MGCH Chapter 103

Translator: Vannie

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (11)

He Poan found himself completely unable to continue reading the script. 

He quickly looked at his phone, not seeing what he wanted, he felt the urge to throw it.. 

While He Poan repeated this action, Xiao Mu confusedly asked, “An Ge, what’s wrong?”

He Poan coldly answered, “Nothing.”

He didn’t want to admit that he was actually worried of Bai Wei Wei falling into her death. After all, her condition was still not that good. 

What did her well being meant to him?


Yet at this moment Bai Wei Wei was cracking melon seeds while watching the discussion on Weibo.

He Poan was really popular, extremely popular, having tons of fans, he obviously had black power fans and a water-army1 bought by other agencies to purposely blacken him.

After all, he was so popular and clearly knew that it was crucial to grab all possible resources, not resting at all. What good dramas? All had been taken by him, making others have no other choice but to accept the bitter reality.

Therefore, they really hated this star to death. 

In addition, except for He Poan being mysterious and popular there was nothing to vilify.

No gossip, he had a professional work attitude, he loved his fans and had no family to be used to blacken him at all.

It was hard to find decent black material on him now, this ended up becoming a nation-wide fanfare. 

He Poan’s fans rolled up their sleeves, picked up their knives, set-up machine guns, raised He Poan’s banner, and started the massacre. 

Fight the black powder fans, battle the water-army, declare war against the opposing agencies. 

In any case, they shall fight these black materials.

‘No one should say that Ho Poan is no good’ was exactly He Poan’s fan’s reaction. 

Bai Wei Wei looked at how her post was being suppressed. She immediately began to rummage around to find something. 

System: “What are you looking for?”

Bai Weiwei: “The marriage contract.” 

Bai Weiwei found the contract signed by He Poan. Blocking his name and some of the conditions leaving only He Poan’s signature and the stated tens of millions above it. 

This is simply nail driving evidence. 

Afterwards, Bai Weiwei took a photo and upload it, her fingers with lighting speed started to create a new Weibo post. 

《A certain Film King’s unbearable past, for tens of millions he sold himself! Such a shameless person. Watch for crazy drama and a group of confused fans.》

As soon as the photo was revealed, the fans immediately recognized that it was indeed He Poan’s signature, confirming with contract’s contents. 

The fans completely blew up. 

Black powder fans were on fire. 

He Poan’s image was getting darker and darker. 

Xiao Mu immediately came to know about this. At once, he immediately rushed towards He Poan, “An Ge this is not good, some things got exposed.” 

He Poan absent-mindedly looked at the phone, “What’s the matter?” 

Xiao Mu showed him his phone, zooming in at the photo of the contract.

He Poan was originally sitting, but after seeing the photo, he immediately stood up, his face was particularly ugly. 

This was the contract possessed by Bai Wei Wei.

That woman dared to reveal their hidden marriage. 

Xiao Mu immediately said: “An Ge, now the whole internet is now saying that you are being kept, saying that you are a woman’s boytoy.” 

A Kept man, a boytoy, He Poan face quickly darkened, his eyes turning red in anger.

He sneered, “Very good, Bai Weiwei, you are looking for death.” 

When he was done, he quickly drove over to Bai Wei Wei’s place.

He Poan got out of the car, angrily took out the key to open the door. But in the end, he couldn’t open it.

Did Bai Wei Wei change the lock on the door? 

He Poan got even more convinced that Bai Weiwei had a guilty conscience. He stormed towards the door in a rage, “Bai Weiwei, come out here.” 

After ten minutes, there was still no sound from inside. 

“Bai Wei Wei, if you don’t open the door, I’m going to kill you.”

1: A water army is a group of people who are paid to purposely say certain things to influence the populous. Where as black fans just hate the person or thing.

Piper’s Corner: And we start Part 2 of the mass release with the last new person to join our translating crew! Thank Vannie for this wonderful chapter and wonderful job XD


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