MGCH Chapter 107

Translator: Aytise

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (15)

He Poan coldly answered “Why do you care about that woman? Let’s go.” 

Xiao Mu could only drive the car away, and the reporters were forced to step aside to leave way for the car. 

The reporters instantly turned into fierce trained hounds, since they couldn’t reach He Poan, they were certain they would still be able to catch Bai Weiwei inside. 

They rushed to Bai Weiwei’s house and knocked vigorously on the door, and discovered it actually wasn’t locked. 

A daring reporter promptly opened the door and saw Bai Weiwei standing in the doorway in a disheveled state. 

“You are?” Bai Weiwei frowned and questioned firmly.

The reporters were already crazily taking photos and recordings. 

“Bai Weiwei, people say you are keeping He Poan, is it true?” 

Bai Weiwei immediately disappeared. She said weakly in her tone: “What He Poan, I don’t know.” 

“Is the contract content true? He Poan really took tens of millions. Have you been supporting him for several years?” 

Bai Weiwei promptly started dodging the cameras, she weakly answered, “What He Poan? I don’t know him.” 

“What about the contents of the contract? Is it true he owes you several millions? Have you also been providing for him the last few years?”

Bai Weiwei immediately shook her head, “I said I don’t know him. I don’t welcome you, and if you don’t leave I’ll call the police.” 

After that, Bai Weiwei tried to chase them out, but in the next second, a few fans who followed up rushed over and started cursing her, “Bai Weiwei, you slandered our He Poan, you’re such a bitch!” 

One of the fans even took out eggs and started throwing them at Bai Weiwei’s body. 

The reporters became even more frantic and crazily recorded everything. They wished somebody would die in order to make even bigger news later. 

Bai Weiwei was frightened and intimidated to the point of staggering backwards, until she knocked into a small coffee table behind her and fell to the ground. 

The reporter instantly snapped picture after picture of her sorry state. 

More aggressive fans kept cursing, “We let you slander our family’s He Poan, how could our family’s He Poan take fancy to someone this ugly!” 


The system was trembling, saying the host was ugly, were you looking for abuse? 

Bai Weiwei’s shell seemed as if instantly broken. She raised her head and intently glared at that fan. The seemingly fragile person’s looks obviously didn’t match her fierce expression, and unexpectedly sent a shiver down the fan’s spine.

The fan was angry and felt provoked, she immediately raised her arm and intended on throwing the remaining eggs in her hand. 

However, just as she lifted her hand, someone resolutely grabbed her arm and stopped her from further action. The force exerted on her arm was so painful the fan let out a blood-curdling screech, and the crowd was instantly alarmed by her miserable shriek. 

He Poan pushed away the crazy fan, and raised his eyes to see Bai Weiwei on the ground, shaking in fear and blankly looking at her surroundings with horror in her eyes. 

It seemed as if the whole world was bullying her. 

He himself didn’t know why he asked Xiao Mu to turn back. If he didn’t come back, he didn’t know whether Bai Weiwei would have been beaten to death by these people. 

He Poan angrily scolded her, “Does your brains have any problem? What are you opening the door for?” 

Didn’t she use to mingle in show business before? Doesn’t she know how dreadful the fans and reporters can be? 

The reporters saw He Poan and got even more excited. 

“Film King He, what’s your relationship with Bai Weiwei? Are you really being kept by her?” 

“What kind of position do you like in bed? Are your skills really good?” 

He Poan suddenly bent down to pick up Bai Weiwei, and Xiao Mu called several bodyguards who rushed over to protect them. 

The reporters were unwilling to give up, they wanted to push away the bodyguards and squeeze their way towards He Poan. 

He Poan expressionlessly took out a cap and put it on Bai Weiwei’s head, then let her bury her face on his chest, and immediately left the house. 

He was concerned with neither fans or reporters. 

Bai Weiwei’s slender body was shaking in his embrace, and her fingers were tightly clutching his clothes, as if he was the only one in the world who could protect her.

He Poan only felt like something was tickling his heart, but he couldn’t understand why.


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  1. +_+ I wonder what her fiance after this dream

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  2. This is sick…First he gets excited while raping her, raising his /love/ points, and now this…the moment she becomes all vulnerable and useless and makes him think she can do nothing without him he likes her more. And I mean, even if she wronged him, rape and blackmail is /not/ an acceptable way of reacting! Sigh, I really dunno if I can keep reading…I’m trying to hold on in the hope of the main story turning out good but they barely show anything about it! Sigh..

    1. No, they do. Celebrities deal with over-enthusiastic journalists breaking into their property / stalking them / showing up uninvited to personal events nearly every month. Not to mention creepy fans.

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