MGCH Chapter 60

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (14)

It was uncomfortable… Extremely uncomfortable, unbearable!

Sheng Siyu suddenly clasped her petite face and kissed her lips. Bai Weiwei tried to say something a few times, but he swallowed all of her breath. At first he was curiously and carefully licking her lips, as if licking candy.

Bai Weiwei felt that breathing was difficult, and tried to escaped, but it only caused the fierce side of Sheng Siyu to come out.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is now at 30. 】

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were scattered and confused, she couldn’t hear the system notification. She could only let him do whatever he wanted.

She felt that she was floating, her lips were attacked by beasts, and when she remembered that she could breathe through her nose, her neck was weak and her eyes could no longer be controlled and started to droop.

And by the time Sheng Siyu realized something was wrong, Bai Weiwei had already passed out.

He was so shocked the tide of heat he was feeling went cold.

As he was holding the woman who was soft and lying on his chest, and was unable to calm his rapid breathing.

Sheng Siyu reached out and touched the back of her neck to feel her pulse. He knew that it was partially the potency of the medicine plus the fact that he got a little out of control which caused her to become short of breath and faint.

He knew that there was no problem.

However, Sheng Siyu still could not control his flusteredness, he called the Head Eunuch over and had him call the imperial physician.

When the Head Eunuch saw Bai Zhaoyi, who was wrapped so tightly in blankets not even her face could be seen, his old face wrinkled up.

This person was wrapped up in the blanket too tightly, of course when there was no room for breathing, she would faint.

After the imperial physician came over, he took her pulse through the curtain on the bed.

Of course, it was not a big problem, but just a moment of fainting. After a little sleep she would naturally wake up.

Sheng Siyu did not know what he was feeling, but the Head Eunuch nearby could clearly see everything.

His master came out of a cruel environment with practically nothing to his name.

He didn’t get anything good when he was young.

Once he obtained something he valued, it became a matter of possessive desire. He was afraid that others would try and steal it from him, so he would kill people who looked at it and was even reluctant to let outsiders see even a strand of hair.

The Head Eunuch’s heart felt uneasy, he knew that Sheng Siyu had always been rational and indifferent.

But this Bai Zhaoyi, might become someone special.

Bai Weiwei jumped up to Zhaoyi overnight, and even had the Emperor stay at her place for two nights in a row. There was also the case where the emperor called the imperial physician in the middle of the night, and stirred up thousands of waves in the harem.

Imperial Consort Chen listened as she placed her hand on the cup of tea on the table, but it was already cold, “It’s only a simple fox, the Emperor is smart and understandable.”

She did not expect she made a huge mistake to throw Bai Weiwei into the water during her birthday.

If only she knew Bai Weiwei’s face was so beautiful.

She would have never allowed it to see the Emperor.

Her face should have been ruined before she showed it.

Imperial Consort Chen’s eyes were vicious, she said coldly, “Go tell this matter to Daddy, Daddy loves me, so when he finds out, Bai Weiwei will have proper pay back.”

– – – – – – – – – –

When Bai Weiwei muddleheadly changed residences, she realized that she had become the center of gossip.

Sheng Siyu dismissed her from the unlucky Qingyuan Pavilion and immediately moved her to a place that was much bigger and better, with a large peach tree forest.

The gossipy system said excitedly, “Did you know? The entire palace has a rumor going around that Sheng Siyu, that King Kong is able to do it 18 times a night. You will probably end up with your life hanging by a thread with no other choice but to call an imperial physician.”


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