MGCH Chapter 79

Translator: Nigaria

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The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (33)

Sheng Siyu suddenly snorted and couldn’t help but laugh. 

He couldn’t help it anymore, she had confronted the Imperial Consort with such a tough atmosphere, practically baring her fangs and brandishing her claws.

In the end, when he arrived here, she started weeping endlessly while denouncing the other person’s wrongdoings.

This kind of woman, he felt it was cute, he was simply hopeless. 

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability has risen to 87, the favorability increased by 2】

System and Bai Weiwei: “…” 

This could also increase favorability? 

Sheng Siyu bowed his head, his forehead against her forehead, and looked into her clean and clear eyes. 

“How many more pleasant surprises can you give me, Weiwei?” 

These words, gentle and affectionate, without a trace of indifference. 

Bai Weiwei stared at him blankly, and suddenly looked up and kissed his lips. 

It’s not easy to be pleasantly surprised. Does her kiss count? 

Sheng Siyu was stunned and his breathing stopped, then reached out to hold her head and kissed her back. 

This kiss had no lust, no fierceness, just gentle intertwine. 

The sunrays came in and stretched their shadows together, with a lingering beauty. 

The Imperial Consort’s matter was settled, but the ministers outside the palace still hadn’t been settled yet. 

It was reported that outside the palace was buzzing because of the extermination of the Chen family, and the commoners were feeling anxious.

And rumor got out that Bai Weiwei was an enchantress, who knew how it leaked out, but it was spreading further and further.  

Sheng Siyu knew that they had reached at the most critical time. 

To settle the remaining enemies, he had to be ruthless and pungent without showing any mercy. He could not leave them with the tiniest possibility of escaping. 

The Imperial Consort had been detained, and it had been because of Bai Weiwei.

The Su family was expected to go directly to the palace to discuss.

By that time, he could directly sort out the Su family, and Su family would die. The remaining two families would be easy to deal with. 

But if this continued… 

Bai Weiwei couldn’t be kept. 

Sheng Siyu’s face was gloomy, and his anxiety was tormenting him. 

“Head Eunuch, in the event, in the event We don’t go down…” 

The Head Eunuch knelt at once, and he was tearful. In all this time, it’s not like he hadn’t seen the Emperor’s feelings for Mistress Bai. But between feelings and country, which one was light and which one was heavy ah.

“Your Majesty, this country needs you to protect it, but if you also want to protect the Imperial Concubine, the country will be in disorder, you might be able to protect for a while but unable to protect for a lifetime.”

Sheng Siyu knew that, having walked down this path till this stage, if he were to take a step back he might be forced to become a puppet Emperor. 

If you fight straightforwardly, other nations will be eyeing covetously every move. 

He can’t be hurt, and he can’t move aside half a step either.

Is sacrificing Bai Weiwei really the only possible way?     

When Sheng Siyu went back, he saw Bai Weiwei standing at the door, next to a palace lady carrying a lantern. 

She was wearing a lavender dress, and she was like an immortal fairy in the moonlight. 

Sheng Siyu couldn’t help but get up quickly and walk over, talking with a mild tone, “How can you not know how to wear more? It’s cold outside.” 

Bai Weiwei smiled, “This servant heard that today was Your Majesty’s birthday, so I wanted to give you longevity noodles, I also told them to send wine, wanting to celebrate Your Majesty’s birthday.” 

Birthday? How long had it been since he celebrated his birthday? 

It seemed like no one remembered his birthday. 

Sheng Siyu’s heart warmed up and he pulled her into his embrace. 

He saw at once a table with several dishes and warm wine, and the most conspicuous one was a single bowl of longevity noodles.

“Did you make them?” Sheng Siyu asked with emotion. 

Bai Weiwei nodded, “I threw the noodles into the pot, then the imperial cook helped me to fish them up.”

Sheng Siyu: “…” 

It was estimated that the dough of these noodles was kneaded by the imperial cooks, and the cooking of the noodles soup and whatnot, all this was done by the imperial cook, right?

 Sheng Siyu sat down, picked up his chopsticks to eat the noodles, took a bite and saw Bai Weiwei staring at him with expectation.  

He can only conceal his conscience and exclaim in admiration, “The noodles you made are delicious.”

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    1. did you see that tragedy tag? here here, have some tissues ready v(^_^)v

      and yep ML is the one who totally gets to eat all the tragedy, BWW is just happy her life increased

  1. FL looks to be just one tragic sacrifice away from full points, this arc is probably closing up. I wonder if se gets to keep her stunning appearance going into the future or if side quest rewards are only good for the one arc after earning it.
    Thanks for the double!

    1. Rewards from a side quest will only apply to the next world, but they are usually pretty useful (sometimes critical as FL would be screwed without them). Althought the side quest can be not done, sometimes not completing it will have a (rather terrible) punishment, be it during her time in that world or after finishing the main mission.
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  2. Fufufu…
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    1. Well, he was aiming at that result from the very beginning, too bad he got his real feelings involved… but it can be seen as retribution….

  3. Hhmmm and another almost conquered? Wonder what feeling the ML of her lifetime would feel do to this event. Last arc he cried because of her death and felt ‘sadness’ for the first time. How about this life?
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  4. My heart is already breaking and we haven’t even reached the tragedy yet. 😓 Siyu is gonna be alone again once she’s gone and he’s the one who has to break his own heart. 😭 Thank you! But lol to the fact that the chef cooked the Longevity Noodles instead of her. 😂

    1. An unimportant ‘spoiler’ (since it really has no importance in the plot, and happens way too many chapters ahead so you won’t even remember if you ever get there) is that BWW once cooks sth for the ML but she confuses some things in the kitchen and he ends up for a few days in the hospital, so maybe it was a wise move to let the imperial chef do it…
      Here here some tissues, you gonna need them… i already got mine as well xdxd

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