MGCH Chapter 87

The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath (41) End

However, Sheng Siyu wasn’t listening. His eyes were empty, and as he stumbled forward his shoes felt wet. 

He looked down and saw blood everywhere. 

He was too familiar with this kind of thing. From birth to the present, he was always accompanied by overflowing blood. 

Why was there blood? 

The Head Eunuch followed him all the way, “Your Majesty, you must wake up, the Imperial Concubine is already gone.” 

Sheng Siyu’s expression was stiff, his eyes were very limp, duly repeating, “Gone?” 

He seemed to be unable to understand the meaning of this sentence. 

“Gone? Where did she go? Today is the day of our big marriage, don’t you see? Everything is ready, Weiwei’s clothes were all personally prepared by this palace’s top embroiderers… she must look amazing wearing it.” 

Sheng Siyu uncertainly revealed a smile while innocently repeating,” must look amazing.” 

The Head Eunuch burst into tears,”This old servant made a huge mistake, this old servant did a heinous crime worth death, asks His Majesty to grant me death.” 

Sheng Siyu was suddenly angered, he kicked the Head Eunuch to the side with his foot, “What death? Today is such an important day. How dare you say those unlucky words? Whoever says anything like that again will get executed.” 

The Head Eunuch who was kicked vomited blood and fell to the ground. 

He looked at Sheng Siyu, a person in such sorrow and despair that in order to escape, he pretends Bai Weiwei didn’t die. 

Sheng Siyu took a few steps and suddenly tripped. He fell smack down onto the ground, the blood on his face was sticky. He couldn’t move. 

Bai Weiwei’s head was also in a pool of blood not too far away. Her expression was not one of pain but one of peace and quiet, just like sleeping. 

Sheng Siyu was as stiff as a stone, staring silly at her dead head. 

He suddenly laughed and said, “Wei Wei, the ground is cold, how can you lie on the ground like that? Let me help you up.”

His hands trembled and took her head, “How are you so cold? You are normally warm, so warm.” 

Sheng Siyu hugged her head in her arms. He untied his clothes and wrapped them around her, as if he could make the tender temperature on her face come back. 

But it was too cold, she was too cold. 

He can’t warm her. 

He… killed her. 

Sheng Siyu had no blood in his face. He looked at the blood everywhere and looked at the body of Bai Weiwei. He was so stunned and his whole person was desperate. 

A sting sliced through him without warning. 

The pain of his heart and lungs being torn out. He finally collapsed completely, he was like a lone wolf who lost its partner, and his body was completely softened as if had a broken spine. 

He laughed, tears running down his face and gritting his teeth so hard they bled.

Miserable to the extreme, even his body was dying. 

Haha, without you, what is the use of this country? 

When he first saw her, she was standing in the pond giving him a sneaking glance. 

His eyes were fixated, it seemed like all the color in the world wasn’t worth half of her beauty. 

It turned out that glimpse had already moved him. 

【Ding, the strategy was successful. Gained affection points, please choose your wish.】

Bai Weiwei and the system had long left the scene, and thus, did not see Sheng Siyu’s reaction. 

She heard the system reminder and immediately answered, “Life.” 

Her life was simply a race against time. 

【Life extension is extended by one month, does Host want to wake up immediately.】

Bai Weiwei did not hesitate to nod and reply, “Yes.” 

【Ding, Host’s wish is granted.】

Bai Weiwei immediately entered the familiar darkness, quiet and comfortable.

Did we do it? Did we make you bawl your eyes out? What sentence sent you over the edge? or was it the song? Immna let you sit here for a wile and cry your eyes out, the next two chapters, thanks to Nigaria, are going to come out tonight at my regular posting time! See you then XD


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