MGCH Chapter 77

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (31)

Bai Weiwei still faced them, not turning back, as if she could patiently bear anything.

Sheng Siyu stared at her. Today she gave him too many surprises, too frightening. 

He thought she was stupid, but it turned out she was smart enough to know his situation. 

He thought she was gentle and harmless, but she could kick the Imperial Consort so hard she kneeled. 

He thought that she could never hurt a fly, but her words were sharp like a blade, slicing everyone till they are left dead. 

He thought she was simply infatuated with him, even without his power and influence, she would not really love him. 

However, he found that her affection for him was as important as heaven and earth. 

There were so many different moments, but he never found her true character, it seemed like this was the first time he really knew the woman in front of him. 

It was clearly obvious to him that she hid too much from him and that he must be careful. 

But he also clearly knew that his heart was shaken when he heard that she would use everything she had to pave the way for him. 

His eyes were moist. 

In this world, no one had ever valued him to this extent. 

Not one person would sacrifice everything just to keep him at the top. 

And he was able to meet her. 

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 85.】

The Imperial Consort saw that Sheng Siyu was not looking at her and the foreboding feeling in her heart became even stronger. 

She was just about to open her mouth to start explaining, “Emperor, this servant…” 

Sheng Siyu hadn’t thought about her yet. But when he heard her voice, the anger in his heart burst and he reached out to grab the teapot next to him and threw it at her, “I read through your family’s past merits. I didn’t think that the woman I favored was actually an ugly venomous woman like you. People come! Imperial Consort has started a rebellion, may her heart be punished. Demote the Imperial Consort to a commoner and send her to the dungeon.”

As soon as the guards beside them heard the orders, they immediately swarmed up and yanked the crown from the Imperial Consort’s hair then dragged her away from her cloak. 

She was heartbroken and she struggling in tears. 

“Emperor, you favor that cheap person and disregard this servant who is beyond sincere to you? I fight my family for you. I help you fight for power. I would rather defy my father in order to be of help to you, I love you.” 

Sheng Siyu finally turned back to look at her. He was sneering. 

“Love me? How can you love me in your situation?  It is said that when your father saw you weren’t getting pregnant he sent you a man to implant you so that you can successfully conceive and firmly sit in your position, right?” 

Her body started shaking, eyes full of fear. How did he know these things? 

Sheng Siyu frowned and gave her the cold shoulder, “drag her down, she’s making my eyes dirty.” 

The Imperial Consort had tears all over her face, “Emperor, this servant no, ah. This servant had not done so, you can’t do this to me……” 

Her voice gradually faded away. 

The once insufferably arrogant Imperial Consort had been deprived of everything by Sheng Siyu and was imprisoned in the dungeon. 

Bai Weiwei still did not look back, but her body was shaking even more. 

Sheng Siyu thought she was afraid of his ruthless methods, but when he came closer to her, he found that she had tears in her eyes that refused to fall, and there wasn’t a trace of blood in her pale face. 

This expression was probably scared one, but more like trying to stay strong and not show her fear. 

“Weiwei?” Sheng Siyu was speechless for a while, not knowing why she had this expression. 

Did he really scare her? 

Bai Weiwei seemed to have finally seen her savior. Suddenly her whole person plunged into Sheng Siyu’s arms as she relaxed into a sob, “Finally you came. Someone just shouted about trying to kill me, I was so scared!” 

Sheng Siyu: “…”

System: “…” 

You just threw someone to the ground, why are you scared?

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