MGCH Chapter 142

Translator: Cheese

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The Film King’s Hidden Marriage (51) End

He trembled, tears dropping on her pale face.

“I kissed you, so wake up.”

He kissed her again, but she wouldn’t wake.

“Weiwei, don’t you love me? Don’t you not want to hurt me?”

He Poan begged in tears.

“I’m so sad right now. Won’t you wake up?”

He Poan had never been so humble, nor had he begged so desperately.

He begged her to wake up.

But Bai Weiwei didn’t breathe, and the heartbeat in her chest had stopped long ago.

Xiao Mu and the doctors and nurses standing by couldn’t bear it anymore.

However, they had a duty to perform. The doctor tried to persuade He Poan. “Mr. He, I know you’re upset, but she is already gone. You need to accept reality.”

He Poan was pale, and he suddenly seemed to wake. The helplessness in his eyes made the people watching depressed.

He opened his mouth and tried to say something, but the despair, deep in his chest, surged out.

He looked at Bai Weiwei, reached out for the fruit knife on the table next to him, and drove it towards his chest.

Xiao Mu, frightened, used his whole body and jumped to take the knife from He Poan’s hand. But He Poan was too strong–the knife in his hand just changed direction and embedded itself into his abdomen.

Blood spilled.

But He Poan didn’t feel any pain.

The doctor rushed to give him first aid, but He Poan held out his bloodied hand and grabbed Bai Weiwei’s finger.

Good. They could be together forever.

The darkness came over him, and when he woke up, his stomach was convulsing with pain.

Ye Yuxuan looked around, somewhat dazed. His fingers were stiff, like he was trying to hold on to someone.

He frowned and he looked awful.

In the quiet room, there was only one lamp giving off a faint yellow light.

It wasn’t the ward, nor was she dead.

Ye Yuxuan, feeling the pain in his stomach, ran into the bathroom and began to vomit into the sink.

It was a horrible feeling.

He wouldn’t have felt so miserable even with a real knife or bullet.

Ye Yuxuan face was expressionless. This was the first time he felt such violent mood swings.

Remorse, distress, or attachment.

Little by little, his emotions finally settled.

His face restored its tranquility.

But his stomach was still not feeling well. He was usually healthy, and had regular checkups, and nothing was abnormal.

It was even more impossible to have stomach pains, but just now he really felt as though he’d thrust a knife into his abdomen.

Ye Yuxuan knew that he was not normal, but because it did not affect his daily life, he didn’t think too deeply.

Now, it was affecting his body. This dream…

That woman…

What was it?

Ye Yuxuan heard the phone ring and thought it was for work.

Sometimes there were big mistakes at work, and people would call in the middle of the night.

Ye Yuxuan picked up the phone and saw that it was Qin Qiu.

Why was he calling so late?

As soon as the call connected, Qin Qiu’s shouted, “Sorry, your fiancee was kidnapped.”



Ye Yuxuan was calm: “So what? It’s just a small matter.”

Qin Qiu: “F*ck, your fiancee was kidnapped and you react like this. No, no, I forgot that you were a child lacking basic morals and EQ, of course you wouldn’t react.”

Ye Yuxuan was calm, “I’m fine.”

Piper’s Corner: This arc is done! The reality chapters will be posted tomorrow along with this arc’s sad song. The tears aren’t done yet! On a happy note though, all of arc 4 will be posted in one huge chunk like I said yesterday. TheWhiteBook had sent me the file containing the translated chapters, a total of 268 pages of wonderfully translated work. How they managed to translate that much as a single person, I have no clue. But I’m extremely grateful nonetheless. So special thanks to them! Those chapters will be posted within a week or two. Thank you for reading!


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