MGCH Chapter 100

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (8)

Tomorrow, he’ll leave for good and directly live with the filming crew. Two months later, he’ll send her the divorce papers, and the most humiliating 5 years of his life will finally come to an end. 

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 5.】

System: I’ve never seen such a strange and ridiculous way to increase favorability. 

It couldn’t understand at all. How could the male lead’s favorability increase when he got so angry he was about to explode? 

Or could it be there was a problem with the method used to sense favorability? 

The system quietly started the self-checking program to probe whether it was affected by a virus or defective. 

Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei was feeling muddle headed because of her fever, nevertheless, she still had some awareness. She had been accustomed to sickness from a young age, so she could bear with a small fever. 

She quietly made sure that He Poan was asleep by listening to his steady breathing before opening her eyes. Her fever originally wasn’t that serious, after taking some medicine she’ll get better quickly. 

Bai Weiwei carefully moved her body on the bed to avoid waking him up. She pushed away the pillow in the middle, and burrowed herself into his embrace before attentively placing He Poan’s arm on her waist. 

System: “…” 

Bai Weiwei softly sighed at the system. “After all, He Poan, this kind of little goblin, saying no with his mouth, but his body is awfully honest. He cannot be moved using force or coercion, it’s better to take the softer approach since he’s pretty arrogant and needs to feel like he has the situation under control.” 

After reading He Poan’s information, she knew that this man eats soft food, but refuses hard food1

Moreover, he’s got a cheap mouth. 

The harder you try to go after him, the more disgusted he gets. 

As long as she softens her attitude, he will easily give in. 

At one glance, you could already see the favorability level rising steadily. 

Bai Weiwei suddenly remembered something, “After all, did I manage to compete my previous task?” 

The system rummaged through the data, “Completed.” 

Although the male lead of the previous plane didn’t live long, he did lay a solid foundation for the dynasty and managed to rule over the world as a compassionate emperor.

Bai Weiwei instantly got excited, “So what about my eternal youth reward?” 

The system felt blue veins popping out on its forehead and said through gritted teeth, “Please accept the reward: Top acting skills.” 

Bai Weiwei was disappointed. It wasn’t eternal youth, ah. 

After waiting for a while, Bai Weiwei asked the system, “What is top acting skills? I don’t feel any different.” 

The system flipped through his data again and very calmly answered, “Oh, it seems your own acting skills have already exceeded the pinnacle level, so the reward was voided. If the host still wants to be rewarded, please continue working hard on this plane.” 

Bai Weiwei: “…” 

This should be boast-worthy, but why doesn’t she feel happy at all? 

Bai Weiwei mumbled a few complaints, closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep as she was particularly tired after so many events. 

– – – – – – – – – –

The next morning, He Poan’s biological clock was, as usual, very accurate. He opened his eyes at exactly 6 am and groggily tried to figure out from the unfamiliar surroundings where he was.

His acting career made him accustomed to flying everywhere and he was long used to his move-centered life of drifting around the world in a rootless manner. 

Suddenly, he noticed something soft and warm in his embrace. 

He Poan’ brows furrowed in confusion as he looked down on the thing in his arms. To his surprise, he discovered Bai Weiwei leaning against his bare chest, soft, delicate, feeling almost boneless like a tender rose petal. 

Before he could push her away, Bai Weiwei’s thick eyelashes started quivering. She dazedly opened her heavy eyelids to uncover bright and dewy eyes. 

He Poan was still naked, holding Bai Weiwei to his bosom. 

The two of them quietly stared at each other for a while. Bai Weiwei seemed to think of something. She reached out and touched his face and immediately appeared to be frightened. 

She instantly kicked Ho Poan away and rolled out of bed. 

He Poan was kicked in the stomach and felt so much pain his face turned white. This one kick was the same as killing him.

He was already a temperamental person, and still endured being tossed around by Bai Weiwei for half the previous night. Nonetheless, Bai Weiwei wasn’t the least bit thankful and even bit the hand that fed her2.

1: An idiom meaning amenable to coaxing but not to coercion.

2: An idiom meaning repay kindness/goodwill with malevolence/evil.


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  1. Other than the record of having marry her in his registry for 5 years, did that guy actually lose anything?
    He is using her resources, never see her and only come home once every 3 month to get some stuff. They didn’t even touch each other.

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