MGCH Chapter 89

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Reality 2

From the very beginning, the mausoleum was built so the Emperor and the Empress could be buried together.

Sheng Siyu opened the secret passage of the mausoleum while carrying the jar of wine. 

His figure was still tall and straight, and time did not leave any traces on his face, but his hair was already gray. 

He couldn’t wait to enter the tomb in the middle of the mausoleum, where a huge stone coffin lay. 

Lying inside were Bai Weiwei’s remains. 

Sheng Siyu walked to the front of the coffin and couldn’t help but reach out and gently caress it, as if he was caressing the woman he loved the most. 

He smiled softly and whispered, “I am coming, Weiwei.” 

He was very familiar with this place, he came here so often. 

“Today is the Flower Festival, I still remember that year we went out of the palace to celebrate the Flower Festival. Have you made your wish? You said that you wanted to make this country a prosperous land, We helped you achieve it. The barbarians have been defeated and driven away, I was unable to follow you these past decades.” 

“I also chose open-minded and honest officials, allowing a well ordered government for the country. All that should be done, We did well, this country is already moving in the best direction.” 

“We also picked the best successor, not Our child, We dismissed the harem, and didn’t have any other woman.” 

“The child has enough ability and a mentality of wanting to manage the country well, I have already written the imperial edict to abdicate, so he can see it tomorrow at dawn.”  

Sheng Siyu poured the wine and then whispered: “Starting today, We… I am not the Emperor anymore, I can go with you. I can’t always let you be the one to find me, I don’t know if you are waiting for me at the bridge, or maybe you have already reincarnated1.” 

He slowly drank the wine, and soon, the poison in the wine flared up. 

He pushed open the coffin, and saw the clothes and bones of the Empress inside. He couldn’t help but laugh, and then went in and laid down, reaching out and holding her the bones of her hand, and with the remaining internal force he closed the coffin to die. 

“No matter where you go, I will always find you.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Qin Qiu was speechless for a long time, “…so you spat blood?” 

Ye Yuxuan seriously looked at the video, then nodded lazily, “Spat blood, but it’s just blood, besides the body, it’s the heart that is particularly painful, there’s no other problem.” 

Qin Qiu took his instrument to do an inspection, “Still let me check it out. After all, vomiting blood is definitely a sign that something is wrong with the body.” 

Ye Yuxuan paused the video and then lay down to the couch next to him. 

Very seriously, Qin Qiu performed the basic physical examination and found that there really wasn’t any major problems. 

“If you are still spitting blood, remember to go to the hospital tomorrow, I will give you a comprehensive physical examination.” 

At home, many in-depth examinations cannot be done. 

Ye Yuxuan sat back again in front of his laptop, and the light from the screen was projected on his face, which had a gloomy and depressed expression. 

Qin Qiu sat across from him, and earnestly advised, “You can’t not take your health seriously, you know? Many serious illnesses start with small signs.” 

Ye Yuxuan seemed to be thinking about something, and he suddenly asked, “Loss will make people feel very painful?”

Qin Qiu: “Loss?” 

Ye Yuxuan nodded seriously. 

Qin Qiu touched his chin and answered, “That depends on what is lost ah. I won’t feel distressed about losing a piece of rubbish, but if I lost my full set of special custom-made scalpels, I guess I would feel so much heartache I would knock my own head.”

Ye Yuxuan himself lacked the four basic human emotions2, and also lacked emotional perception. 

So although he had continuously been working enthusiastically, it was not because he liked it.

1: In Chinese folklore, after you die your soul goes to the underworld and there you need to cross the Naihe Bridge ( 奈何橋, Bridge of Helplessness) over the WangChuan River (忘川河, River of Oblivion), where you drink the soup offered by Meng Po (孟婆) which erases all your memories before reincarnating. If one chooses not to drink the soup, they will need to wait 1000 years in the river until the next reincarnation turn, if both lovers decide to wait they might be able to meet again in the human world after 1000 years.

2: The four types of human emotions : happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy.

Nigaria’s corner: and with this chapter we reach the end of this multiple release ^^. There are many c-novels featuring the River of Oblivion/Forgetfulness and Meng Po with her soup, it will even appear again in this novel many many arcs later. If you are still in the mood for a tragedy, I would recommend you to read the short, completed c-novels “Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang” and “Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes” (available in NU), the first one is more tragic while the second one has more comedy+drama, both with HE, highly recommended (now I want to read Sansheng again >.<). I hoped you enjoyed the chapters ^^

Piper’s corner: Thank Nigaria big time she did most of the work when it comes to the ending of this arc and all these mass releases! Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July (american or not) I’m going to spend a few days working on homework and PUP (we only have like 7 chapters left)

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