MGCH Chapter 48

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (2)

Refuel your sister! Bai Weiwei couldn’t wait to choke this totally unreliable system to death.

After two hours passed, Bai Weiwei was unable to stand up anymore. In fact, she already admired that she hadn’t yet fainted.

There was a weak voice that called out next to her “Mistress…”.

The voice scared Bai Weiwei, and she quickly turned around, only to see another person kneeling behind her.

Who was that?

She searched the memories she got from the system and discovered it was her own palace maid.

She was a Daying1, and thus was accompanied by two palace maids and two eunuchs.

One of the palace maids was called Lu Lie, and the other was called Hong Xiu.

This palace maid who had no presence behind her was Hong Xiu. As timid as a mouse, but she was loyal.

Hong Xiu was also kneeling, but her physical condition was much better than Bai Weiwei’s. She immediately rushed over to support Bai Weiwei.

“Let’s go.” Bai Weiwei really did not have the strength to think of much else. She felt like she was about to die.

Back at Qingyuan Pavilion, Lu Lei had already prepared hot water and ginger soup, and quickly dried off Bai Weiwei, who was about to faint, and helped her put on new clothes.

When Lu Lei wrapped a quilt on her, stuffed a hand-warmer5 in her hand, and fed her the steaming ginger soup, Bai Weiwei felt resurrected.

The Lu Lei and Hong Xiu were all allocated to the Qingyuan Pavilion in the palace. Originally, Bai Weiwei herself, being a lowly Daying would not be able to occupy such a courtyard.

At first they distributed the lower harem members to the Dongxi Liu Palace, Bai Weiwei originally had to squeeze in with other girls in the harem.

But there was a big incident at that time. The master who lived in Qingyuan Pavilion was actually found hanging off a beam.

It was said that this palace had been haunted for a long time and that three imperial concubines had already died there.

Although an unlucky place where people had died, people in the palace didn’t treat it as a taboo.

Originally, it had been sealed. But in the end, because there were too many girls, and Qingyuan Pavilion was still a quality place, it was allocated again.

No one wanted to live here, and who did not have the ability to bribe? Finally the only person who remained was Bai Weiwei who had a pit in her brain2 and so she was assigned to this place.

In addition, there had been a concubine who had requested to manage the palace and live there. But that concubine was suffocated by the unlucky energy in the palace and attempted suicide by jumping into a well. She was rescued, but a few days later she hanged herself and died right away.

Since then, Qingyuan Pavilion had made people more reluctant to stay there.

Bai Weiwei saw these memories and felt that the original owner was so stupid that she was already a lucky b****rd to not have been pushed to death by someone yet.

Although living in a haunted house, Bai Weiwei felt that living alone was much better than squeezing in with other people.

She glanced at the two palace maids in front of her and suddenly wondered where the two eunuchs went.

Bai Weiwei asked quietly, “Xiao Xiazi and Xiao Zhuozi3?”

Hong Xiu whispered back, “Mistress, Xiao Xiazi went to the Shangshi Bureau to receive dinner, and Xiao Zhuozi… Xiao Zhuozi was recently transferred away.”

Bai Weiwei listened and knew that Xiao Zhuozi must have seen her acting stupidly, and knowing that there was no good future here, directly ran away.

“If he has left then he has left. How can he stay with this unpromising master? If you guys want to leave too, then you should leave now.”

When Lu Lei and Hong Xiu heard this, their expression changed greatly, and they immediately kneeled to Bai Weiwei.

“Mistress, these slaves do not dare to be disloyal. We please beg the Mistress to reconsider.”

Xiao Xiazi, who had just finished bringing dinner, heard the words of Bai Weiwei, and immediately placed the meal on the side and walked out the door.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes lifted4 as she stood up with an imposing aura, “That’s good, you’re both loyal, we will get along great in the future.

1: I messed this up last chapter, it said it, but I didn’t know it was the name of her rank, it got pointed out to me by Nigaria, and she helped me fix last chapter!

2: Having a pit in ones brain is another way of saying dumb, there manhua named ‘My Sect’s Senior Disciple Has a Hole in His Brain’ which is absolutely hilarious, it’s got bl vibes though, but I highly recommend you read while waiting for me to update XD You can find it here.

3: They both have ‘Xiao’ in front of their names, but they aren’t related, Xiao means small, or little. That is what all eunuchs had in front of their names as a term of endearment or because they were lower class.

4: it means she was smiling, when one smiles their eyes turn crescent shaped.

5: I know this one is out of order, but I wanted to show you a picture of Chinese hand warmers:


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