MGCH Chapter 65

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The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (19)

At that time, only his concubine mother would kiss his head and stroke his hair.

And then he grew up, soaked in blood, and ascended the throne to become the Emperor, but there wasn’t anyone who was gentle to him anymore.

If done well, no one would praise him.

If committed a mistake, no one would comfort him.

The coldness in Sheng Siyu’s eyes disappeared, and a tear slowly flowed out and dripped down into the darkness.

Someone in the distance suddenly lit fireworks in the area where the Flower Festival was taking place.

Sheng Siyu knew this was a signal to get ready.

Bai Weiwei saw the fireworks and immediately started watching it with great interest.

She was grown but this was still the first time someone carried her flying so she could watch the fireworks from such a high place.

Sheng Siyu’s voice was a bit dry, “Are you getting tired? Let’s head down now, okay?.”

Bai Weiwei felt it was somewhat a pity, she still wanted to see more of the scenery, but considering that Sheng Siyu was carrying a grown living person and also performing this mystical quinggong, she could understand that the other person’s physical strength was unable to keep up.

Sheng Siyu flew to the place where the Chen family held the lantern festival and placed Bai Weiwei down.

He looked up and saw at the center of the lantern-holding venue, a huge lotus lamp hanging.

That size, as well as the quality of the lanterns, those were royal lanterns.

Sheng Siyu’s eyes were cold, and the murderousness in his heart was almost uncontrollable.

He took out a red hibiscus from his bosom and placed it in Bai Weiwei’s hair, as well as took off her mask to reveal her beautiful face.

“You wait for me here, I will go buy some food.” Sheng Siyu said.

Bai Weiwei exposed a trusting smile, “I’ll wait for you, Husband.”


Sheng Siyu felt that this husband had slammed into his heart.

Suddenly his eyes became slightly warm, and he turned his head and walked away at once, with quick steps fearing that he would start to repent.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability has risen to 50.】

The system felt touched, “Finally his favorability is not stagnant.”

Bai Weiwei looked serious. “No, ah, Sheng Siyu, this product, how can it be so kind to take me to see the lanterns, just one look and you can see that this guy’s brains don’t function properly, he is such a blockhead, how can he possibly be romantic to a girl? It seems that Sheng Siyu is ready to strike.”

Just as she finished, a frivolous voice rang.

“Oh! Where did this little beauty come from? Come give this Master a kiss.”

This was the opening remarks of a cannon fodder character.

Bai Weiwei snorted coldly, and when she turned around, she was almost scared to run back to the palace.

His face was full of pimples, a collapsed nose and mung bean eyes, round pig’s lips, followed by a 300 catties1 figure like a toad… Who was that, ah?

That was simply ugly beyond her imagination.

Bai Weiwei had not forgotten her role playing, her face panicked, “Who are you, why are you taking liberties with decent women in the middle of the street? Even if …… Even if you look like Pan An2, handsome men cannot take liberties with women either ah!

The pimple-faced, piggy frog-shaped cannon fodder was astonished.

He… looks like Pan An?

He’s… handsome?

The system was shocked: the first time I saw a host that was so awake and so savvy.

Sheng Siyu and the Head Eunuch who were hiding in the dark were also shocked by this statement.

Sheng Siyu remembered Bai Weiwei’s strange disease. Seeing ugly as beautiful and beauty as ugly.

It turned out that this was what she liked, a man like this was like Pan An in her eyes. Had it always been this way?

If it was like this, he would not reach her standard in his whole life.

This made Sheng Siyu’s face twist slightly.

The toady cannon fodder was excited, “You really know me. I want to take you back home as my wife. I am the young master of Chen’s family, Chen Pao Hui. My grandad is the auxiliary of the imperial court. My family is an illustrious literary family for generations.”

… said the cannon fodder.3

1: Catties are an ancient chinese wight system, a catties as .5 kg, so 300 is 150 kg, or 330.693 lbs.

2: Pān Ān, famous handsome and elegant writer from the Western Jin dynasty

3: His name is literally the same word for cannon fodder. 炮灰 (pàohuī) :cannon fodder; 泡灰 (pàohuī): Pao Hui (his name)


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