MGCH Chapter 70

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (24)

This concubine to use that is a way to call myself as your servant.

Bai Weiwei heard that sentence and she could not help but laugh at herself, but her eyes were not smiling.

Then she took off the red hibiscus flower off her head and placed it on the table next to her, “This flower was still given to this servant be the Emperor. This servant is dirty and contaminated, I’m not worthy of this flower.”

As Sheng Siyu listened, his heart trembled and he couldn’t help but take a step back.

Bai Weiwei left after she finished.

When she arrived at the bath house, she told all the palace maids around her in a cold and indifferent tone, “Everyone retreat.”

When all the people were gone, Bai Weiwei’s expression of despair collapsed as she looked around, “Everyone’s gone?”

System: “There’s no one, at least no more humans.”

Bai Weiwei didn’t care about the system, she immediately took off her clothes, and stretched out her fingers to pinch her arm and shoulder and a few more times on her chest…

In less than a minute, the parts that were pinched turned red, and some even had blood scratches from where the nails had caught.

Red, purple, and green, it looked miserable.

Anyway, as miserable as it could get.

The system stared at its host’s actions and was speechless.

It watched as Bai Weiwei pulled together her emotions and she jumped into the pool with her naked body and held herself in a hug.

She thought of the tragic Korean dramas she had seen in the past. Where a vicious woman would abuse children, and where a woman had leukemia, and a man who lost his memory.

Her mood was brewing, and her face was desperate and miserable as she burst into tears.

The crying was suppressed, and the whimpering made people feel unbearable.

Sheng Siyu, who was outside, heard her suppressed crying and felt as if his heart was being cut out.

He immediately rushed in and saw Bai Weiwei facing him, her body had traces left by that person.

Knowing was one thing, seeing was something completely different.

He thought he could sacrifice anything for the sake of this country.

But this one insignificant woman.

But this one insignificant woman… was the woman he likes.

Her crying was so very painful, even if she suffered from such humiliation, she couldn’t resist. The only thing she could do was hide and helplessly cry.

For the first time, Sheng Siyu knew what a heart was, as well as what a heartbreak meant.

He slowly reached out because he wanted to touch her, to hold her in his arms and protect her.

But as his fingers reached halfway, his expression fell, was he still qualified?

He didn’t give her protection, only injury.

Bai Weiwei seemed to know that there was someone behind her. She turned around in horror. She couldn’t properly see the person who was hiding to the side, “Who is it? Don’t come over.”

It was like a startled bird.

Sheng Siyu’s voice was hoarse, “It’s me.”

Bai Weiwei could now see more clearly the person approaching. She immediately reached out to wipe her tears, but no matter how much she wiped it wouldn’t clear, so she could only cover her face with her hands as she choked out, “This serv, this servant was dis, discourteous.”

Sheng Siyu knew she was afraid, which woman who had gone through these experiences were not afraid.

He took his clothes off and entered the water, reaching out, he slowly held her trembling body.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Wooh, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” As he was saying this Sheng Siyu bowed his head and slowly blew on the red marks on her body.

Bai Weiwei was frozen stiff and almost pushed him away.

Sheng Siyu’s voice said gently, “When I was a child, every time I got hurt, my mother concubine also gave me a blow, then it didn’t hurt anymore.”

He was beaten and bullied when he was a child, but as long as his mother was there.

He didn’t feel any pain at all.

Because he knew that there was someone who loved him.

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  1. Exciting to see the end result of this arc and also the reaction of the one who dream these…

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  3. really speechless. what right does he have to be upset about what he himself did to her? If this wasn’t Bai Weiwei, then this man is less than a beast, he’s just pond scum. Congratulations on becoming what you hated, I guess?
    I always have mixed feelings about the QT stories where the MC is just pretending, because like… it’s real for the other person. Although BWW wasn’t actually raped, this man, the type of person he wanted to protect, he actually destroyed with his own hands? BWW was initially the kind of woman his mother was, basically? Wow.
    Although I’m LMAO @ Chen Jia. He really thought that his son violating an Imperial Concubine… would be overlooked? Even the Emperor’s own Princes are in danger just COVETING an Imperial Concubine lololol

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