MGCH Chapter 68

Translator: Nigaria

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The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (22)

Chen Pao Hui felt the crackle and rattle of his heart breaking down. These sentences had totally stabbed his heart.

“Didn’t you say I… I was handsome?” In Chen Pao Hui’ eyes, two rows of desolate tears slowly formed.

Bai Weiwei frowned as she looked at him, then moved away her glance and said, “If people say then you believe, don’t you have any self-knowledge? Ugly people should read more.”

Chen Pao Hui: “Reading can make you handsome?”

Bai Weiwei: “No, but during the time you spend reading at least you don’t go out and scare people.”

Attacking with words. It was a double blow.

The male lead is coming.】

The sound of the system ringed, and Bai Weiwei heaved a sigh of relief, finally she didn’t have to continue looking at Chen Pao Hui’s ugly face.

Chen Pao Hui remembered his own business, his improper intentions. He didn’t come here to be scolded, he couldn’t let this woman confuse him again!

He tore open his own collar and roared, “This daddy wants you!”

Bai Weiwei corrected her expression, cleared her throat, and then screamed desperately, “Don’t come over, I will die because of you.”

This scream was so mournful, so terrible, it almost scared Chen Pao Hui to leave the room.

Bai Weiwei shouted again, “Don’t come over,” and began to use her hands to dishevel her neat hair and turn it into a mess.

She cried, “Don’t come! My lord husband will come save me,” while tearing open her own clothes, revealing the white garments inside.

Chen Pao Hui was dumbstruck, staring blankly at Bai Weiwei’s self-directed play at ripping her clothes of on the upper part of her body.

Crouching down, he hadn’t done anything yet.

Bai Weiwei was afraid that it wasn’t realistic enough. Her hand pinched her exposed neck, which easily turned red, showing a miserable appearance of having been bullied.

Then she aimed the peach blossom hairpin in her hands at her neck, and she cried in tears and said, “Beast, I’ll die to prevent you from having your way.”

Chen Pao Hui’s brains weren’t enough to understand this scene. Should he yield to this woman, or what should he do next?

But before he could do anything, the door was fiercely kicked open, Sheng Siyu came in and saw Bai Weiwei being pressed to a corner and bullied by an ugly fat man, and his heart split.

“Release her!” Sheng Siyu opened his mouth and said coldly, carrying a blood-stained sword like a god of death, approaching closer step by step.

Although Chen Pao Hui was stupid, but as a child of Chen’s family, he had seen this sacred figure before. His legs were soft and directly hit the ground. “The Emp…the Emperor, I, I, I, I didn’t do anything ah.”

He really hadn’t done anything. Her hair was not messed up by him, her clothes were not torn by him, and the hairpin was also not seized by him.

Sheng Siyu saw the scene just now, and his rationality flew out the window, the long sword in his hand slashed down, and Chen’s fat large head flew off, causing blood to spurt out from his neck.

Bai Weiwei and the system paled at the same time: so savage.

After Sheng Siyu killed Chen Pao Hui, his mood didn’t ease. He saw Bai Weiwei shrinking into the corner in fear.

Her beautiful face was deathly pale, her eyes filled with desperate tears, clothes in disarray,  and even the traces on the neck could be seen…

Sheng Siyu’s eyes reddened, his voice was trembling a bit, “It’s okay, I came to save you.”

He took off his robe, wrapped her trembling body, and hugged her to his bosom, just like holding his most precious treasure, not using a bit of force in fear of crushing her.

Bai Weiwei huddled in his arms silently, without uttering a word, but her hands were clutching his chest clothes.

Like knowing her fear, Sheng Siyu choked with emotion, forced himself to calm down and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid.”

After a long time, the woman in his arms let out a crying voice, “This concubine is not afraid, I knew you would come to save me.”

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