MGCH Chapter 75

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (29)

The Imperial consort’s bodyguards were fast and efficient at listening to their masters orders.

After all, her influence was very wide spread, and everyone knew it was impossible for her to fall from power.

Even if Bai Weiwei was the Emperor’s new darling, she didn’t have a good background, and would soon be abandoned by the Emperor.

Several guards glanced at each other and nodded. They rushed over in action to deal with Bai Weiwei first.

But the palace eunuchs around Bai Weiwei were crowded into a bunch to protect their Mistress.

Just kidding, Sheng Siyu held Bai Weiwei practically in the palm of his hand. If their Mistress had so much as a scratch, their heads would fall.

The Imperial Consort was so angry that she was speechless as she pointed at the palace eunuchs, “Good. I will have my father kill you unloyal, filthy people.”

“Who did you say was unloyal? Who is filthy?” Bai Weiwei swallowed the last bite of the grape in her mouth. Finally, she had time to speak. She lazily reached out and had Hong Xiu help her up.

This mannerism, this action, filled with lazy extravagant elegance, made people feel like it was very natural and flowing, so pleasing.

The Imperial Consort’s face looked like it had been submerged in water, “You sl*t, you seduce the Emperor to ‘mistakenly’ kill his loyal retainers. To kill the Chen family with more than a hundred innocent people. This sin is not enough to describe you demon woman. I am here today in place of the heavens to let the emperor see you for what you are, a vicious temptress. Those guarding you are disloyal people who deserve to be killed.”

Bai Weiwei showed a fearful expression,”Oh! I’m so scared!”

The Imperial Consort revealed a disdainful smile.

The next second, Bai Weiwei’s expression returned to indifference, “You swindling old woman.”

Old woman?

Old woman!

The Imperial Consort was three years older than Sheng Siyu. If not for her family, there would be no way to enter the palace.

And Bai Weiwei was only 18 years old, she must be at a flowery and delicate age.

The Imperial Consort was most afraid of people mentioning her age, and so instantly her body started to shake in anger.

Bai Weiwei reached out and touched her face, “You said that I am disloyal and filthy and you will enforce justice on behalf of the heavens, but when women grow old they become worthless and they start envying the young and beautiful. I am both young and beautiful. So my beauty can really cause jealousy of thousands of different women. I don’t blame you, after all, it is only human nature.”

The Imperial Consort was so angry she wanted to cough up blood, “You said that I am jealous of you? You are only a pretty face, what else do you have?”

Bai Weiwei: In this world was there still anything better than this?

The Imperial Consort was beyond angry, “If none of you dare to do it, then I will have to cane her myself. The emperor will understand my efforts.”

After that, she grabbed the stick from the guard’s hand and rushed over to Bai Weiwei.

Once the Imperial Consort started, who would dare to block her? After all, she was also a woman of the Emperor.

Bai Weiwei sighs, why do women suffer from other women?

Then she rushed forward, avoiding the attack from the Imperial Consort’s cane attack, and directly reached out to pull the other’s hair. Punching out her other hand right into the other’s eyes, and without for the other person to scream in pain, Bai Weiwei took the opportunity to lift her feet to kicking strongly in between the middle of her legs.

The Imperial Consort was defeated with only a single cry.

Bai Weiwei’s series of actions were from a woman’s basic anti-wolf techniques. But to hit her in the eye was just a small little extra. In the past, her body was weak, so she couldn’t learn Muay Thai boxing, thus she could only settle with some anti-wolf techniques.

Yet was too much to deal with this kind of pampered woman.

Three down, two more to go for a total of five, The Imperial Consort will clean up later.

Bai Weiwei went cold and turned around, “Next.”

Everyone took three steps back.

The guards tightened their legs, and the eunuch’s lower body went cold.


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  1. But wait, what are you fearing you palace eunuchs? Its not like you can lose sth you dont have anymore 😂
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    1. Surprisingly, it hurts just as much if not more. There’s a bunch of nerves bunched up down there, luckily it’s harder to get those nerves to go bonkers. The average guy is more susceptible to a crotch kick but it can do the same to a girl if you hit hard enough.

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