MGCH Chapter 99

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (7)

Bai Weiwei kept on crying until her sobs gradually quieted down. 

He Poan hesitated for a while before walking over and pulling away her quilt. She had fallen asleep. 

He angrily shook Bai Weiwei, “Woman, wake up!” 

Bai Weiwei was already tired, and he came it might have caused additional negative influence making her body immediately started burning up. 

Now in a semi-conscious state, she couldn’t answer him at all. 

“She has a fever and still knows to drink, one day she might just kill herself without anyone knowing.” 

He Poan coldly stared at her, still in his half naked state when he suddenly felt cold air on his bare skin. Is the heating even turned on? 

He reached out for the remote control of the air conditioner, but no matter what button he pressed there was no response. 

The air conditioner turned out to be broken, no wonder the place wasn’t heated. 

It was already late autumn, and the nights were especially cool. 

He Poan frowned and went to check his room only to find out that his air conditioner was working just fine. 

Although his possessions were sent away, the furniture was still there. 

He Poan directly laid down on his bed, he didn’t feel cold anyway. And as for Bai Weiwei, he simply didn’t care, she had nothing to do with him. 

He pulled the quilt up to cover his body and went to sleep. After two days of restless work, he felt extremely tired. 

However, contrary to what he thought, he couldn’t sleep. No matter how many times he turned over, all he could think about was Bai Weiwei. His head was full of her miserable crying appearance and her plaintive sobs.

When had he ever seen her so weak and vulnerable? 

It was as if her hard outer shell hard broken to uncover the softness laying inside. 

Moreover, she was having a fever without any heating in her cold room. He Poan couldn’t help but think about how he heard people could die from an untreated fever.  

That woman was a living disaster, she wouldn’t die that easily.

He Poan turned over a few more times before furiously getting up and rushing to Bai Weiwei’s room. 

The damn woman wasn’t even behaving in her sleep. She uncomfortably laying uncovered in her bed, with the quilt she kicked away laying by her feet. The blood and warmth was violently rushing to her cheeks making them as red as a monkey’s butt. 

She was simply looking for death. 

He Poan reached out to feel her forehead and found it scalding hot. 

Bai Weiwei was feeling utterly uncomfortable, but the sudden coolness on her forehead was very pleasant. She rubbed her forehead against He Poan’s cool palms and lightly groaned in satisfaction. Her appearance was that of a little spoiled cat that couldn’t fall asleep. 

He Poan felt her gentle movement. Her smooth skin was tenderly brushing against his rough palms, and her bangs lightly scraped the back of his hand, causing his hands to shudder slightly. 

He quickly retracted his hand and shook it a few times, as if trying to get rid of the subtle sensation Bai Weiwei left on his hand. 

Next, he promptly pulled out another antipyretic from the medicine cabinet. This time, he was resolved to feed Bai Weiwei the medicine. 

He poured a cup of warm water, stuffed the medicine into her mouth, then propped her head to feed her the water to help with swallowing the pill. 

As a result, Bai Weiwei’s face instantly paled and looked on the verge of vomiting again. 

He Poan didn’t know what was wrong, and all he was preoccupied with was how to successfully feed her the medicine. 

Before he could realize what he was doing, his lips had already sealed her soft and warm ones, roughly forcing her to swallow the medicine. 

Bai Weiwei had difficulty breathing and quickly swallowed the pill. 

He Poan felt like he was struck by lightning. He stiffly held on his kissing motion for a few seconds before withdrawing and pushing Bai Weiwei away. Her hair scattered on the bed as he muttered, “Pei pei pei1, I must have been possessed.” 

He quickly ran to the bathroom to rinse off his mouth and gargle until he felt it was clean enough, only to find out the next second that the cup he was drinking from was Bai Weiwei’s… 

Ho Poan angrily put down the cup and left the bathroom with a sullen expression, like the world owed him 8 billion. 

He returned to Bai Weiwei’s side and grumbled, “I really want to choke you to death and put an end to all my troubles.” 

He Poan picked up Bai Weiwei draped in her quilt and took large strides towards his room.

He put her down on his bed, put a pillow in the middle, and laid himself on the other side of the pillow. 

“Just take it as me helping out out of the goodness in my heart. Anyway, after today, we won’t have anything to do with each other.”

1: The chinese onamonapia of a spitting sound.


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