MGCH Chapter 118

Translator: Kanku

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (26)

He Poan’s face was black. “Why are you here?” 

Xiao Mu smiled brightly. “Weiwei Jie called me. She said that you were too tired and told me to cook some rice porridge for you, to help ease your stomach.” 

He Poan looked around, “What about her? Where is she?” 

Xiao Mu put the pot on the counter, and said: “Weiwei Jie said that she is leaving.” 

He Poan felt as if he had not woken up yet. “Leaving? Where is she going?” 

Xiao Mu stirred the porridge, “She said that there’s too much trouble right now, she wants to go abroad for a bit to avoid the limelight.” 

He Poan felt a little worried, he somewhat dully asked, “She’s going abroad?” 

Xiao Mu nodded. “Yeah, when I came in the morning I saw Weiwei jie packing her luggage, so I helped her pack it. Yes, she also said that there is something for you on the table in the living room.” 

He Poan laughed angrily, “Oh, there’s something for me?” 

Xiao Mu immediately smiled. “Oh I didn’t peek at the love letter.” 

He Poan saw Xiao Mu’s smile and felt as if his brain had exploded. 

He immediately rushed to the living room and saw that there was a large envelope on the table. He picked it up and opened it, only to find the divorce agreement and the two original copies of their marriage certificates. 

Was this for him to go settle the divorce alone? 

He Poan hated to tear the up the divorce agreement in his hand, so instead he stuffed the marriage certificates into the pocket and rushed to the kitchen. 

“Which foreign country did she go to?” 

There are more than two hundred foreign countries, in the end, which one was it? 

Xiao Mu was scared by the terrible look in He Poan’s eyes. “Uh, it seems, it’s America? The plane is leaving at 10am.” 

He Poan sneered at him, “Good, if I can’t catch her, I will shove you into the toilet and flush it one hundred times.”

After that, He Poan immediately rushed out the door. 

He sped angrily to the airport. “Bai Weiwei, do you dare to divorce me? I am such a perfect man, yet you’re not hugging my thighs and begging me not to go, instead you even dare to give me a divorce agreement?” 

At the airport’s terminal. 

Bai Weiwei held up a makeup mirror and looked at her face with some melancholy. 

“Ai, this face can not even be compared with the previous world’s appearance.” 

Although this face was already considered pretty. 

But the last world’s face was simply stunning. 

Pretty was not the same as stunningly beautiful. 

The system was expressionless, “What difference does it make? It is not just a pair of mung bean eyes, a long strip called a nose and a pair of sausage like lips that are the characteristic of all human appearances.” 

Bai Weiwei: “…” 

Hehe, this broken system deserved to be single. 

Bai Weiwei looked at her watch and felt that it was almost time. She anonymously sent a message to the reporters. 

The system was curious and took a glance, “What did you send?” 

Bai Weiwei: “News that He Poan is at the airport.” 

The system looked around, “Where is he?” How come it didn’t see He Poan here? 

Bai Weiwei sneered, “He Poan will not allowed man or women to shrug him off. He will not let them go. Seeing that I ran away, he must be trying to catch up to me. So I let him wake up and had him figure out what happened. This old lady won’t wait.” 

System: Your poem doesn’t rhyme. 

When He Poan arrived at the airport it was almost ten o’clock. He was surrounded by people and could not find Bai Weiwei anywhere. 

Was she already at the gate? 

He Poan was very worried. He didn’t even realize that he was not feeling angry anymore, but now was anxious instead. 

He finally saw a familiar figure in the crowd, was that Bai Weiwei?

He immediately rushed over and pulled her. Just as he was about to say something he saw that it wasn’t her but a strange woman. 

He Poan’s face was gloomy and he immediately he let go of her. Ignoring the astonished eyes of the others, he turned and continued looking around.


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