MGCH Chapter 92

Translator: Aytise

Proofreader/editor: Piper

Reality 5

Bai Yaoyao thought she was going to die. Her neck was strangled by Bai Weiwei and her face was quickly turning blue. 

Before she could faint, Bai Weiwei suddenly loosened her grip on her neck and her whole body’s weight fall on Bai Yaoyao. The two people immediately fell onto the ground. 

Bai Yaoyao felt like her five internal organs were being crushed by Bai Weiwei. But this also let her feel the temperature of the latter’s body which was warm. She was definitely a living person. 

Wasn’t she supposed to be dead? How could she still be alive? 

Bai Yaoyao was both frightened and confused. Still flustered, she immediately pushed Bai Weiwei away and lifted her foot intending to kick her body a few times to solve the problem and get rid of her once for all. 

Suddenly, Bai Changyan’s voice sounded in the darkness, “Yao Yao, what are you doing?” 

Bai Yaoyao was startled and immediately turned around to see her father standing a few steps behind her. 

Her face quickly changed expressions and she immediately cried, “Dad! I don’t why, Sister suddenly appeared and rushed to kill me!” 

Bai Changyan then looked at Bai Weiwei lying on the ground, and his expression changed dramatically. He quickly pressed the first aid bell to urgently call over the doctors and nurses.

Bai Weiwei was quickly taken away, but Bai Changyan’s gaze on Bai Yaoyao was ice cold, 

“I just heard Wei Wei say, you took her life?” 

Bai Yaoyao lowered her head, and a sinister glint flashed through her eyes. When she looked up again, a puzzled expression immediately appeared on her face, “I really don’t know, Dad! I left to fetch a quilt to cover you with, but as soon as I opened the door, I saw Sister standing outside. before I could reach out to her, she rushed to strangle me, trying to kill me. Look, Dad, my neck is still purple, I almost died!” 

Bai Changyan’s gaze got colder and colder, “For now, before your sister wakes up, I think it’s best to let other people manage the company. For the time being, you should focus on taking care of the family.” 

Bai Yaoyao licked her lips and put on a worried expression, “But the company is so big, the family should be the one managing it.” 

Bai Changyan didn’t give her any further attention. He was more worried about what happened to his eldest daughter. Every time she wakes up, she directly attacks Bai Yaoyao. This led him to contemplate more about the matter. 

“Well, I guess they’re all old directors of the company, so we won’t need to worry about their loyalty.” Bai Yaoyao knew that it was useless to try changing Bai Changyan’s mind once he decided on something. 

She turned to glare at the operating room. D*mn, why did she wake up? The poison should have killed her long ago. Why is she still alive? 

Don’t tell me she really is the type of person who is blessed by the heavens? 

– – – – – – – – – – 

Qin Qiu rushed to the hospital and found out that Bai Weiwei had stabilized and once again fell into a coma. 

He still had some doubts and personally checked her to find that there were no harmful toxins in her body. 

At first, he thought that no one had actually poisoned her, but after investigating, he found out that Bai Weiwei’s drug was indeed changed, yet somehow, Bai Weiwei still managed to survive. 

Qin Qiu couldn’t understand it. He was most afraid of schemes and traps. If he wasn’t then right now he would be fighting for ownership of the family business instead of working as a doctor in the hospital. 

Once Bai Weiwei was concluded to be fine, Qin Qiu went to find Ye Yuxuan. 

Ye Yuxuan has already gone to the hospital. While working, he was watching a video on his laptop. 

Qin Qiu informed Ye Yuxuan of Bai Weiwei’s situation but Ye Yuxuan did not react. The lack of reaction was normal since Ye Yuxuan was colder than the North pole. 

But what kind of video was he so focused on watching? Was it some information he would need during a meeting later? 

Qin Qiu casually snatched Ye Yuxuan’s laptop which was displaying – 

Er Kang: “Ziwei, I love you so much!” 

Ziwei: “If you’re hurt, I’m hurt as well! When you’re in pain, I feel even more pain!” 

Qin Qiu: “…”

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