MGCH Chapter 88

Translator: Nigaria

Proofreader/editor: Piper

Reality 1

The torrential rain poured down and hit the large floor-to-ceiling windows. 

In a huge dark room, on top of a big, stylish bed, a man suddenly woke up, violently trembling from head to toe. The suffering made his complexion look deathly pale.

Suddenly, a mouthful of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and he felt like his heart was being forcibly ripped apart.  

He firmly reached over his chest but the pain was too unbearable. 

He clapped his hands and activated the lights with voice control. The huge, plain room gave a grim feeling, extremely cold and aloof from reality.

Ye Yuxuan was still sitting on the bed looking pale, he furrowed his brows, and the handsome face placed amidst the shadows had a profound and dire look.

That dream… 

He couldn’t remember the name or the appearance of that woman. 

But in his dream he was the emperor, and with her, he experienced the world’s most romantic love, but at the same time he completely lost her. 

Was this the feeling of heartache? 

Ye Yuxuan looked puzzled at the blood in his hand. He touched the corner of his mouth, just now he had felt the most excruciating pain, forcing him to vomit blood. 

It looked like there really was some problem with his body.

He called Qin Qiu, “Uncle Qin, bring your instruments and give me an examination. Just now I spat out blood.” 

His tone was very flat, as if talking about business. 

Qin Qiu had just performed a major surgery, and he was about to close his eyes and have a rest. However, he received Ye Yuxuan’s phone call and was directly scared awake. 

Who was Ye Yuxuan? 

To make him call a doctor because he spat blood, it could be estimated that his internal organs were collapsing.  

He immediately tidied up his medical instruments, and rushed over to Ye Family with his assistant, then hurried into Ye Yuxuan’s room, “What happened? Aaah, you vomited blood!!”

Qin Qiu was still thinking that he would see a dying Ye Yuxuan when he pushed open the door. 

However, Ye Yuxuan was wearing casual clothes and was watching a video without any expression on his face. 

Qin Qiu had no interest in the video he was watching, because in Ye Yuxuan’s brain, apart from work there was only more work, and the thing he was watching was definitely related to work, thoroughly boring.

He looked at him, “You vomited blood, where’s the blood?” 

Ye Yuxuan replied indifferently, “There isn’t anymore after bathing.” 

Qin Qiu was starting to get angry, “No, what injury did you receive that made you vomit blood? A car accident, a gunshot wound, or an atomic bomb attack? ” 

Ye Yuxuan gave him a meaningful glance and told him, “A dream, is what made me spit blood”.

Qin Qiu raised his voice, “A dream again?” 

Ye Yuxuan finally showed a hint of expression, like his heart had been buried in ashes.

“I dreamt of a man that founded a flourishing dynasty, but he committed suicide.” 

– – – – – – – – –

“The Emperor on Top, Imperial Concubine Underneath” Follow-up:

It had been more than ten years since the emperor succeeded the throne, and the dynasty was thriving. 

Today was the Flower Festival, and paintings of the Guardian beast of the Flower Festival were hanging everywhere. 

The Guardian beast had a white face and a blue head, and didn’t have any fingers, looking very cute, and people called it the fatty blue.

It was said that originally the Flower Festival didn’t have a Guardian beast, but the late Empress had designed this Guardian beast, saying it protected love. 

Today was also the day the Emperor returned in triumph after sweeping away the barbarians. 

The year the Empress passed away, the Emperor spent blood, sweat and tears to eradicate the remnants of the rebel forces in order to reinstate her title. 

He also boldly launched new officials, sweeping away the rotten air from the previous dynasty, leading the dynasty to the path of prosperity.

Then an imperial decree was issued, saying that the four influential families were rebellious, and that Empress Bai had sacrificed herself in order to protect the Emperor. 

Her reputation as a wicked concubine was wiped clean. Only the reputation of her virtuousness was passed on through the ages. 

While the world outside was celebrating the victory in war as well as the Flower Festival, the Emperor brought a jar of wine to the front of his mausoleum. 

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