MGCH Chapter 122

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (30)

System: Who am I? Where am I going? 

In the end, how did the favorability rise? 

It silently took out a calculator, to calculate, whether it was the system that had an error, so that the favorability was wrong. 

Bai Weiwei said: “Narcissism is a disease, it has to be treated. If there is no heavy medicine then He Poan, this guy will think that I really love him until he dies.” 

The system humbly holding the calculator asked, “So?” 

In the end, why did the favorability rise?” 

Bai Weiwei looked proud, “So of course it’s because I gave him a slap and told him that I didn’t like him. Once he wakes up from the madness of narcissism and know that if he doesn’t cherish me, then I will leave.” 

People are all scum.

Something easily obtained will never be cherished as it will not feel precious. 

Therefore, when she slapped him awake, he was anxious, and when he was anxious, his favorability would definitely rise. 

The system praised, “The host is very knowledgeable, ah.” 

Bai Weiwei smiled smugly, she was just saying what it didn’t dare to say. 

System: “It seems that you are also a senior narcissist.” 

Bai Weiwei: “…” 

He Poan saw Bai Weiwei leave. And as if he had lost his soul, he stood in the same place. 

He seemed to suddenly awaken, his brain buzzing with only one thought. 

It turned out that Bai Weiwei really didn’t like him anymore. 

He wanted to chase her and took a few steps forward, but felt like he had no face left. 

If she doesn’t like him, then she doesn’t like him. He doesn’t care. 

He Poan stood in the same place for a while, only to find that Bai Weiwei was really gone. She neither looked back at him or deliberately came back to him.

He didn’t know what happened to him but he felt flustered and his body was uncomfortable. 

Even his stomach began to faintly hurt. 

When he returned to the apartment, Xiao Mu was still there. 

He was packing up some things. It was Bai Weiwei’s belongings. 

He watched as people were clearing Bai Weiwei’s stuff, as Bai Weiwei had only just packed up some essentials. 

The rest was piled up in the guest room. 

Xiao Mu had already finished packing up. When he saw that He Poan came back, he immediately smiled and said: “An Ge, you see, this is the first year of your debut collection. You can’t find it now. Weiwei Jie was actually still hiding these. ” 

He Poan looked at Xiao Mu in a sluggish manner, and then looked at the collections in his hand. 

Xiao Mu thought that he was interested in these and immediately dragged a few big boxes out. 

“Look, An Ge, Weiwei Jie collected a lot of your things.” 

He Poan saw these boxes and hesitated for a moment before he knelt down and reached out to open them. 

It was photos of him. There were ones at variety shows, at the airport, and there were street shots. 

There were also his autographs. 

Another box was a collection of information, which was cut out from newspapers and magazines, then pasted in a book. 

There were also his surroundings, some posters, and cups with his picture on them. 

He Poan opened those things and took a little look. 

Xiao Mu excitedly commented, “Weiwei Jie was simply your little fan, she should be chasing idol stars, An Ge.” 

She’s chasing idols? 

No, she was chasing love. 

She couldn’t catch it, so she just left. 

He Poan grabbed his old poster and asked Xiao Mu, “Did she ask for these things to be taken away?”

Xiao Mu replied, “No, Weiwei Jie told us that these things can be handled casually.” 

He Poan looked at the foolish looking Xiao Mu. Bai Weiwei clearly means that she doesn’t want these things. Doesn’t that mean they can throw them into the trash? 

Xiao Mu asked: “Right, about Weiwei Jie? Has she already gone abroad?”


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