MGCH Chapter 114

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (22)

He Poan appeared to not have seen the chaos at the scene. 

Bai Weiwei was the only one in his eyes. 

There she sat, her face was bewildered and confused, but not surprised. 

He Poan only felt his heart sinking. He walked over step by step. Several reporters immediately came up. “He Poan, you…” 

He Poan simply replied, “Roll.” 

He was famous in the industry for his temperament. Fans also indulged him because of his arrogance brought out by his handsomeness that made him unique in the entertainment circle, no one could imitate it. 

The reporter cowered a little before moving away. 

He Poan walked to Bai Weiwei and, although there was no extra chair, he did not care. He directly bent over the microphone in front of Bai Weiwei, telling to everyone on the scene, “The contract is just a misunderstanding. When I was in need of money, she lent money to me and the contract was just an IOU.” 

In fact, when Bai Weiwei shot and uploaded the contract, many places were covered and the number of ten million and his autograph were the most conspicuous. 

Therefore, when He Poan said that it made it impossible to refute. 

Bai Weiwei was surprised and wanted to stand up. He Poan held her shoulder with one hand, the force seemed to be small, but he pushed her into the seat and she was almost pressed to death. 

His eyes were cold, his tone was strong and calm, “As to why she would be willing to lend me tens of millions was because at that time the two of us were going to be married. For a fiancée to lend money to her future husband is not at all uncommon.” 

The system was eating melon seeds: Let’s watch the male lead continue saying nonsense. 

He Poan aura was strong and every move had compelling momentum, the scene was very quiet. 

He said coldly: “I wasn’t famous in the past, so after we got married, the two of us chose to hide it.” 

Hidden marriages were also not uncommon in the entertainment circle. A lot of idol stars would choose to hide their marriages.

“The contract issue that broke out today affected me a lot. Weiwei was worried that my future would be damaged so she chose to hide the fact that she was married to me and intended to take all the blame.” 

The reporters and the fans were stunned. 

Although they wanted to hear big news, with news like this everyone was silent for a moment. 

He Poan stood behind Bai Weiwei. His body was slender and fit, protecting her like a God. 

He frowned coldly and his expression was indifferent, but the meaning in his tone could be heard by everyone. 

“I have always been in a husband and wife relationship with her for almost five years.” 

He Poan looked at everyone on the scene, “So, put away your dirty words and imagination. I’m now officially telling everyone; I and Bai Weiwei’s relationship is of husband and wife, not of one being kept.”

The reporters went wild. 

The live broadcast exploded. 

The fans were shocked. 

The system had finished it’s melon seeds and was now cleaning up melon shells. 

He Poan looked at the people below with no expression on his face. “I’m finished, there will be no Q&A session, and the rest of you are free to go.” 

After that, he threw away the microphone in his hand. 

Bai Weiwei’s body was stiff and tense. He Poan could still feel the trembling of her muscles through his hand that was on her shoulders. 

Her eyes were red, she looked up at He Poan, and then her eyes flashed with desperation. 

She hurriedly put her hand on He Poan, trying to push him while saying, “No……..”

He Poan, in the next second reached out and wrapped an arm around her slender waist, pulling her into his arms. His other hand held onto the back of her head and without hesitation he pressed his lips against her restless mouth.


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  1. Ahhh! 😭💔 I was crying very much because of WeiWei’s words. Even though I know she’s just acting but I can tell that her words are the original soul’s true feelings. If love is like that, just hurting you, makes you so irrational and lose a big part of you then I would rather not love someone at all.

  2. I’ve read this, for like, how many times yet here I am still getting deceived by Bai Weiwei’s acting and making my own heart hurt for no particular reason at all

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