MGCH Chapter 111

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (19)

He Poan had just got out of bed when he heard Bai Weiwei’s words. 

He was a little embarrassed and still felt like he was dreaming. 

How could Bai Weiwei hold a press conference, and if she really washed him clean,it would completely overturn her life. 

He didn’t know what to think right now. He partially couldn’t wait to see the conference. He saw Bai Weiwei standing by the sofa. The clothes she wore today were very formal. It was a purple high-waisted skirt, and her hair was erected into a tight bun on top of her head. Because of the beautiful makeup, she looked completely different from yesterday. 

She was particularly unconfident then, even afraid of the crowd. 

But today, she was confident and reserved. And her beauty, compelling. 

He Poan suddenly became confused. Has she always had this temperament before? 

Although she was very cold and proud in the past, she had a particularly annoying vibe about her. 

Yet, today’s her didn’t make him feel unpleasant. 

Bai Weiwei seemed to become aware of his gaze. She looked back and gave a smile, “He Poan, I will go head down later, and I will tell everyone about the events that happened five years ago. You are not responsible for everything from beginning to end. I was suppressing you. I pressured you into signing that contract, so you don’t have to worry about the influence it will have on your career.” 

She was cold, self-sufficient, like she really didn’t care about him anymore. 

He Poan saw her like this, and his stomach felt a faint ting of pain. 

He had a problem with happen with his work which caused occasional stomach pain. 

Especially when his mood was tense. 

Bai Weiwei took a look at the time, “The press conference should begin soon. I will go down first.” 

He Poan suddenly spoke up, “Do you know you will suffer after you open up about that year?” 

Bai Weiwei paused her steps. She was silent for a moment, turning back she smiled, “I know I will suffer.”

It’s nothing more than being cast aside by a million people cast aside and no longer being able to show her face in public. 

“But this is my fault and it will be me who puts an end to it.” Bai Weiwei had a firm tone, and there was no darkness on her bright face. 

He Poan reluctantly pulled up the corner of his mouth, “What you say sounds too good. Who knows what you’ll really say at the press conference.” 

Bai Weiwei opened the door and told him, “Don’t worry, after this incident, we are completely clear. I won’t owe you anything any more.” 

When she finished, she closed the door and left. 

He Poan was still on the bed, he didn’t expect Bai Weiwei to really go to the press conference. 

He thought that this woman was lying to him. After all, who would push themselves into a hell of no return. 

He Poan absent-mindedly got out of bed and plopped some stomach medicine into his mouth so that his stomach could finally stop protesting. 

He cold-heartedly told himself, “Whatever she does has nothing to do with me, she’s looking for death all on her own.”

When Xiao Mu hurried over, He Poan was getting his computer ready to watch the live broadcast. 

After a few years of retirement, Bai Weiwei finally reappeared in the spotlight, and it was because of her contract with He Poan. 

Who was He Poan? He was the peak of the film industry!

With him, public opinion could explode and fly into deep space. 

The press conference was broadcast live, and soon, Bai Weiwei could be seen walking calmly onto the screen. 

She was completely unembarrassed, perfectly mannered and elegant. 

“Hypocritical.” He Poan regretted tearing apart the bread in his hands, this was the breakfast Xiao Mu brought him. 

Xiao Mu watched as Bai Weiwei sorting out the microphone like she was going to start talking. 

He was somewhat worried, “If Weiwei Jie is going to really tell the truth, I doubt she will be able to leave this hotel.” 

He Poan replied coldly, “Humph, Who’s she going to blame after she courted death herself.”

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