MGCH Chapter 59

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The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (13)

How could the emperor and a concubine have a married life like that of a normal secular couple?

Just thinking about how it clashes with society norms.

That was what Sheng Siyu wanted to say, but looking at Bai Weiwei’s soft and adoring eyes, he suddenly couldn’t bear give her the blow.

When he picked up the teacup, his fingers were a bit jittery.

When he first killed someone, his hands didn’t shake. But to his surprise, today, under Bai Weiwei’s eyes filled with admiration, he could not hold his teacup stably.

Bai Weiwei cutely drank and began to feel dizzy.

Sheng Siyu whispered, “Dear concubine, you should rest.”

Bai Weiwei nodded foolishly, with blushing cheeks, her head began to become unclear.

She was on guard this time, knowing that she would be losing her sense of reason when the drug took effect, and her legs were soft. But there still was some mobility.

Before completely losing her conscience, she suddenly reached out and boldly hugged Sheng Siyu.

The jade-like arms, so soft they seemed boneless, made Sheng Siyu stiff, completely unable to think about how to free himself.

He looked anxiously at the sword hanging on the wall, wanting to seize it in order to resist the softness of that arm.

But the next moment, Bai Weiwei squeezed into his broad and sturdy chest looking like a kitten rubbing him. Sheng Siyu breathed heavily.

Not a single one of the women in his brimming harem had been able to get close to him.

He used the tea to deal with the imperial concubines whenever he flipped their plaques.

Even with Concubine Chen, who was more difficult to deal with, he prepared a fragrant tea with hallucinatory effects twice as strong just to handle her.

He grew up in the military barracks. He couldn’t leave the barracks, and the army was completely made of men. He had never really interacted with a woman.

That year he led the army immediately to dive into assistance, and also to save his mother.

But it was too late.

His mother, who as a palace maid was regarded as a disgrace by the emperor, and thus suffered all kinds of humiliation from the people of the palace. Then when the crown prince forced the emperor to abdicate.

The Empress at that time, which was the current Empress Dowager imprisoned her, that swine.

That swine… she chopped off her limbs, dug out both eyes, skewed her ears, and cut out her tongue and placed it in front of her nose.

When he had arrived, he saw his barely still-alive mother die under such torture.

Had his moves not been hampered by the four great families, he would have hacked that lowly woman who killed his mother into pieces.

At that time, he vowed in his heart, the Empress Dowager, the four great clans, he would completely eradicate them all.

And the women in the harem reminded him of how he was bullied and humiliated by the harem concubines when he was a child. The serpent’s heart of these imperial concubines, he clearly knew.

When he had to touched them, he would simply hold their hand without feeling the softness. He was reminded of his mother’s rotten body, and felt so sick he couldn’t eat for three days.

If the Head Eunuch hadn’t found that strange hallucinatory drug, he didn’t know how he could have borne with those serpent and scorpion women.

And Bai Weiwei probably was the first woman he ever met that didn’t cause him to be disgusted.

Sheng Siyu’s body was as hard as a stone. It was obvious that he should push aside that unbridled Bai Weiwei, but his body didn’t obey his brain’s commands, and he refused to get up.

The soft body was like warm water, heating up again into a flame.

The delicate fingers were as tender as a willow branch harmlessly penetrated into his clothes, igniting every spot they touched in an enthusiastic flame he hadn’t ever encountered before.

He could hardly breathe, and every breath he took had a faint touch of her body’s scent, completely different from those fragrant perfumes.

“Your Majesty, this concubine is uncomfortable…” Bai Weiwei hugged him and lightly rubbed against him while pleading in a pitiful soft voice.

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  1. You have classes/exams all the way out to june? Goodness, that’s rough.
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    1. Since she discovered that he actually didn’t sleep with her she deduced that he didn’t sleep with other concubines either so she thinks he’s gay or can’t lift Little Sity up (i dont know how serious she is about this guess tho xD), so now she feels relatively safe since she doesn’t think SSY will force her while she is asleep. Actually, the fact that he is drugging her is indicatory that he doesn’t want to sleep her, since the drug is not an aphrodisiac but an hallucinatory one.

    2. What choice does she have though? She can’t act suspicious and she’s trying to be naive and cute. The real question I have is how can characters cut themselves so easily with their swords! Like seriously my hands were shaking like crazy trying to poke myself with a needle when I was getting my blood typed in highschool *shivers*

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