MGCH Chapter 72

Translator: Nigaria

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The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (26)

Bai Weiwei: “004, help me!”

The system was so happy it could fly, “Do it, do it, do it, ah, I can guard you while you do it hehehe.”

Bai Weiwei: throwing stones at someone who fell down to this degree, did she really not have any old hatred with the system from a past lifetime?

Sheng Siyu kissed the traces from her being ‘insulted’, but he was so fierce it felt as if he was biting off a piece of her flesh.

Bai Weiwei was shocked, “Your Majesty, what are you doing?”

Sheng Siyu paused and looked up. His eyes were full of violent flames, ” We are helping you wash away the traces others left on your body. I will make you forget any other man, the only man you can remember from today on is me.”

This beast, ah.

Trying to persuade her in such a pompous way.

Sheng Siyu picked her up under the water. Her hair was already in a mess, falling down scattered, caressing the snow-white skin of Bai Weiwei’s neck, causing her to tremble.

He saw this picture and the light in his pupils darkened with a hungry glint, his long legs stretched and he walked out of the bathtub.

At the edge of the bathtub, a muslin gauze hung down from a large lounge chair.

He pressed Bai Weiwei on the chair with his naked muscles on his body had an explosive beauty. A shadow was cast over his handsome face, and there was a desire to devour the meal in front of him.

Bai Weiwei trembled, so terrible. Is it not possible to come to some sort of agreement? What is that thing down there?

She reached out instinctively to resist him, but her hand was tightly grasped. Sheng Siyu’s voice was hoarse, “Don’t be afraid, I will be gentle.”

Gentle? Pressing her down until she was squeezed like a dried green bean, where was this gentle?

Bai Weiwei cried for help to the system in a final struggle, “Can you make this guy impotent?”

The system reply was very firm, “You just need to sacrifice, okay? everything is for the sake of favorability.”

Bai Weiwei: For the sake of favorability, you are going to sell your host in such a deranged way for glory. Why isn’t there an emissary from justice that will come to repairs and clean up this system with such a dead conscience?

It was the first time Sheng Siyu was so close to a woman’s body.

Her snow-white skin was incredibly delicate. His rough palms were full of calluses from holding the sword. So wherever he touched her, he would leave a faint mark.

Her long, black hair was disheveled, elegantly falling scattered on her body, and the strong contrast between black and white possessed a distinct beauty that shook one to the core.

When she looked up at him with her confused and moist eyes, he instinctively felt numbness crawl down his back, and his whole person seemed to fall into a violent and fierce shudder.

Sheng Siyu hugged her, gently caressing her body, his nose rubbing her sensitive neck, “Your taste is so delicious.”

The fragrance was like a flower, fragile but could also seduce him like crazy.

This sentence was like some kind of terrible attack. Bai Weiwei’s face instantly paled to a deathly white. She suddenly trembled in fear from head to toe. She stretched out her hand and pushed Sheng Siyu away with all her might, “I don’t want to, don’t come over, don’t come over! I am not good, not good at all.”

Sheng Siyu was shocked and quickly stopped his movements. He could see that Bai Weiwei was really scared.

“Wei Wei?” He tried to call her, and called her again, “Wei Wei, Wei Wei?”

Although she was very nervous right now, she obviously had no fear.

Bai Weiwei seemed to wake up, she looked at Sheng Siyu, “Your Majesty?”

Her eyes were empty and fearful, and tears slowly flowed out like she had just received a big blow, “That beast also said I was delicious. I said that I am not good, I wanted him to let me go, but he kept coming over, coming over…”

She couldn’t say it, seemingly thinking of that terrifying scene.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter Translator-sama!

    I give props to all the female leads in quick transmigration novels for being Acting Queens I can’t lie to my parents (I also can’t misbehave and…. slack off in my studies and just read novels all the time *cough**cough*) they know me too well and then my snacks will be like *poof* in an instant. They really know that 3 meals a day won’t satisfy me.

  2. Anyone else she just sucked it up and did it?
    It’s technically not her body. NOT HER LIFE. She’s just inhabiting it to complete her own missions. And she IS A CONCUBINE.
    So like just do it damn girl.
    What the hells wrong with you.
    We need more MC’s who are wusses

      1. Oops. I was little emotionally unstable while I was typing and auto correct did not save me. Well. Woo.
        I’m sure my message is understood.
        And yes I understand.
        But well, we’re all adults. She’s an adult.
        But it’s a Chinese novel, so she’s probably some pure Virgin mary

      1. But the odds are. Death or sex? It’s only logical and reasonable to choose life over a one time thing that could never really affect her in her own life. The body is not hers. The world is not hers. The life is not hers.
        It’s only reasonable to idk, get points faster so that she can return faster or idk, maybe die from her scheming sister??????? And yet she chooses now to apply morals and somehow try to be on the high ground. Smart protagonist? Almost.

        1. It’s not death or sex, this arc probably proves later that love can exist without sex. In addition, if she refuses to do it, he’s not just going to kill her. He would probably just leave angry and disappointed, there are still ways to get him to feel for her. But anyway, you’re basically saying she should allow herself to be raped. Which btw, if she doesn’t want to, then it’s rape. Even if she pretended to want it, it would still be rape. Do you not see her frantically trying to not let it happen? If it weren’t for the system and the fact that this is fiction, this would be an extremely disturbing situation, It doesn’t matter if it’s not her body or her life, guess what, it IS her body now. She feels everything as vividly or you or I, it’s not like she can somehow completely disconnect while it’s happening, she would still have to experience the physical and mental of rape. I can’t believe there are people who are arguing that she should just give up and be raped, just because they want to see a sex scene. Dude, if there’s a novel where the girl is willing to sleep with guys for the mission, then good on them. But if a girl doesn’t want to do it and is raped anyway, it leaves such a bad taste.

        2. Also there’s literally no correlation between intelligence and a person’s willingness to have sex. Sex can be a horribly uncomfortable, painful, traumatizing and violating thing, even if you consent. Now imagine that possibility, but it’s a stranger who you don’t like. Would you allow that to happen to you? Hypothetically you might say yes, even the MC of this novel recognizes it might help as she asks the system if there’s any way to substitute or hypnotize the emperor. Since there isn’t, she had to come up with a way to avoid it, which was still smart because he will feel sorry for her even more, comfort her, and be even more protective over her in the future. I think that’s smarter than just allowing a person to rape you. Also the insinuation that it’s so easy to let yourself be raped? Even people who are sexually experienced have lifelong trauma after being raped. A lot of them live the rest of their lives paranoid, distrustful, and traumatized after a single event like that. Yes, I also sometimes wish there were a protagonist who didn’t mind having sex because they enjoy it and it helps their cause. However, your attitude regarding rape seems really problematic tbh.

  3. Oh my. She’s good. Just have to keep reminding him about her trauma. But really. This guy. Does he really think its a good time right now??
    Many thanks

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