MGCH Chapter 63

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (17)

Bai Weiwei didn’t know any better, and immediately ran out to change clothes.

Sheng Siyu took her out of the door where the Head Eunuch was standing in front with changed clothes.

The Head Eunuch gathered up his sleeve cuffs and bowed his head very respectfully, “Empero… no wait, Master and Madam, please come with me.”

Bai Weiwei thought that Sheng Siyu would take her over to the palace the wall, leap over the wall then fly outside into the sky.

The result, though, was just to walk out the palace gates, the road was quiet, and the palace door was opened like a small fan, and they left.

The people in the palace also celebrated the Flower Festival, but it was only to the Imperial Concubines and above that the imperial kitchen gave flower food to. And they hung lanterns in the royal garden to let them enjoy.

Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei was taken out of the palace by Sheng Siyu.

All along the way there were bright lights, people doing the dragon dance, the thing to sell, lanterns all over the streets, and everyone’s faces were shining with a beaming smiles.

There were too many people, Sheng Siyu could only keep a hold of Bai Weiwei so that she doesn’t get lost.

In several places there were guards following from afar.

But by his side there was only the head Eunuch.

Bai Weiwei was like a bird that had been detained for too long. Seeing this street full of excitement, the joy in her eyes was totally uncontrollable.

She wore the skirt of a civilian woman, it was a faint pink skirt that swayed in the wind. No rouge on her face, a simple hair bun tied together with a peach blossom, but she was so beautiful that people couldn’t help but stop to stare at her.

Sheng Siyu gave off a cold aura, those who dared to stare at Bai Weiwei were given a glare back.

Seeing a mask stand next to the lantern stand, he picked a rabbit mask and gave it to Bai Weiwei.

After putting on the mask, Bai Weiwei whispered, “Is the Emperor afraid this concubine’s ugly face will scare people?”

Sheng Siyu was stunned, then he remembered Bai Weiwei’s unique aesthetics, he didn’t allow her to wear her scary makeup anymore, so she hadn’t been using any makeup at all.

For Bai Weiwei, it must be really difficult to reveal her ‘ugly’ face.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is now 36, the favorability had risen by 1. I have never seen a male lead with such stingy favorability.】

Bai Weiwei was also puffing in anger, she silently give the system 10,000 praises.

Sheng Siyu took a tiger’s mask and put it on, “I am as ugly as you are, so we’ll wear masks together.”

He didn’t even want to face his disguised tactic.

Sheng Siyu and Bai Weiwei both wore masks to go see the lanterns.

The Head Eunuch silently paid money behind them1.

Most of the lanterns in the Flower Festival were in the shape of flowers. The blossoming lanterns were like a flower that bloomed in the night, and it made people feel lost in it.

Bai Weiwei suddenly saw that there was a stall selling flowers and pieces of red paper. She immediately took Sheng Siyu over to buy one.

After buying the paper, she said to Sheng Siyu, “When you write your wishes on this paper, and then put them on a floating lantern to let the paper drift toward the distant gods, they can grant your wishes.”

Sheng Siyu thought about how little girls and there talks about love trinkets were not reliable, but looking at Bai Weiwei’s serious eyes, he can only accompany her in messing around.

Bai Weiwei wrote her wish, and ran to the riverside to place the floating lantern on the water and put the red paper on it.

Sheng Siyu was curious for a moment, “What did you write?”

Bai Weiwei, with her hands behind her back and her smiling eyes, She asked slyly: “You want to know? I would have to change my wish, so I have a condition.”

Sheng Siyu felt for the first time that Bai Weiwei was so bold. It seemed that after leaving the palace her character became more lively.

He asked plainly, “What do you want?”

1: I got no clue what this means. It could be something like lit a candle, but I don’t know, here is the original text if anyone wants to give it a go, 苏德在身后默默付钱。

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    1. yep that is also how i interpreted that, the masters take the things and the servants will pay behind them

  1. I really need to give the female leads in quick transmigration novels props cuz there really good at acting if I was in a quick transmigration novel I would just lit incense sticks for myself…. Pray that I won’t die a horrible death…
    Anyways Thank you for the chapter Translator-sama

  2. lighting candles is a sign of respect to the dead, but in popular culture, ppl use it to express a kind of exaggerated or sarcastic respect for their friends/enemies/acquaintances undergoing trials. so prolly the eunuch was like “…poor emperor, he has to play along with this fool and act like he’s ugly in the name of true love……. the things we do for love” (bc he doesn’t know sheng siyu is just using her.) so like. he may have paid for the masks or maybe ml sent the money along later, but in this sentence, he’s just pitying sheng siyu.

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