MGCH Chapter 69

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (23)

I also said that I am not afraid, and my self-proclaimed chaos is chaotic.

Sheng Siyu thought of the picture he saw just now, knowing that if he came only a little later, that beast would have had his way.

He squeezed her harder, his eyes were gloomy and his anger was incomparable.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 60.】

Going downstairs, Bai Weiwei looked around and saw everyone in the restaurant kneeling down, trembling.

Chen Chengcheng was in front of them all. He still didn’t know that his son had been killed. Therefore there wasn’t much of an expression on his face.

“I don’t know his majesty was coming, this small minister failed, and this crime deserves death.”

Sheng Siyu looked at him coldly, and suddenly his expression was sullen, “You are guilty. Do you know what your good son did?”

Chen Chengcheng had already guessed it. After all, this group of guards filled with murderous aura rushed in. The reason for that was that a Zhaoyi ranked concubine got lost from the palace. It was safe to assume that his stupid son who was unarmed was most likely held captive.

It was said that there was a Zhaoyi who had recently been favored overnight within the palace. If they were that beautiful, it seemed to be the woman who was brought upstairs by his son.

It was no wonder Sheng Siyu came in with his sword unleashed and killed the two servants the second he opened the door.

To get this angry for a woman, it seemed the Emperor’s brain might not be the best.

Chen Chengcheng said with no fear, “This dog disturbed His Majesty, it is this dog’s fault, and this small minister will strictly discipline him.”

Sheng Siyu sneered, “Discipline? Well that animal has already left to see Hades, so you don’t have to discipline it.”

Chen Chengcheng had a heart attack at the news that his son was dead.

“Emperor, you would kill a child of a loyal minister of this dynasty for a simple Zhaoyi in the middle of this district. If the first emperor, who now lays in the ground, knew about your deeds, he would have been very disappointed with your ignorant ways.”

Sheng Siyu held Bai Weiwei and could feel how she heard this sentence. When he was talking, her body became stiff as if she was scared.

In his mind, his sensibility string snapped, and now he almost couldn’t remember his purpose anymore. The killing made him violent and fierce.

“You said there was a Zhaoyi in this district. Also, my beloved Zhaoyi was just wronged to the highest degree. Earlier today, the seal over this Emperor’s harem was given to Bai Zhaoyi, the seat of Empress is empty right now, and the Phoenix seal is temporarily held by this Zhaoyi. Thus all matters related to the harem are decided by her. The son of your Chen family misbehaved against the Imperial Concubine, and thus Chen family’s son was beheaded, Chen family’s wide son committed a crime worthy of execution up the tree generations.”

Sheng Siyu’s eyes were full of anger, his expression was gloomy and cold, and he slowly enunciated the last sentence. “Those who go against me can be forgiven, those who go against a concubine will die without a place to be buried.”

Chen Chengcheng’s face paled, he was frightened and angered, “This is against the law,

Emperor, you will be damned for the harm you caused.”

Shen Siyu sneered, “If you really just cursed me, then come, I’ll cut off all your heads and hang your corpse on the wall then cast aside.”

   After that, Sheng Siyu turned around and left, he did not want Bai Weiwei to see any more bloody scenes.

Today’s Flower Festival was a day where blood flowed down like a river.

– – – – – – – – – –

Sheng Siyu held Bai Weiwei all the way back to the palace.

Along the way, Bai Weiwei was silent, not crying or noisy, her eyes were empty and erratic.

Sheng Siyu didn’t dare to ask her how far of an extent she had been humiliated.

He felt timid, not even he was aware such a weak emotion could appear within himself.

After returning to the palace, Bai Weiwei’s first sentence was, “Emperor, this imperial concubine, your servant, would like to take a bath.”

Sheng Siyu felt his heart throb so badly he could only put her down and say, “You are this Emperor’s Imperial concubine, you don’t need to call yourself ‘this servant’.”

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