MGCH Chapter 129

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (37)

Bai Weiwei touched her face again. “I have such amazing acting skills. I don’t need to be so beautiful, ah.” 

System: It was wrong. This basin could hold the entire Pacific Ocean, but it couldn’t hold the host’s arrogance1

Bai Weiwei suddenly remembered a question. “I’m in this plane for three months. How will I go back when time is up? Sudden death?” 

The first two planes were accidental deaths, so she forgot to ask. 

The system flipped through the collection in the host exit manual. 

 “Oh, every plane has a fixed way of death for the host. If in the first plane you were not dead by the end, then a lightning strike would have killed you.” 

Bai Weiwei: Fortunately, she died early and also died very heroically. It’s ugly to be killed by lightning. 

“At the end of the second plane, if you had not died, then you would have stepped on your skirt, hit your head on a pillar, and died.”

Bai Weiwei: She chose her own death really well. 

“The third plane is death by leukemia.” 

Bai Weiwei: “Leukemia?” 

When she finished speaking, her hands suddenly felt heavy. She looked down and saw that it was a medical record. 

System: “In theory, your body is already very sick but I have shielded you from the physical discomfort, so you can still be lively and jump around. But after three months, you will be finished. The hospital has a record of this information, anyone can find it.” 

Bai Weiwei replied: “I hate getting sick most.” 

In real life her body was dragged by the heart disease and she was finally caught by Bai Yaoyao.

System: “If you have a favorability over 100 then you can go back without pain, and you can do more with a few tasks, so come on.” 

Bai Weiwei moved: “My system, you are very warmhearted.” 

My… system.

The system felt goosebumps all over. You are the system, your family is the system. 

– – – – – – – – – –

He Poan checked his hair, no mess, very good. 

He also checked the clothes on his body, elegant and stylish. 

He wore sunglasses and a mask, but he still could see his handsome visage. 

Very good, he was perfect. 

The people who came to watch the movie couldn’t help but detour. From the stand at the doorway, they held up a make-up mirror. 

He Poan was afraid that Bai Weiwei would not come. He said that he would like to watch movies with her. 

Dates start with watching a movie, then eating a meal, and finally some pa pa pa2……

Bai Weiwei saw He Poan from afar, her footsteps were particularly hesitant, “I really want to pretend not to know him, ah.” 

System “Me, too.” 

He Poan saw Bai Weiwei at the corner of his eye, and he immediately rushed to her. 

Then, when she was not prepared, he lowered his head and kissed her face. 

Kissing through the mask. 

Bai Weiwei was scared and stepped back two steps. He Poan immediately took her hand and intimately intertwined their fingers. 

“We are a loving couple now, so we must show our closeness.” 

He Poan said with a thick face. 

Bai Weiwei can only be held by him. He Poan took her and bought a movie ticket, then they entered the cinema. 

The movie was a romance film. 

But it was also a tragedy. The female lead died of leukemia. 

The male lead was alone, desperately carrying her dreams and living.

Bai Weiwei saw this and suddenly felt something warm flowing down her nose. She quickly took out a paper towel and wiped it all. 

The system was calm: “Leukemia is like this. It will cause nosebleeds. I can help you stop the bleeding.” 

Bai Weiwei was also calm, she was sick often and accustomed to it. The nosebleed would soon stop.

1: I believe this means her arrogance/narcissism is more vast than the entire pacific ocean.

2: Doing the do, I think we all know what this means( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kanku’s corner: And here marks the start of me bulldozing throughout chapters again. Enjoy~~



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