MGCH Chapter 106

Translator: Aytise

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (14)

Without hesitation, he tore off the remaining shambles off her body until not a single piece of cloth was left. Seeing her naked body under his own, He Poan’s eyes instantly turned red with desire.

All thoughts of punishment had already completely disappeared from his mind. All he could think of was all the kinds of means he could use to torture her body.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability has increased to 15.】

When Bai Weiwei really thought that she was doomed to sell herself, someone suddenly knocked on the door. 

“An Ge, An Ge, open the door!” It was Xiao Mu’s voice. 

He Poan’s concentration was at its pinnacle so he directly yelled a single word, “Scram!” 

Xiao Mu was scared to silence for two seconds, but resumed knocking frantically on the door the very next moment, “I don’t how the paparazzi and your fans found your address. They’ll be here in awhile, you should hurry up and leave!” 

He Poan heard what he said and immediately reached out to grab Bai Weiwei’s neck in a tight clutch, “You actually called the paparazzi!” 

Bai Weiwei’s red eyes glared at him resentfully. She angrily said, “He Poan, what the hell are you doing?! I don’t know what you are you talking about! You want to humiliate me to retaliate against me? Do you know how much I regret ever meeting you? Why did I ever love a man like you who only knows how to abuse me!? I turned out to be very easy to assault, ah.” 

He Poan’s jaw was tightly shut and his gaze was dark and unfathomable. 

Bai Weiwei ignored his expression and began beating him crazily and tried kicking him away.

“I don’t love you anymore! I don’t love you anymore! You don’t even want to appear in front of me anymore, I can’t wait for the contract to end, how could I leak it out!”

Hearing what she said, He Poan was completely stunned. 

“You think that I’ll love you for a lifetime without regrets? Once you gained enough power you suppressed me, you destroyed my career and I could only withdraw from the entertainment industry! Do you feel proud of yourself? Are you finally satisfied?!” 

Bai Weiwei desperately scolded and scolded as tears rolled down her cheeks.

She felt extremely wronged and completely collapsed crying, “How could you be so mean? All I did was love you! How could you ruin me this much? I stopped loving you and let you go, yet you still insist on ruining me? I don’t owe you anything, ah!” 

He Poan looked at her and she didn’t seem to be faking it. He hesitated a bit before coldly asking, “You weren’t the one who leaked the contract?” 

Bai Weiwei said in between sobs, “If I really wanted to leak it, I would have done it earlier! What kind of benefits can I get at this time? Letting you come to kill me?!” 

The current Bai Weiwei was already powerless. He Poan had long retaliated against her and struck until she reached a place she couldn’t simply crawl out from or even put a fight trying to. 

Although she still had some money on hand, it was simply impossible to compete with He Poan. 

He Poan cold whispered: “You didn’t call the reporters either?” 

Bai Weiwei retorted angrily, “I called reporters for what?! Shoot nude photos? You’re shameless but I still want my face!!” 

Xiao Mu was getting anxious outside, “An Ge, if you don’t get out now you won’t have enough time to leave! Your and Weiwei Jie’s matter has already been leaked, if you were to be photographed by someone…” 

Xiao Mu didn’t get to finish his words because the door suddenly opened, and He Poan appeared with an ugly expression, “Go. ” 

Xiao Mu immediately ran to start the car, but just as He Poan wanted to get in, a bunch of reporters came up to surround them. 

“It’s He Poan! We really found him!” 

“He’s really in the XXX neighborhood, this is where Bai Weiwei lives!” 

“Bai Weiwei? The one that retreated and supported him from the shadows?” 

He Poan immediately got in the car and closed the door. His face was extremely gloomy, “Damn!” 

He’ll be closely followed by these reporters from now on, the next days won’t go smoothly. 

Xiao Mu just wanted to drive away when he suddenly thought about something, “Where is Weiwei Jie?” 

Bai Weiwei and He Poan’s matters were already leaked so this place was definitely not safe anymore.


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