MGCH Chapter 82

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (36)

The Head Eunuch thought Sheng Siyu could not bear to sacrifice Bai Weiwei, but it turned out he was still proceeding according to the original plan?
Sheng Siyu continued to say, “First solve the four great clans. Then I can face the forces of the other parties along with our neighboring countries head on.”
The Head Eunuch heard that and felt something was not right, after solving the matter with the four great clans, did he still plan to push Bai Weiwei out to be the scapegoat?
When Bai Weiwei dies, there would be no excuse for others to rebel.
It was even more unlikely that there would be an offensive attack by neighboring countries.
Sheng Siyu looked towards the bed, he wrapped her tightly, and because of her drinking she slept soundly not even he knew when she would wake up.
When he saw her, he realized why the ancient emperors had been unable to distinguish right from wrong because their infatuation with their women.
If it was him and he was being scolded by everyone in the world, what would he do?
As long as she was by his side, he could bear anything.
The nation or her? He finally chose her.
“Yes, the final sacrifice won’t be her, but me.”
Killing the four great clans, he won’t sacrifice Bai Weiwei.
At that time, everyone in the world will berate him, and he will bear it.
He can withstand to lose all of the love and respect of everyone in the world.
But he is unable to sacrifice that one silly woman who loves him with all her heart.
The Head Eunuch’s fingers trembled, he really wanted to understand their dilemma. He gave two sad sighs, as if they were making him a few years older.
“Ah, this old slave is not worth much, but I will accompany His Majesty to go down together.”
Sheng Siyu put on his imperial robes and flung his sleeves as he said coldly, “That’s good, let them prepare, When I throw down my cup that will be the time to kill the Su family.”
A long time after Sheng Siyu to leave, Bai Weiwei woke up and got out of bed with a headache.
“What happened last night? Why do I feel like my head was split open like a watermelon, it hurts to death.”
People who don’t normally drink alcohol wake up with a hangover always experience lots of pain.
The system laughed.
Bai Weiwei got goosebumps all over, “Are you having a spring dream to be laughing so lewdly?”
The system almost choked to death. Does this host ever say any words of praise?
The system was expressionless, “Oh, you didn’t know what happened last night? Because of your attacks the favorability was risen to 95.”
Bai Weiwei: the favorability was now at 95?
She rubbed her temples and said with a headache, “I seemed to have been dreaming last night. I dreamed of Journey to the West, and the Supreme Treasure stepped on clouds to pick up a Zixia Fairy, and I couldn’t remember anything after that1.”
System: No wonder when you opened your mouth you started spewing nonsense about a hero walking on clouds.
She said, “Show me the playback video.”
The system showed her the playback video.
After watching it, Bai Weiwei didn’t speak for a long time.
Finally, she lay back on the bed and sighed, “It seems that Sheng Siyu is going to kill the remaining three clans and have himself bear the consequences with his reputation turning to mud.”
She looked at the ceiling with some troubling thoughts, not knowing what exactly to think about. After a while she spoke up, “This can’t do, ah. He’s an honest person and he can’t be burdened with all these changes. If things go in this direction, he most likely won’t be able to keep hold of the throne.”
The system was suddenly touched, this concubine has a sense of affection, her love for the Emperor is simply heart-warming.
Then the system heard Bai Weiwei finish saying worriedly, “If he is not an emperor, my branch quest won’t be completed, right? Then I won’t get any bonus rewards.”
The touched system: “…”
There goes your my thought that you were being affectionate, never again will it believe in love anymore.

1: This is in reference to the famous Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’. Its the novel that started the whole Chinese cultivation books, it’s been on my reading list for a long time, but I haven’t gotten around to it, so I’m not sure if the wording for these references are accurate.


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