MGCH Chapter 126

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (34)

Her voice sounded anxious. “You’re out in the sun, so you can’t see how cruel the entertainment industry is1. You have offended too many people. Even though there are fans holding you up, if one day they step down, who then will help you?” 

He Poan didn’t expect her to worry about this. 

Bai Weiwei sighed, “I don’t have power anymore. I can’t help you when that time comes.” 

He didn’t need her help. 

Bai Weiwei smiled bitterly, “You probably don’t want me to help you. Even if I wanted to advise you not to be too proud and to be more modest, you wouldn’t listen to me.”

He Poan: “…” 

He was red and purple. Everybody who saw him would compliment him. Who dared to say that he was not good? 

Bai Weiwei humbled him. 

He Poan’s heart was soft, and he knew that she was right. 

Bai Weiwei’s fingers left his face, and He Poan still felt the lingering warmth. 

“When I was a child, there were a lot of ugly red spots on my face.” 

Bai Weiwei seemed a little sad, her voice reminiscent. “At that time, I was bullied and no one helped me. Everyone said that I was ugly. ” 

Who was ugly? He was the best-looking person in the world, and second place was Bai Weiwei. 

There was no third place. They were all ugly. 

“I was ashamed of myself. And I felt ugly even after the red spots on my face disappeared.” 

He Poan’s eyelashes trembled. He didn’t understand this inferiority complex because he was praised from a young age. 

Bai Weiwei touched her face. “I started to use makeup. And it was only when I looked at my made-up face that I could be a little confident” 

Was this why she didn’t dare to see people without makeup?

He Poan had thought that she was just haughty. He suddenly felt a little upset. 

“When I first saw you, I thought that you were very beautiful and confident, completely different from me.” 

Bai Weiwei said sweetly, “I was always thinking about you. I wish I had been as beautiful as you. Then I could have left the house.” 

The more He Poan listened, the more upset he felt, and the more he wanted to comfort her and say, “You look beautiful, too.”

Bai Weiwei laughed, “But you didn’t like me, and I felt more and more inferior.” 

He Poan felt his heart twist, and was overwhelmed with pain.

Was her inferiority complex caused by him? 

Bai Weiwei said with relief: “Now I don’t care. If you feel inferior, you feel inferior. I don’t have to act anymore anyways, so I don’t need to pretend I’m confident.” 

He Poan’s heart twisted again. She couldn’t act, and he was the one who suppressed her. 

Bai Weiwei’s voice lowered, “And I gave up on you, so I don’t need to be dressed up in front of you.”

His heart was not twisted, but it was cut with hatred, and a blood-soaked pain ran over him. 

He Poan sat up quickly, “You are beautiful.”

Bai Weiwei was shocked and quickly looked away. 

He Poan was embarrassed, “No, I mean, the night is very beautiful.”

Bai Weiwei looked out the window. It was a sad, cold, and rainy night. Beautiful? 

He Poan was even more embarrassed. He was out of his mind. What was he trying to say? Why couldn’t he say what he wanted to say?

Why was it that at the key moment, his mouth was zipped shut?

He rushed to remedy the situation and wanted to restore his good image. “I said, what are you ashamed of? Look at your eyes, like stars. Look at your mouth, like a rose. Look at your skin. It’s not as white as snow like mine, but it’s pretty.”

1: “你现在如日中天,所以看不到娱乐圈这个地方多么残酷。” I’m not fluent in Chinese, but I took this to mean that He Poan is out in the light, so he doesn’t see what’s going on in the shadows.


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    1. “Who was ugly? He was the best-looking person in the world, and second place was Bai Weiwei” of course, you narcissistic slag, of course..

  1. …..He must have a very fragile ego if he can’t even shut up about himself when comforting someone.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND the inferiority complex caused by childhood trauma. Worse case for me, Even when i try to look at the mirror and see myself alright, but when i am around people i always feel ugly and unconfident, this makes me unable to properly look at people’s eyes and make awkward smile when chatting. And this left me with no close friend, not to mention boyfriend. So helpless aaah.

  3. Its a bit late, but “out in the sun” could mean “basking in the light” for a better english translation. Basking in the light metaphorically means “enjoying the positive fame and attention”.

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