And you see… Day turns to night, and I haven’t done anything….

          2. Yep askreddit is my new fav form of entertainment, cuz its full of short, real stories of people that are interesting XD

  5. Of the affection point she earned was transferred to ML so he could have feeling~ ya interesting theory….

  6. Whoah so pretty, i wouldn’t mind being buried/spread in form of ashes/whatever other ways exist in this sea of flowers either…

    this aloof Ye Yuxuan… you still need to grow so much…

    Thanks for chapters ^^

    1. have you heard this two sentence horror story?
      I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.
      I’d much rather prefer cremation, but that’s just my own opinion.

  7. Me to doctor qin: nah, he came to bring you dog food stories. Be prepare, it will be more 😏

  8. By “He gave up everything” don’t tell me he actually committed suicide to give her the promised warmth o.o”

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