MGCH Chapter 86

Translator: Nigaria

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (40)

The Head Eunuch respectfully stood next to Sheng Siyu, and looking from afar, Sheng Siyu looked just like he was sitting perfectly straight, cold and firm without a trace of expression. 

And Bai Weiwei was standing below, the medicine and Head Eunuch were all part of the plan she had thought of. 

Making Sheng Siyu paralyzed using the medicine, and then, using his name to deal a death blow to herself, this matter would be all over.

In any case, the four influential families were already overthrown by Sheng Siyu. 

There was no reason for others to rebel, and the ministers would have to step back. 

Sheng Siyu would be a wise monarch again.

And she could also go back, what a happy ending. 

Although she had done a lot of mental preparation, but when she saw the executioner above, she couldn’t help but feel apprehensive, “That, system ah, it will really not hurt, right?” 

System: “Won’t hurt, won’t hurt, I will help you block all the pain, free of charge, no need to thank me”.

 Bai Weiwei was moved, “You are so good.” 

System: “I’m really fed up with you in this plane acting like an enchantress, every day holding your own beautiful face in self-pity. Watching you act like a retard for so long, I was afraid you wouldn’t complete the main mission fast enough, so please get going.” 

Destroying her romantic and beautiful imagination, it made her soul turn black1

Bai Weiwei: “…” 

She took a deep breath, kicked away the shoes under her feet, and then had the person next to her tie rope around her and let someone else mess up her hair. 

When her appearance was wretched enough, she staggered as she was pushed towards the top of the wall, then she knelt in front of Sheng Siyu. 

Sheng Siyu saw her like this, and his eyes instantly turned red. He looked at her angrily, desperately trying to move, but he couldn’t control his body at all. 

The Head Eunuch was already holding the fake imperial decree as he loudly announced it to the kneeling Bai Weiwei, “The concubine surnamed Bai, her heart is toxic and jealous, confusing Our mind; throwing the harem into disorder in order to carry out her evil plans and unjustly killing the Imperial Consort; forging a fake decree to exterminate the four great clans Su, Chen, Wu and Liang.”

A bunch of crimes were announced, charging Bai Weiwei for the murder of the four influential families.

Sheng Siyu, who couldn’t understand why Bai Weiwei would poison him, received a blow when he heard about him losing his mind and her being a witch, and whatnot.

This reason was f*cking nonsense!

But this single reason was more than enough.

After the Head Eunuch finished his speech, his hands were shaking. He looked at Bai Weiwei deeply, and finally said with an almost-sobbing voice, ” Miss Bai is guilty of terrible crimes, and she is granted death by order by the Emperor.” 

Sheng Siyu was struggling desperately, when he heard ‘granted death’ he suddenly stopped trying. 

Bai Weiwei smiled at him and whispered, “Your Majesty, this concubine always had three wishes in this life, the first wish is for this country’s prosperity, with no barbarians invading, receiving praise from all directions. The second wish is, may Your Majesty live safe and secure, with every possible success and longevity in a long life.The third wish, is to grab the hand of a child and grow old together with that child; until we are old and gray-haired, to have you by my side.” 

This sentence, directly pierced his heart like thousands of arrows.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability has risen to 100.】

Bai Weiwei heaved a sigh of relief, then she saw her own head flying, but didn’t feel the tiniest bit of pain. 

Sheng Siyu didn’t know how long he had been sitting, the effect of the medicine had already passed, but he didn’t move, he still kept his sitting position. 

The ministers received a satisfactory reply and went back, the rebel forces outside the city had no reason to rebel and could only leave as well. 

All the dust fell back to the ground.

Only Sheng Siyu remained sitting on the dragon chair, in addition with Bai Weiwei’s dead body surrounded in a pool of her own blood.

The Head Eunuch was already kneeling down, his head knocking against the ground, “This was Imperial Concubine’s idea, this old slave also agreed. This old slave knows one’s sin cannot be forgiven, but he does not regret it.” 

He, like Bai Weiwei, knew that Sheng Siyu was a rare good emperor hard to come by. 

Therefore, Bai Weiwei would rather destroy herself and protect him.

Sheng Siyu didn’t say a word, staring ahead petrified. But suddenly he stood up and said, “We want to marry Weiwei today, We should go change our clothes now.”

The Head Eunuch had tears all over, “The Imperial Concubine is gone.” 

1: Turning black, or into a black fan, is basically becoming a hater fan and posting hateful about that person online.

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