MGCH Chapter 90

Translator: Nigaria

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Reality 3

Rather because he was just like a robot, setting up a program at the start, then he would follow that program and nothing more or less. 

If his huge business empire collapsed in a flash, it was estimated that Ye Yuxuan would not feel any pain or distress. 

Because he didn’t even know what pain was. 

But unexpectedly he had just asked about the pain of loss? 

When Ye Yuxuan finished his question, he looked at Qin Qiu and said, “I, too, felt heartbroken, was it really because I was experiencing loss?” 

Qin Qiu didn’t react for a moment, then snapped back, “What did you lose?” 

He waited until the end of the question, then suddenly sobered up, “The woman in your dreams?” 

Ye Yuxuan had a trace of doubt in his eyes, “She made me feel like I was alive just like you.” 

Ye Yuxuan had been abnormal since he was a child, and he lived like he was separated from the world by a glass wall. Through that glass, he could see the people outside, but he was completely unable to feel their laughter, jeer, anger, and invective. 

But in his dreams, he actually genuinely felt it. 

Qin Qiu suddenly felt somewhat strange, “Is the woman in the last dream and the woman of this dream the same one?” 

Ye Yuxuan nodded without hesitation, “Although I can’t remember her face or name, they are the same person.” 

Qin Qiu pointed a weird gaze at Ye Yuxuan. 

Ye Yuxuan didn’t react, letting him gaze. 

Suddenly Qin Qiu clapped his palms, “You have been having these dreams recently, I think you might have finally reached that time.” 

Ye Yuxuan asked, not indifferently, “What time?” 

Qin Qiu laughed out loud, “It’s the time one yearns for love, you see yourself already at this age, but you haven’t even held hands with a woman, I think you have restrained yourself for so long and now finally you want to vent your feelings.”

Ye Yuxuan replied unenthusiastically, “I don’t have any need to vent in that area.” 

His desire in that aspect was terribly dull, like he was in hibernation. 

Qin Qiu’s face was wretched, “All men feel those needs. Don’t you have a fiancée? Although you’ve barely met each other ten times, you will get married sooner or later.” 

Ye Yuxuan’s face was expressionless, “Fiancée? Oh, you mean that woman who is about to die?” 

Qin Qiu: “What die? It was just a heart attack. The hospital rescued her. I looked at the medical records, you just need to wait until she wakes up and she will live just like before.” 

Ye Yuxuan’s tone did not fluctuate in the least as he said, “She is probably dead by now. Someone mixed some highly poisonous substance in her medicine injection, she shouldn’t last for more than one hour.” 

Ye Yuxuan looked at the clock after speaking, “At this moment, probably the poison has already flared up, shouldn’t be able to survive .” 

Qin Qiu was dumbstruck, “What the hell! Someone poisoned your fiancée, you knew about it and didn’t do anything to stop it?” 

Ye Yuxuan’s eyes were cold and indifferent, “If she dies, I’ll just need to replace her again, there are many replacements.” 

Choosing Bai Weiwei was because of her status and family background. Her family in every aspect was a good acquisition, at that time he picked at random from hundreds of women’s profiles.

If she dies, then he’ll just choose another one. 

Qin Qiu’s fingers trembled as he pointed at Ye Yuxuan. He opened his mouth several times wanting to say something, but looking at Ye Yuxuan’s expressionless face without morality, he knew saying anything would be useless. 

Finally, he shouted with his hands on his head, “Damn it! Call the hospital to save Bai Weiwei.”

The assistant immediately called, and Qin Qiu carried the medicine box as he lifted his middle finger towards Ye Yuxuan, then turned around and ran out. 

That was Ye Yuxuan’s fiancée, so how could he possibly let her be killed? 

– – – – – – – – – –

When Bai Weiwei woke up, she wasn’t surprised to see herself lying down on a hospital bed.

Nigaria’s corner: Anyone else wants to slap Ye Yuxuan? I can’t be too cruel with him bc I know how much pain, agony, heartache and tragedy he will suffer later on, but still chapter makes one want to chop his head off… Learnt a new word, invective (might get edited out?), I think it’s pretty much the essence of Bai Weiwei-system relationship… I’ll try to do the remaining chapters of reality arc in the next 48 hours but, I’m at the beach, without wifi, and even more knowing that B*tch Yaoyao is gonna be there… not very motivated to translate rn hehe

Piper’s Corner: Hehe, I got the next chapter XD B*tch Yaoyao is fun to translate because she keeps my blood boiling. If you guys want chapters out faster, I am recruiting new blood, you don’t need any experience and only need proficiency in English. Next arc is modern which is a lot easier than ancient arcs, plus with the new arc upon us, I thought it would be a great time to start. Don’t worry there is no schedule to keep up with, no deadlines, any help is great help! Also I was thinking of picking up another book, does anyone read any book that has been dropped, or has been a long time since last update? one preferably with short chapters, but not required. Thank you for reading see you in 24-48 hours with the next chapter XD

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    1. Perfect! Do you have discord or email? You can send me a message through the ‘contact’ page or a dm through discord, I’ll send you a chapter to work on. Thank you for your interest 😊

  1. Oh~ I’m excited! He feel it that it’s the same person!!! Anyway, you can’t blame him, he doesn’t feel anything so, he doesn’t know yet… hehe if he meets her again after all those dreams, he might learn to feel guilty….

    1. Even though he has sense of morality. His logic is completely screwed. He’s a fucking asshole.
      I’m sure his parents woudlve instilled him with the basic moral concepts of what it means to be human and to be kind.
      He is not kind.
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      He’s an ass.
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      1. Well, he is not kind, he does not have emotions nor feelings, he is basically a robot in a human body. You see it logical to save someone, but to someone like him it might not be (there are many people in the world who actually don’t see saving others as a logical thing). He only sees the gains and profits, for us it is logical to save someone bc we have morals, for him it wouldn’t bring any benefit to save her (actually have her killed might even be benefitial to him since an ill and weak fiancée isn’t that ideal for him either), since there is nothing to gain by saving her, why bother?
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      2. Well, he’s not that different from most people….He just do not send help, its like watching a car crash and looking at it without giving help or even calling 911. Or seeing a beatdown on the streets and instead of helping just take out handphones and yelling worldstar. There is no obligation in anyone to save anyone…Its good enough he dont actively send people their deaths like politicians sending young people to war, he’s barely a psychopaths, he’s just living like a passerby.

        1. “There is no obligation in anyone to save anyone” this is simply not true. What he did is even a crime on some countries

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