MGCH Chapter 64

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (18)

What can’t he afford in this world?

Bai Weiwei suddenly looked around to make sure no one was nearby, then in a few steps she rushed in front of Sheng Siyu, and reached out to take his mask and reveal the indifferent handsome face inside. She then took her own mask off, and pushed up to stand on her tippy-toes and gave him a peck on his cheek.

Sheng Siyu who didn’t have any time to react, took a few steps back.

Bai Weiwei had already put on her mask back on, and she said while smiling, “Which other family’s son was like jade, and let their concubines toss and turn all night, yet also seeks out during day and night?”

The love in this statement was strong and sincere.

Sheng Siyu only felt his heart violently beating, and the passion that went cold after leaving the battlefield was also spurred.

He wanted to say something, but his tongue was dry, and everything was stuck in his throat, making it sour and unbearable.

Bai Weiwei turned to look at the floating lights on the lanterns, and the wind blew over, letting her clothes fly up. Her voice was sweetly glutinous and earnest, “This concubine always has three wishes in this life, one wish is for this country’s prosperity, with no barbarians invading, and for the Four great clans to congratulate – May His Majesty live safe and secure, with every possible success and longevity in a long life.”

Sheng Siyu thought Bai Weiwei was just a stupid, very simple woman.

As a result, her words caused a pang in his heart.

The pain in his heart was not because he couldn’t protect the piece of this land.

But because he did not think that she could understand him.

And her wishes were for him.

Sheng Siyu barely spoke as he asked her what her third wish was.

For the first time, he felt that he might not be able to give her what she wanted.

And Bai Weiwei did not want to embarrass him. She said softly, “What is this third wish? I am afraid that I’m asking too much, so the god won’t listen to it, so I won’t say it.”

【Ding, male lead’s favorability is 40… 45.】

Bai Weiwei felt that the goodwill gained this time was more of a manly amount.

Sheng Siyu was silent for a few seconds before he said, “Come over here.”

Bai Weiwei did not understand, but still went over to him.

Sheng Siyu had already squatted down, “Climb on my back.”

Bai Weiwei was a little surprised, and replied with difficulty, “This is not appropriate.”

Sheng Siyu said coldly, “You’re courage was so bold just a while ago, Why would you think it is inappropriate now? This is an imperial decree. ”

Bai Weiwei accidentally gave a laugh and said, “Yes, this servant obeys.”

After Sheng Siyu secured her, his foot pushed off the ground, and he leapt over the continuous eaves.

Bai Weiwei is stunned, could someone really fly?

She excitedly told to the system, “I’m flying, I’m flying high!”

The system replied disdainfully, “Country bumpkin.”

Sheng Siyu’s qinggong was very good, he carried Bai Weiwei up to the highest roof.

Under their feet lights were shining, and gold was flowing. People were coming and going, and you could see the prosperity of this prosperous world.

He felt the softness of the woman behind him, but there were no inappropriate thoughts, only the feelings of emotions.

Bai Weiwei looked at everything under her feet and couldn’t help but admire, “It’s so beautiful.”

Sheng Siyu couldn’t help but reveal a sincere smile, and his chilly facial expressions went soft.

Just as if Bai Weiwei praised him, he even had a hint of childishness in his eyes.

“This is my land, whether it fulfills imperial concubine’s wishes, it is a prosperous time.”

The woman behind did not answer, but Sheng Siyu suddenly felt on his head, a kiss gently fell.

It made him think about a time during his childhood. They were full of hardships, but there was time for his mother to accompany him.

“Yu, if someone in this world is willing to kiss your head and caress your hair, then this person is the one in the world who is the gentlest to you and the one who loves you the most.”


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