MGCH Chapter 57

Translator: Nigaria

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (11)

The head eunuch bowed his head, “Yes.”

Sheng Siyu stood up and picked up the sword, “Let her start at a higher rank, bestow to her Feng Zhaoyi. We will go to the morning court.”

The head eunuch looked around, although the things that were destroyed by the sword last night have been replaced with new ones,  it was possible to see how much Sheng Siyu’s heart was chaotic.

Sheng Siyu only wielded a sword when he was in a state of confusion.

– – – – – – – – – –

After watching the video.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

System: “…”

Staying silent for a while, Bai Weiwei dragged the quilt and wrapped herself in it, looking like a glutinous rice wrap. (TN: or burrito)

So horrible, she was going to become a sinister enchantress.

She was merely a joke, but the result was like a duck being driven onto a perch1, ah!

The system comforted, “Don’t be sad, it’s just like having your name go down in history as infamous person. Nothing more than having your 5 limbs pulled apart by horses and then putting your corpse on display, then being spat at by people for several millennia.”

Bai Weiwei finally couldn’t help but look up and swallow her tears of sadness, “F**k, still thought that this strategy was a good one, but instead, the previous one was better. You garbage system, you should give me a different target, I will not be used by Sheng Siyu, I won’t be slaughtered like livestock!”

Sheng Siyu meant to borrow her hands to wipe out the four great clans. Then when all of the four great clans were finished, kill her off to appease the commoners’ anger.

Surprisingly, the system was somewhat sympathetic, “Actually, if you accomplish the mission, he will not kill you… Probably.”

Bai Weiwei hugged her pillow and scolded the system ruthlessly, “You broken system, useless stupid garbage that can’t do anything right. Other people’s systems can let them fly and can give cheat spaceships that release atomic bombs. They are considered and warm, deities with cheat devices. But you, totally not! Even when picking the missions’ target, how can I possibly count on you?”

The system did not dare to utter a word.

Bai Weiwei began to twist up the sheets.

The system was shocked, “What are you doing?”

Bai Weiwei: “I’m going to hang myself, so as to not to be a disaster for this country.”

System: “…”

After venting, Bai Weiwei finally remembered her business.

“Wait, why on earth did Sheng Siyu give me drugged tea? Was it to deliberately made me think that we went to bed?”

Bai Weiwei looked solemn and serious, “It seems like none of the women in the harem are pregnant, maybe they… it is possible that they are the same as me?”

The system was also puzzled, “Yes, all of the women are the same, even without being drugged, if one women from one of the four great clans unexpectedly became pregnant, there are also many contraceptive methods.”

Bai Weiwei pondered for a while, then slowly spat out the truth, “I think I understand, Sheng Siyu, can’t lift it up!”

The system also felt this was possible. Just as it was about to agree, Bai Weiwei pulled out a bronze mirror from the side and stared at her face.

“I am so beautiful, I can only bring calamity to the country and its people; but seeing me strip-naked on the bed he would rather go practice the sword, if it was not because he can’t lift it up then he must be gay.”

The system looked at Bai Weiwei’s infatuated expression while holding the mirror and couldn’t help but buy more than a dozen liters of eye drops to cleanse its eyes.

Bai Weiwei had just finished pitying herself, when the imperial edict of bestowment arrived. Bai Daying was promoted to Bai Zhaoyi. Jumping from a common 9th rank concubine directly to a 3rd rank concubine, the speed of this raise in the ranks was like the shooting of a firework, making everyone gasp in admiration. And then, the bestowment of all kinds of treasures and jewelry. At the same time, several servants arrived. Among these palace maids there was even a Head Maid, who has the authority over all the other palace maids.

When she arrived, she brought Sheng Siyu’s verbal edict, forbidding Bai Zhaoyi of applying those red and purple cosmetics in order to avoid harming the skin.

Faced with this, Bai Weiwei reached for her forehead somewhat feeling a headache coming on, “Really tragic that Sheng Siyu came.”

1: Pushed by somebody to do something beyond one’s abilities

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  1. Sorry I was wrong before…. it seems the harem system is following the Ming Dynasty instead of Qing Dynasty that I commented on chapter 50?

    1. Oh ok, well Idk, I might just leave it how I have it for now as to not confuse the readers XD
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      He was like, how do you know this?
      me: I read…. a lot.
      (Ps got my info from a picture I saw awhile ago, we were talking about the Qing dynasty at the time and after class I corrected myself with info from google, Qing has 9 ranks) I love that teacher he’s awesome and knows so much random stuff about history!

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