MGCH Chapter 83

Translator: Nigaria

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The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (37)

While the Su family was being exterminated, Bai Weiwei was eating melon. 

She knew Sheng Siyu was moving fast, but she didn’t expect him to be so direct and cruel when dealing with those people. 

The Su family also didn’t expect Sheng Siyu would have no qualms in raising the butcher’s knife.

Hearing that the people from the Su family had lead troops outside, and then these people rebelled, the military power of the Su family was immediately abolished.

When Bai Weiwei heard she dropped the melon.

Was this the ability of this world’s male lead?

Originally, she acted as the chairman of the company and spent most time fighting a battle of wits with those old farts. Although she won in the end, her heart disease flared up right after.

If Sheng Siyu were to return back with her and help her with the company, it can be expected that her company would become the world’s number one.

It was said that the Imperial Consort couldn’t stand being a commoner, so she was sent to follow her father on the guillotine 

This should have ended that issue.

Next the Liang family, followed by the Wu family who would be trembling in fear, contacted each other to join forces, intending to rebel, ah.

Two of the four influential families had collapsed, but there were still many old and powerful forces that hadn’t collapsed. These forces also joined this mighty rebellion army.

Sheng Siyu didn’t tell her a single word about this, nor allowed anyone else to tell her. 

But he couldn’t block the loose tongue of her meddlesome system.

The system was chattering while hopping with joy. 

“The rebel forces have already pulled out an edict next to the river. This edict accused Emperor Sheng Siyu of being unbenevolent and ruthless, this was certainly causing the wrath of Heaven to fall upon the country. Therefore the rebel army was calling themselves the Wrath of Heaven. This ‘Wrath of Heaven’ army was already starting to resist against the imperial army. They will soon defeat them and enter the city walls wanting you and Sheng Siyu, this couple of male and female dogs, to be hanged. Then use an iron blade to make you into roast duck, peel you and slice you as if to be served as a dish.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly lost her appetite, and the melon piece in her hand couldn’t be eaten.

Male dog, female dog, roast duck…

She put the melon in her hand down and was just wiping her hands when she saw Sheng Siyu had already walked to the door and was staring at her in the place where the light and shadow interweave. 

Bai Weiwei was embarrassed to look at the cantaloupe on the table and the rinds on the ground. She reached out and moved the melon away, pretending she didn’t just eat so much as she happily greeted him. 

“Your Majesty.” Bai Weiwei took a bow. 

Sheng Siyu grabbed her hand and asked, “How can you eat so much cold melon? What will you do if you have a stomach ache?” 

As he said that he looked at Hong Xiu and Lu Lei next to him, “This can’t happen again, if something ends up being wrong with your master, you will no longer have to serve her.” 

The palace maids and court eunuchs all kneeled down to apologize immediately. 

The corners of Bai Weiwei’s mouth couldn’t be pulled up, she was still unable to adapt to this evil feudal society. 

After Sheng Siyu let people pack things up, he took her hand and sat on the chair next to her. He smiled and said, “We’ll let the Head Eunuch do the preparations, after a while, when everything’s ready, we can hold the ceremony to confer you the Empress seal.” 

Bai Weiwei was surprised. “Co-confer… confer me what?” 

Sheng Siyu saw her surprised look, smiled a little, and unexpectedly his eyes heated up, “I want to marry you.” 

To marry, it meant to take her as his first wife.

In the royal family, only the queen could use the word ‘marry’. 

From a Daying hopping to a Zhaoyi, then jumping to an Imperial Consort and finally leaping to the Empress.

It was so fast it could almost be considered the speed of light.

Bai Weiwei bowed her head and couldn’t help but pinch her sleeves. 

Sheng Siyu glanced at her, “What, you don’t want it?”

Bai Weiwei shook her head. When she raised her eyes again they were already red. She wiped her nose, “This servant was only moved. This servant did not expect that one day she would hear Your Majesty say these words.”

Nigaria’s corner: I guess everyone knows from reading cnovels, but just in case, in ancient China, men could marry several wives, being the first wife (aka di or legal wife) the only one that could give birth to legitimate children and entered the family genealogy (only her children would be entered as well). The marriage of the first wife was way more grand than the one for the rest of concubines (if they had any), which is usually said that they enter the house by the rear/side/back door (main wife entered from the front door). The ‘drinking wine from each other’s cup while linking arms’ tradition -which I shortened to ‘exchanging cups’- from a few chaps ago is also typical of only the first wife’s marriage. In this chap, the kanji used for ‘to marry’ is specific for marrying the first wife (so we could kinda say the rest of concubines are not ‘married’ but just form part of the harem).


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