MGCH Chapter 130

Translator: Kanku

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (38)

He Poan scolded the director in his heart. How did they make such a tragic film, with such a sweet name and trailer? 

In a flash, he blinked and saw the paper towel in Bai Weiwei’s hands was covered in blood. 

He Poan : “…did your great aunt1 come?” 

Bai Weiwei and the system: “…” 

Bai Weiwei held the paper towel. “No, I just got a nosebleed.” 

He Poan was worried. “Why did your nose bleed?” 

Bai Weiwei: “I must have overheated.” 

He Poan quickly took her hand. “Let’s go see a doctor.” 

Bai Weiwei said indifferently, “I’ll just drink a cup of herbal tea.” 

He Poan said: “There could be a blood clot in your nose, or maybe you have heartburn.” 

He Poan pulled Bai Weiwei hard but just outside the cinema, the reporters swarmed them. 

“He Poan, was your movie date sweet? Was it romantic? Do you need to buy flowers? I can send you some, I wish you the best.” 

“He Poan, such a good day, such a beautiful season, you and your wife, such a lovely pair. Come, smile, I’ll give you a sweet photo.” 

“He Poan, my sister really wants me to get an autograph.” 


He Poan just remembered that he had arranged some reporters. 

He had thought about it and let these reporters praise them for being a loving couple. When Bai Weiwei heard it, her mood might get better. 

Then they could continue their date happily. 

And when the new reports were out, it would be embarrassing for Bai Weiwei to divorce him later. 

Bai Weiwei was smothered with flowers and her face was worried. What happened? 

He Poan pulled down the mask and his smile was gentle like a spring breeze.

“Weiwei and I…” 

Another reporter suddenly cut in: “He Poan, some people suspect that your and Bai Weiwei’s marriage is fake. Is this true?” 

He Poan’s eyes were cold. He let the reporters be arranged yet there was even a mole. For f*ck’s sake2

When he returned he would break Xiao Mu’s legs. 

He Poan immediately laughed. “How could it be? We’re already married for five years.” 

The reporter persisted,”But you and Bai Weiwei don’t look sweet at all, no tacit understanding, ah.” 

This was a heavy blow, and it pierced his heart.

He Poan wanted to argue, but he knew that this reporter was not wrong. 

He wanted to reconcile, but Bai Weiwei did not want it at all. 

“And I have heard that you are living separately?” 

Another blow, his heart crackled and was broken. 

He Poan’s smiling face could not be maintained. He tried to refute. “Of course not. We don’t even have separate beds. How can we live separately?” 

“But I have photos to prove that Bai Weiwei lives in The XX Hotel, not with you… ” 

Bai Weiwei suddenly took a step forward and showed a beautiful smile. 

“You may have misunderstood, I appeared in the hotel because I have a foreign friend coming over. I just checked in for her using my own ID card.” 

She finished, and her smile was wider, “Today is the anniversary of our meeting, our five years of commemoration, so he wanted to go on a date with me, so childish.” 

The sweetness and affection in her tone melted people’s hearts. 

He Poan only felt his own heart, desperately screaming and thumping powerfully, as if something was calling out. 

Bai Weiwei looked up and suddenly whispered to him: “Poan, lower your head.”

He Poan bowed his head, and a kiss was so softly printed on his lips. 


He Poan felt his heartbeat shatter a cold wall, and he heard his own voice. 

He liked her. 

Liked her very much. 

Ding, the male lead’s favorability has increased to 90…

1: Great aunt is slang for *cough* menstruation. Why it will cause nose bleeds… Even I don’t know his logic there XD

2: The original text said ‘your uncle’, but one of the translations came out as a curse, which should be about right. I believe that addressing your family members like this is considered to be offensive?


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