MGCH Chapter 102

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (10)

The contents of the post were very detailed. 

It said that, in his early years in the industry, when He Poan had yet to become famous, he didn’t hesitate to sleep with some female star in order to get a good role.

Although the female star was now retired from the entertainment industry, she was the one supporting him from the shadows at the time. 

After He Poan slept with her, she was very satisfied with his skills, and granted him many resources that let him progress quickly. 

He Poan was not only being raised and living a sheltered life, he could also afford to be extravagant by buying luxurious cars and expensive watches in the dozens.

He bought several villas and houses, and the money he spent wasn’t only earned by his acting but also gifted from the rich woman that was raising him. 

When Bai Weiwei finished writing her post, she started post photos along it. 

First was a photo of He Poan’s villa, and then a picture of him wearing a watch worth millions at some celebrities’ event. The cars he drove were also worth tens of millions. 

Bai Weiwei added a few pictures of him in their neighborhood, suspiciously leaving the house wearing a cap and sunglasses. 

That picture was actually a screenshot she took from the security monitor of their house. 

Bai Weiwei then published her post online using a variety of accounts. 

On Weibo, she made a new account and copied the contents into a new post before publishing it as well. 

He Poan was extremely popular and often seen on the hot search. As long as his name was mentioned in an article, he would make it into the hot search in less than two hours. 

Although his name wasn’t specifically mentioned, the “Film King” nickname as well as his situation in the entertainment industry would easily let anyone guess who the post is aiming at. 

He Poan’s fans are known as the most fearsome fans of the entertainment industry. Wherever they go, there would be mountains of corpses and rivers of flowing blood. 

This post was clearly a black one, and since their idol was targeted, the fans would definitely roll up their sleeves to tear apart whoever dares defame him. 

Passerby A: “Uncovered the blogger, no need for thanks.”

Fan N1: “My husband is being defamed! He’s popular and known all over the world, moreover he’s unrivaled with his top acting skills. Which blind eyes see him as someone needing to be kept by a woman?” 

Fan N2: “Bitch, the content is so sinister with no concrete evidence. The blogger must have guts to leave his address behind. Tomorrow, I’ll make sure to be just as courageous and send you a kitchen knife.” 

Fan N3: “Hehehehehe, best joke of the year. Who doesn’t know that my husband isn’t working 365 days a year, where does he have the time to be kept by people!” 

Eat melons: “Do bloggers need to uncover the poster’s identity or not? Otherwise, a cover can also be made, ah!” 

Black powder: “I say, how could He Poan, that greasy and ugly looking pig become a movie emperor in the first place? He must definitely have been kept by someone.” 

Fan N4: “Hey upstairs! Do you see my husband as not pleasing to the eyes? I cry for you as you can reverse beauty and ugliness! Posting a picture to fight!” 

Black powder: “What’s wrong with my eyes? Your so called husband He Poan was just a boytoy being kept by a woman.”

The fan was so angry she wished she could strangle that anti-fan to death. He was only chasing the wind and clutching at shadows1. The anti-fan was also angered and reposted by sending ugly photoshopped pictures of He Poan.

Bai Weiwei’s microblog quickly caught fire and spread out. In less than a few hours, she was at the top of the hot search. 

He Poan was kept, he was ugly, and all he was worth was selling himself as a source of raw materials for rich women’s facelifting. 

Xiao Mu promptly received a call from the PR department. He carefully walked to He Poan’s side and informed him, “An Ge, some people on Weibo are scolding you.” 

He Poan wasn’t the least bit worried. He kept looking at the script and his eyes were especially bright as he said, “I’m currently so popular people can’t afford to curse me baselessly. Don’t bother me with such a small thing.” 

Xiao Mu also felt that this kind of thing wasn’t a big deal and didn’t pay it further attention.

 1: An idiom meaning to spout groundless accusations.

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