MGCH Chapter 66

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (20)

Bai Weiwei was excited. This was the first time she was sexually harassed to the point of fear by the bad guys.

She immediately said with a serious look on her face, “I already have a husband, please let me ask Gongzi1 not to act so rash.”

Chen Pao Hui looked at her beautiful face, and his mung bean eyes were full of a sinister light, “Your husband is already dead, little darling come follow me.”

Bai Weiwei looked terrified, “Isn’t there any laws here?”

Chen Pao Hui grabbed her hand. “We are the law, even if I kill you, it would mean nothing.”

“Impudent.” Bai Weiwei slapped his ugly face, her nails deliberately exerting force and stroked him leaving several traces.

Chen Pao Hui immediately screeched, “Come, come! Take this woman with me.”

More than 10 young male servants rushed over, and a few of them didn’t care about being tender and caring towards the fairer sex, dragged Bai Weiwei away.

“Hey, you dare to beat me, If I don’t kill you, My surname isn’t Chen.” Chen Pao Hui roared angrily.

Bai Weiwei rolled her eyes, “Forty four, where’s Sheng Siyu?”

System: “Watching you get robbed from not far away”

Bai Weiwei took a deep breath, the tears in her eyes condensed, and one by one they fell down, crocodile tears.

Then she cried miserly, “I am women with a husband. My husband is the best man in the world. He said that I must wait for him to come back. You let me go.”

System: “It seems like suffering from abuse is like a bitter cabbage.

Bai Weiwei saw that she was still being taken away, and started crying even more miserably, ” Husband, husband, where are you?”

This crying, it might actually be able to soak the Great Wall of China.

The people around them certainly saw this evil act, but even though they saw it, none of them dared to come out and provoke the Chen family.

In the distance, Sheng Siyu’s eyes were starting to break, his eyes were bloodshot with anger. Especially when he heard Bai Weiwei calling him, he could hardly control his emotions and wanted to rush in and save her.

The head Eunuch stood worriedly next to him, “Emperor…”

Sheng Siyu hated to look at the scene happening in front of him, his fingers clenched into fists and buckled into bleeding. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, “Not enough time has passed. We must wait for that old man to come out before we ring in our net.”

Bai Weiwei had just been caught, when at the biggest restaurant next to her, she saw a middle-aged man walk out in a haze.

“Father.” Chen Pao Hui immediately shouted.

“Today is the day when I am hosting lots of banquets and parties. What are you doing?” Chen Chengcheng asked coldly.

Chen Pao Hui was afraid of his father when suddenly he saw the red hibiscus on Bai Weiwei’s head. He explained excitedly, “Father, this is a maid servant who escaped from me. Didn’t I let my maid servants wear red hibiscus flowers today? Look on her head.”

It was then that Bai Weiwei realized that Sheng Siyu putting the flower in her hair wasn’t a romantic action, but let others think she was a maid servant.

There were many people from Chen’s family here and she’d been standing for a long time. Even if she didn’t catch Chen Pao Hui’s attention, someone would come after her.

Her thoughts were hazy and it was sufficient enough to cause her heart to harden.

Was this Sheng Siyu?

Chen Chengcheng was cold, “When you catch it, get out.”

Chen Pao Hui agreed happily and let people bring Bai Weiwei upstairs.

Bai Weiwei: “System, Do you think that if I jump out the window to protect my chastity, Sheng Siyu’s favorability will raise?”

System: “You don’t know until you jump.”

Bai Weiwei: The degree of the system is like this Sheng Siyu is the same.

It seemed like she could neither count on the system or Sheng Siyu, as both were heartless.

Chen Pao Hui had an evil expression on as he shoved her into the building, and then extended his ‘trotter’s’ to press this beautiful beauty onto the bed.

1: You may have seen this before, but it means young master, or a very polite way to refer to a young master.


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