MGCH Chapter 47

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (1)

After Ye Yuxuan left, he suddenly thought of something so he called his old housekeeper.

“Dig up my entire front lawn, and plant flowers there. I want it to be as far and wide as a sea.

After that phone call, he realized that he was wrong. The lawn was clean and neat, so why should he plant flowers.

After thinking about it for a while, he decided to push it to the back of his mind and continue working.

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei felt a familiar headache, she knew it was the memory information from this new body, but before she had time to digest it, a pot of cold water was splashed right on her face.

“Empress, this servant tripped a second ago, and poured cold water all over Bai Daying’s clothes. I beg Empress for forgiveness.”

“The weather is getting hotter, and the water in the basin is good for Bai Daying’s brain. It will cool down her mind, lest she thinks about things that are impractical all day long. Come, this palace is lacking entertainment, let’s go back.”

The ‘Empress’ smiled coldly, slowly sitting down on her sedan chair, as if Bai Weiwei was just a small bug in her eyes, not even worth looking at.

The servants around her immediately nodded, “We’ll raise the sedan chair and return the Empress to the palace.”

Bai Weiwei was still kneeling as she thought.

Is this mission a battle in the harem?

Just thinking about, the sound of the system rang.

【The mission is to win the love of Sheng Siyu. Target: Sheng Siyu. Occupation: Emperor. Completion: 0. The host has accepted this body’s memories, please work hard!】

She glanced at the memories she got from the system and only lamented about how she had become such a person.

This time, she and her husband didn’t have any hatred for each other. But he couldn’t stand the previous Bai Weiwei’s brain problem.

Her family was not good either, because her stupid father wanted to be a big official, the whole family used every method possible to send Bai Weiwei into the palace.

But this Bai Weiwei might have had her IQ inherited, for her brain was also not good.

Most of the other harem girls who arrived at the same time had advanced to the top because of their family, appearance, or their unique skills.

But this Bai Weiwei had entered the palace for three months, and hadn’t even seen the Emperor’s face.

When she was in a hurry, all of her bad tricks came out.

As soon as she heard the Emperor was going to host a night banquet, she dressed up and smeared some rouge on her face and rushed to the party.

As a result, the Emperor didn’t even look at her, and instead directly let people throw her into the lotus pond in the Imperial Garden.

“Her mind isn’t clear from drinking, so throw her into the pond to sober her up.”

That was what the emperor said.

Although the night banquet broke into a feast, the emperor did not drop her rank.

Because she was already at the ninth rank, which was already one of the lowest levels of concubines, any lower and she would be a bed servent.

The emperor instead ordered her to be confined for a month to reflect. Of course, everyone knew that this Bai was a waste.

And in the palace where survival of the fittest prevails, one’s original master would be stepped on thoroughly if she lost favor.

From time to time, when people met her they would bully her.

When she came to this body, the original owner had already been spotted by a imperial concubine and was punished to kneel for 2 hours and was splashed by a bucket of cold water.

And now was March, right when the peach blossoms started blooming, the temperature was still cold enough to make people shake. With this basin of cold water poured on her, it was estimated that half of her life was going to be stipped from her today..

Bai Weiwei: “Forty-four, do you have a grudge against with me? Why do you make me play a stupid person again?”

System: “I am trying to make it better, you see how you are not cold, I shielded you from the pain, so that you can’t feel cold.”

Bai Weiwei’s mood became better, “You are so good…”

As a result, the words had just finished, when she was shocked. A coldness that seeped to the bones slammed into her starting from the bottom of her feet, almost taking her breath away.

The system said idly, “Oh, the shield failed, host needs to refuel.”

Okay, I know I said two chapters today, but my homework took much longer then I thought (not even done yet. Orz) And I finally experienced first hand why all translators of transmigration novels complain when an ancient arc starts… They are confusing and difficult(last arc took me ~30-40 min to translate, this one took a hour)… Sorry, I will get a double/ extra chapter update when I get some free time, the end of the year is approaching so lots of my classes are uping their homework to squeeze everything in the curriculum in before finals. Orz


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