MGCH Chapter 105

Translator: Aytise

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (13)

*Mild rape-ish scene warning!*

His hand quickly tore Bai Weiwei’s clothes apart. 

Bai Weiwei finally got really scared, “What are you doing?!” 

He Poan mockingly answered, “Wasn’t this what you wanted? Didn’t you buy me for this purpose? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to satisfy you and let you feel like your purchase was worthwhile.” 

Bai Weiwei angrily struggled in his arms, “I don’t want to! He Poan, let me go!” 

He Poan got impatient with her struggling. Her secured her arms over her head with on hand, and ran his other hand on her smooth thigh under her dress. He flipped her skirt and revealed a cute little pair of white underwear. 

“5 years ago, you desperately lusted after me. Why did you mercilessly suppress me, and then make me owe tens of millions of debts to force me to marry you?” 

Bai Weiwei looked at He Poan in panic, “At that time, I was wrong. You got everything you wanted now, I’m already retired and unable to return to the entertainment industry. I have already given up. “ 

Given up? 

He Poan didn’t expect Bai Weiwei to say such words. 

However, his eyes quickly became ice cold. The contract was in Bai Weiwei’s possession, only she had access to it, who else could leak it if she didn’t? She was the only possible culprit. 

Even if she said she gave up he wouldn’t believe it. This woman must have seen that the contract almost reached its expiration date and made up some kind of plan to retain him longer. With the way things were now, they could only announce their relationship to the public. 

The Internet was already scolding so badly. By tomorrow, everyone will certainly find out how he was kept by this woman for the last 5 years. 

This humiliation would be hard to get rid of. 

This woman must have wanted to shackle him for a lifetime. 

He Poan revealed a cruel laugh, “Do you think leaking the contract will stop me from leaving? Too bad it’s not enough to stop me. After this, I’ll make sure to upload pictures of you to the internet and make you famous worldwide.” 

He then harshly tore her underwear open with his finger. 

Bai Weiwei’s pupils constricted and she started trembling fearfully. She opened her mouth to talk but whatever words were about to leave it were fiercely blocked by He Poan who had already sealed her lips with his own. 

She desperately tried to free herself, but her limbs were firmly held down by him. Even her attempts at clenching her teeth to stop him from invading her mouth were fruitless as he was tightly holding her jaw to keep her mouth open. 

This bastard actually really wanted to rape her. 

Just a moment ago his favorability went up to 10, turns out all he wanted was to f*ck her. 

By the time her thin flesh membrane will be broken, it’s unlikely he’ll stop at that, right? 

Bai Weiwei: “System, you should at least have some kind of host protecting function, right?” 

Meanwhiles, the system was attentively watching the drama unfolding in front of it while cracking melon seeds. 

“Protect what? Don’t get distracted! Hurry and struggle, weep, and try to run away, ah! This exploding development is full of strength and emotion! Too hot, too exciting, too exhilarating! Since it’s been restricted, I haven’t been able to watch these kinds of movies in awhile. I shall use this opportunity to break my diet and resume eating meat!” 

Bai Weiwei: The system was utterly heartless, devoid of conscience! Could she melt it down to reconstruct it from scratch and knock some sensibility into it? She should even vigorously add firewood!

He Poan kissed Bai Weiwei until she had trouble breathing and her face flushed in a deep red. Her eyes were full of panic as she was desperately gasping while pleading, “He Poan, don’t, please, stop, I beg you…” 

Her long dark hair was let loose and scattered on the floor. There were only some shambles left on her body as remains of whatever clothes she was wearing. Her eyes had already reddened and full of tears. Bai Weiwei didn’t realize it herself, but her current state was very charming and seductive.  

He Poan originally only intended on punishing her and didn’t feel like he could possibly be attracted to her. 

But seeing Bai Weiwei’s soft body lying under him, and hearing her gentle voice softly pleading him, he was shocked by the sudden fire burning from his back towards his lower body. 

It turned out that this shameless woman also had such a vulnerable and weak side. 

He Poan abruptly had a strange impulse, he wanted to hear more of her pleas for mercy, he wanted to take control of her body, and prevent her from humiliating him ever again.


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  1. Look, I know some dislike this, but, dang, that’s my kink. Can I have a feast with the system now??

  2. “Meanwhiles, the system was attentively watching the drama unfolding in front of it while cracking melon seeds.”

    😂😂😂 poor weiwei fr meet this system

  3. I dislike the ML, but I also dislike the FL prior to the protagonist taking over. She was a total bitch, forcing him into debt, forcing him to marry. I would have hated her and never forgiven her.

    If not for this chapter (sexual violence can’t be excused), I would think he was being much nicer than she deserved – yes, him being a bastard was deserved.

    Ugh, I want to skip this world so bad. I guess I’ll just skim for now.

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