MGCH Chapter 115

Translator: Kanku

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (23)

This kiss is so strong that she couldn’t escape it. 

Several fans on the scene could not control it and started screaming. 

He Poan sealed the words in her mouth and took them away with her breath. 

Bai Weiwei was tightly pressed by him, having no chance to resist. 

She didn’t know how long she had passed before He Poan finally let her go. 

He turned his back to everyone, slowly showing a smirk, and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to dump me? Do you think to owe me? Dream on.” 

He was the only one who could dump want someone. Who would dare to dump him? 

She doesn’t love him? 

Was he the kind of cheap goods that people could say they love when they love him, and if they said they don’t love him, then they can just stop loving him? 

Bai Weiwei’s pale face was dyed with a faint blush. She looked a little overwhelmed, her indifferent eyes revealed her confusion. 

She seemed to be completely bewildered by Ho Poan, not knowing what this man wanted. 

He Poan saw such a Bai Weiwei, and finally he felt like he was regaining control of her in his hands. 

He didn’t know until today that he hated her for her calmness. 

He Poan took Bai Weiwei’s hand and walked straight out. 

The fans cried and shouted: “Po Po, Po Po.” 

They looked sad and angry. 

He Poan turned back and placed his finger next to his lips while saying in a cold voice, “Shut up, go home and wait for me to post on Weibo.” 

The fans were immediately stunned as if shocked by electricity, completely unable to tell North from South. 

The reporters did not seem to feel the electric shock and were rushing to ask questions. 

The fans had already caught up, “Get going, don’t you see us about to leave? The press conference is over, stop wandering around.”

A reporter vomited blood, “He is married, why are you still whitewashing him?” 

The fans said in unison, “So what if he’s married?.” 

He Poan fans have always been so tough and entertaining. With the fan group alone supporting him, He Poan could even arrogantly walk sideways1.

They could not stay in this hotel anymore.

He Poan said bluntly, “Go home.” 

Of course, it was not to Bai Weiwei’s house. The location of her home had been exposed, so He Poan went back to his apartment. 

He bought the house a few years ago. One can make a fortune with the inflation of the house’s value alone. 

One of his apartments is in the center of the city, with a luxurious top floor, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness room. 

He Poan spent a lot of money, but he was a fortune tree so it didn’t bother him. 

With a phone call, he sent all of Bai Weiwei’s things to his residence. 

Then he opened Weibo, writing simply and brutally, “At home with my wife. Although the news was very unexpected, I’m not sorry to anyone. The only people I am sorry to is my fans. I know I made you sad, but I don’t regret this incident, because I know that your love for me is not so superficial. The one I love is also the one you love.”

The one I love. 

Is also the one you love. 

This single sentence, let all the fans collectively climax. 

Fan No. 1: “Wu wu wu2, Po Po,  sorry, it’s all our fault, we will not hate you. It’s only a marriage, even if you have two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine more we will still support you. ” 

Fan No. 2:”I am deeply moved and touched. Our family’s Poan is really the most affectionate, the most beautiful, the most unique. “

Fan No. 3: “But isn’t it just getting married, why did it have to be hidden? Are you being wronged? You can say it, we won’t blame you.”

1: I think this means weird or against the crowds, or no matter what he does, he will be supported, no matter how crazy.

2: Crying noises.

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Oh and make sure to thank Kanku for all the hard work she has put into all of these wonderfully translated chapters~!


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  1. Thanks to the both of you ! Kanku, may I ask what your name and the one who nearly fell on you mean ?

    1. Idk what Kankulanut means but I think that Nadechanok means ‘the eye/pearl of the father’…. like something precious to the father.
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  2. Lol! His fans remind me of BTS’s Army😂 Best fandom ever!

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  3. Tag yourself, the first fan is me. “…Even if you have two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine more we will still support you.”

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