MGCH Chapter 123

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (31)

He Poan paused for a long time, “No.” 

Xiao Mui doubted, “Did she not catch the plane? When is she going to come back?” 

He Poan for the first time didn’t know how to say it, “She …… is never come back.” 

This sentence, he thought that he said it lightly. 

But Xiao Mu looked at him, surprised.. 

He Poan looked like he was about to cry. 

He Poan also knew he was out of control. He looked down at the things that were thrown away by Bai Weiwei. 

It was as if it wasn’t throwing some stuff away, but throwing him away. 

The grievances came up like a flood. 

He Poan reached out and rubbed his face. His eyes were a little red, and his tone was disdainful. “Don’t pack it. Give me all these things and throw them into the trash.” 

Xiao Mu looked shocked. “An Ge, collecting these is very time-consuming, and this is Weiwei Jie’s belongings.” 

He Poan was angry, “I’m telling you to throw these then just throw it. You are saying such nonsense? Are you her assistant or my assistant?” 

Xiao Mu was randomly shouted at by him. Everything was a mess, so he felt pity and had to get rid of it. 

He Poan saw that the big boxes were thrown away and laid down on the sofa with a sigh of relief while staring at the ceiling. 

Anyway, she is not coming back. 

Anyway, she doesn’t like him anymore. 

Then just throw it all away. 

He Poan tried to ignore the anxiety in his heart, but he couldn’t feel calm and turned around. 

Xiao Mu came back, “An Ge, the stuff has been thrown away, I will go back now.” 

He Poan replied coldly, “Roll, get out of here. I am going to rest for a few days. You tell the director to continue shooting the schedule with the others.” 

Xiao Mu nodded, “Okay.”

He Poan was a famous workaholic. His work schedule has exceeded many others, so even if he took a break, it won’t affect anything. 

After Xiao Mu left, the surroundings became empty. 

He Poan felt like he was going crazy. He got up and poured a glass of wine to drink. 

Still he couldn’t quell the uncomfortable feeling. 

Pacing around in the living room, walking around the place, and at the end he felt stupid. 

Suddenly he glanced at the time and found that it was time for the garbage truck to collect trash. 

He Poan finally felt a peace of mind. 

Looking at the time, one second and another passed. He suddenly ran out of the apartment, rushed into the elevator, and after being tormented by the slow elevator, he finally arrived at the first floor. 

The place where the garbage was thrown out was now only a vacant lot outside the building. 

He Poan saw that the garbage men had already begun crashing the trash. 

He rushed over and roared, “Drop the rubbish in your hand.” 

The worker responsible for collecting the garbage saw a man wearing slippers, casual clothes with a handsome face rushing over and taking away the trash bag in his hands. 

Then he watched as the majestic man started to rummage through the garbage. 

One garbage bag was opened after another.

He Poan searched crazily before finally pulling out the things collected by Bai Weiwei from the rubbish pile. 

Box after box was moved out. 

He looked viciously at the person carrying the garbage and said: “Don’t move it.”

The other person was scared by him and started shivering. Although he was handsome, his brain was clearly not functioning and acting useless, ah. Who would hold onto garbage like holding a treasure while laughing so maniacally.  

He Poan let the guards move things back to his apartment before truly breathing a sigh of relief. 

Just as he felt relieved he found himself cramping with stomach pains again.

Sure enough, it was the result of drinking and the emotional outburst. He had not felt this stomach pain for a long time, but now he even fell sick twice.

He Poan frowned, but there was an indescribable feeling in his heart. 

He was not angry and instead rejoiced. He immediately called Bai Weiwei. 


There was no answer.


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    1. Imagine: You’re a garbage collector- having a long day and you’re in the middle of tossing the bags in to the truck and all the sudden a disheveled guy in slippers yells at you to GIVE (HIM) YOUR TRASH and then proceeds to open bag after stinky bag while maniacally laughing…..

      Trash collectors deserve more respect.

      Thank you for the chapter!

  1. People feel sympathy for him, but he tried to rape our MC and was only prevented by journalists literally barging into the home. I felt sympathy for the first two MLs since they were put in a difficult place. The first one lost his mother and was forced to take care of the person he perceived to accidentally have killed her. The second had the ambition to become the emperor and was forced to take tough calls. This one? Forced into a marriage he doesn’t even acknowledge and hates the MC for being…cold and aloof and in control? No sympathy for this ML.

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