MGCH Chapter 143

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Reality (1)

Qin Qiu: “You’ve got to be kidding. Since becoming your fiancee, Bai Weiwei took care of everything without gaining any benefits. Now, while she’s in a coma, she’s been kidnapped. Will you die if you simply raise your hand to help save her?”

Ye Yuxuan was about to speak, when his stomach spasmed again.

He groaned in miserable pain.

As a doctor, Qin Qiu immediately sensed something was wrong with him.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Yuxuan took deep breaths, and the pain disappeared again.

“I’m okay, just stomach pain.”

Qin Qiu asked, “Don’t you have a diamond-hard stomach? It’s impossible for your stomach to hurt.”

Ye Yuxuan’s physical condition was good enough to explode1. It was abnormal for such a person to feel any pain.

Ye Yuxuan was indifferent, “Maybe there really is a problem. I’ll check again tomorrow.”

Qin Qiu was anxious, “Isn’t the time to save your fiancee now?”

Ye Yuxuan’s stomach pain could wait. Bai Weiwei’s situation could not be delayed.

Ye Yuxuan was unmoved, “She died because she was weak. This kind of woman wouldn’t survive if she married into the Ye family. It’s better for her to be naturally eliminated.”

What kind of ghost was naturally eliminated? What the hell were they supposed to do?

Qin Qiu was mad now, “Then you should get rid of it. Check your ass, spare laozi from talking to you, bye.”

Qin Qiu’s words did not leave a trace in Ye Yuxuan’s heart.

He lay back in bed and rationally calculated the amount of work he had to complete tomorrow.

He didn’t know if he was really tired, but Ye Yuxuan quickly fell asleep.

And the dream continued.

– – – – – – – – – –


7 years later.

At the awards ceremony, He Poan took the most important prize in his life with a gentle smile.

He was the first domestic actor to receive the top international award.

Over the 7 years, he had grown to be more mature and low-key.

He polished himself from diamond to jade, making those who met him feel as though he were a spring breeze.

Xiao Mu had already established his own business, but remained his assistant.

His fans grew up with him, growing from youthful fanaticism into loyal fans.

He had fulfilled his promise to Bai Weiwei. He was no longer ignorant and did not easily offend others.

He treated everyone seriously, with humility and without narcissism.

The only thing that remained unchanged was his everlasting longing and love.

He Poan returned home and was still very serious about his work, never idle for a day.

Every day after filming, he would sit by Bai Weiwei’s grave and tell her what he did that day and what awards he had won.

7 years ago, his knife missed its target, and he did not die.

Xiao Mu told him while he lay in the hospital bed: “Weiwei Jie wants you to be well. She rejected you while she was sick because she was afraid you’d fall in love with her.”
He Poan’s face was colorless. He just sat there.

After Bai Weiwei had died, his world had stopped.

Xiao Mu looked at him in sorrow. “I’ve seen her collection. If she liked you on stage, before she was sick, then she really loved you after she fell ill.”

Only someone who worshiped An Ge as a star would go crazy gathering all the things about him.

And when Bai Weiwei was sick, she didn’t collect stuff about him, but she loved the real He Poan more, caring about whether he was doing well.

“Weiwei Jie, in her last days, did everything to wish you well. You shouldn’t let her down.”

1: LOL no idea how this can be used to describe a good bod, but it’s so funny that I think it’s worth keeping.


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